Mallory Everton Smashes egg on purple Mattresses almost everywhere Youtube. However Who Is She?

Dropping Eggs and also Grabbing attention like no pitchwoman because the gradual Insurance lady


She is anywhere Youtube right now, this officious however mischievious spring gal in a Goldilocks outfit, cheerfully smashing eggs top top mattresses. Her surname is Mallory Everton, and she is a job actress and also writer, ideal known for Studio C (2012), The best of Studio C (2013) and also Studio C: ideal of Season 2 (2013). And she is grabbing attention favor no other pitchwoman has due to the fact that the steady Insurance lady, shown by Stephanie Courtney.

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The Youtube commercials for room pretty funny and pretty ubiquitous. They show her dropping key glass through 4 egg underneath, ~ above (what else?) a violet mattress. Mallory says: What's a simple way to tell that your bed is also hard? The raw Egg Test. Allow me prove it. Once it concerns mattresses, you provided to have actually only 3 choices. In search of shoulder pain? try the difficult mattress....

Then there's the soft mattress. That starts out ok, yet then collapses over time like some cheap sneakers or Anakin Skywalker"

She thrived up in Portland, Oregon. Originally Mallory want to walk to BYU for medical school, yet went right into the film regime there instead.

Her IMDB bio reports that she loves street running and also music.

Her Facebook page says that she is a Writer/Actress because that Studio C, a sketch comedy show on BYUtv. There have actually been seven Captain literally segments, consisting of two sketches with various other minor characters including Captain Irony play by Mallory Everton. She has likewise played "The Worst Kindergarten Teacher Ever," and Igor come 'The foolish Scientist."

She explains herself as having actually "Crazy hair, crazy mind."

Since Studio C is a boy of Youtube, it is fitting that Onpurple recruited a youtube star come be their corporate spokes Goldilocks. And Goldilocks, natch, is an professional on beds the are alternatively too soft, also hard, etc.

Studio C is a map out comedy television show created in Utah by BYUtv. The display traces its root to the BYU map out comedy troupe divine Comedy, which all of the Studio C actors members are present or previous members of. The show intends to develop clean, family-oriented comedy because that a nationwide audience, shedding the BYU-oriented humor of divine Comedy. The show was initially planned to be named usual Room until being readjusted to its existing name, a referral to the studio in the BYU Broadcasting structure where the display is mainly filmed in prior of a live audience. Lock have likewise created, "Leave No pan Behind" and "Christmas one-of-a-kind Live Event", which room both live YouTube events. This lets fans watch the actors play games and act out skits, as well as ask concerns on Instagram, Twitter, and also YouTube, because that them to answer throughout the events.

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Studio C at this time has a YouTube channel v over 1.5 million subscribers and more than a billion complete views. Their channel features numerous skits indigenous the show, together with a few YouTube exclusives. Studio C's most popular video clip is "Top football Shootout ever before With Scott Sterling", which at this time has end 54.5 million see on YouTube. Studio C posts brand-new videos ~ above YouTube every Tuesday and also Friday.