Clive Calder became a billionaire in 2002, once he offered his music firm to German mass media coporation, group Bertlesmann because that $2.7 billion., is the richest "Caribbean" billionaire.

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By NAN staff Writer

News Americas, new YORK, NY, Fri. April 8, 2021: The Caribbean region has 8 billionaires follow to the Forbes Billionaire perform of 2021. But none were born there, and none room black, News ameri Now has found.

Of the eight, six are all White guys while two room Latina women. The richest is southern African born record executive and businessman primarily recognized for co-founding the Zomba Group, Clive Calder.

In the Bahamas, there is Joe Lewis and Brett Blundy.

Lewis, 84, own the Tavistock Group, with much more than 200 assets throughout 10 countries. The brothers businessman and also investor’s network worth is $5 B, placing him in ~ #574 top top the rich list.

Blundy, 61, is the Australian-born previous chairman of BB Retail, marketing jewelry, lingerie and homewares and also is precious $2.1 B. He is the #1,580th richest human on the world, jumping native #1851 last year.

In Bermuda, over there is Colombia-born Beatriz Davila de Santo Domingo and Brazilian Vera Rechulski Santo Domingo.

Davila de Santo Domingo, 82, is the widow the Colombian beer baron Julio Mario Santo Domingo, who died in 2011. She is precious $4.1 B and also ranks #752 top top the Forbes Billionaires list. She controls an ext than a 3rd of the Santo Domingo family’s Luxembourg-based stop company, v which she owns shares in Anheuser-Busch InBev. Her 2 sons Alejandro and Andres Santo Domingo own the next-largest stakes; Alejandro took over the family service after Julio Mario’s death.

Rechulski Santo Domingo, 72, is the widow of Julio Mario Santo Domingo Jr., child of Colombian beer baron Julio Mario Santo Domingo, who died in 2009. She is worth $1.2 B and is at #2,524 and also controls around 10% that the Santo Domingo family’s Luxembourg-based stop company, through which she owns shares in Anheuser-Busch InBev.

In the brother Virgin Island, there is British-born businessman Richard Branson, 70, who owes his fortune to a conglomerate of businesses bearing the “Virgin” brand name, consisting of Virgin Atlantic and also Virgin Galactic. The is currently worth $4.9 billion and also is the 589th richest human on the world.

The Cayman islands is now residence to two billionaires – Calder and Myron Wentz.

Calder came to be a billionaire in 2002, once he offered his music agency to German mass media corporation Bertlesmann for $2.7 billion. The is now worth $5.5B and also is the #502 richest human in the world and the Caribbean’s richest.

Wentz is the US-born founder of USANA, a multilevel marketing firm that sell nutritional supplements and skincare products. The is precious $1.6 B and is detailed at #1931on the wealthiest list.

And in the Turks & Caicos Islands there is British-born Michael Ashcroft, 75, who has moved from Belize.

Ashcroft’s fortune originates from buying and also selling a variety of companies, most notably house security giant ADT. That is precious 2.1B and also is listed at #1517. The British–Belizean businessman, pollster and also politician is a likewise a former deputy chairman that the Conservative Party.

Jamaican-born Canadian Michael Lee Chin is additionally a billionaire but detailed as a Canadian billionaire. He is now worth $1.6B and is detailed at #1931 ~ above the Forbes affluent list. Lee-Chin, 70, do a fortune investing in financial suppliers like national Commercial bank Jamaica and AIC Limited. Under Lee-Chin, the Canada-based riches management and mutual fund company managed much more than $10 exchange rate in legacy by 2002.

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But the firm was hit difficult by the 2008 recession, and Lee-Chin sold AIC come Canadian gaue won services team Manulife in 2009 for an undisclosed price. He managed to hold onto a an important 65% stake in national Commercial financial institution Jamaica, which now makes up the majority of his wealth.