Tom Ford's 35-year partnership with his late husband, Richard Buckley, started in an elevator. From there, it to be pretty lot love at first sight.

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The commemorated American designer's husband passed away on Sunday in ~ the period of 72. An acclaimed fashion editor and also journalist, Buckley started his career in 1979 functioning for New York Magazine.

Tom Ford and also hist late husband Richard Buckley were married for 35 years, and also met in a means that have the right to only be explained as 'love at an initial sight'. (WireImage)

He walk on to occupational at Women's stay Daily, Vanity Fair, Mirabella, and Vogue Hommes International.

The pair were a tour de force in the fashion world, respected throughout multiple markets with near friends in high-profile and also influential circles.

There's often a sweet story behind a power pairing — and Ford and also Buckley's is no disappointment.

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The two met at a fashion show in 1986, whereby Ford, 60, insurance claims he to be so take away aback by Buckley, the was also a small scared.

"I checked out a fashion show and this silver-haired male was staring at me v these piercing water-blue eyes," the designer stated in an interview v Women's wear Daily.

Ford recalls Buckley's 'piercing water-blue eyes' locking with his in ~ a fashion display - and also the rest was history. (Getty)

"It fear me since I for sure saw and also knew my entire future."

Things all of sudden escalated as soon as 10 days later, the pair ran into each various other in one elevator. In the interview, Ford recalled wait for an elevator, and when that arrived, he overheard a conversation someone was having with his husband inside.

"Someone asked if to be seeing anyone. The said, 'No, there was this man I had actually seen in ~ a fashion show—' and at the moment, the elevator door opened and also there ns was," the designer recalled.

"Richard jumps in the elevator and he's almost tap dancing."

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In an interview through People and also Entertainment Weekly in 2016, accessible at the peak of this story, Ford gave some more insight into what to be running through his head at that moment in time.

" Richard was simply kind of batting his eyes and also talking a lot, and also I remember just kind that standing earlier and looking him up and down...I was taking him in...and ns just, immediately — by the moment that elevator landed on the ground floor, i thought, 'you're the one.'"

From there, Ford said he and Buckley went on three dates.

The pair were celebrated throughout multiple industries and kept close friends v a variety of high-profile celebrities and also influencers. (Getty)

"We to be living together four weeks later. He gave me the secrets to his apartment, and also we have actually lived together ever before since," Ford said Women's stay Daily.

The pair married in a exclusive ceremony in 2014, quickly after same-sex marital relationship was legalised in the US. They welcomed their son, Alexander man 'Jack' Buckley Ford, in 2012. He turns on Thursday, September 23.

In the understand of both his parents, Jack's life has existed strictly out of the general public eye.

While the relationship seems something out of a romance novel, Ford has reflected in the past on what he think made he and Buckley job-related so well.

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"If the human being you're v is someone you respect, who you think has a an excellent heart and also a good soul, as good a heart and also soul the you will ever find, don't ever leave them, because you won't discover anyone better,' he told Entertainment Weekly in 2016.

Buckley passed far of natural causes on Sunday night after ~ battling a prolonged illness

A statement from Ford's representatives read: "It is with good sadness Tom Ford announces the death of his lovely husband the 35 years, Richard Buckley."

"Richard passed away peacefully at their house in Los Angeles v Tom and their son Jack by his side."

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