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ns have constantly read it as Chaucer, the traveler (he was well-traveled and also educated). In enhancement to the other great answers you have actually received, the prologue offer to introduce the design template of hypocrisy. Chaucer goes to good pains throughout the tales and also prologues the the tales to present the dishonesty...

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I have constantly read it as Chaucer, the traveler (he to be well-traveled and educated). In addition to the other wonderful answers you have received, the prologue offer to introduce the template of hypocrisy. Chaucer go to an excellent pains transparent the tales and also prologues that the story to show the dishonesty of clergy. By acquisition what must be a soul-cleansing and cathartic journey to the resting location of St. Thomas a Becket and also making it right into a challenge of story telling (some that them quite dirty...check out the Miller"s tale), come which all the pilgrims agree, the spirituality that the pilgrimmage is diminished. This to adjust the tone because that the rest of the poem.

The narrator of the Prologue could be Chaucer, yet this is not to confused him v Chaucer the author. That explains, in fact, that he is only acting as the faithful reporter the what others have said, without adding or omitting anything; he should not then be blamed because that what that reports. "My wit is short, ye may well understand," the narrator says. This persona, who practically becomes a character in himself, frequently professes a naivety that we often uncover in his ironic descriptions of the pilgrims. Regularly that stare voice presents info uncritically however ironically in the the writer behind the narrative voice does the criticizing.

In addition, the prologue develops the contest with the story that space told, and it gives background on each of the characters. The background becomes essential when analysis each that the individual tales. The narrator do the efforts to develop himself together someone who is impartially relating events and the stories, but due to the fact that it is Chaucer, a keen reader realizes that is responsible because that the bawdy contents although that tries to beg off responsibility.

The narrator is Chaucer, the writer of the poem, although he is no actually named.

The prologue sets the stage for the rest of the poem, providing structure and context. In the prologue, twenty-nine travelers meet at the Tabard Inn in London, in ready for a trip to the Shrine of St. Thomas a Becket in Canterbury. The city is comprised of the story they tell along the way.

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wherein is the the narrator at the start of the general Prologue come Canterbury Tales? that joins him and also for what purpose?

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