In the past, we’ve inserted the the strongest heroine in the Marvel Cinematic cosmos (MCU) in a fight against the DC prolonged Universe’s (DCEU) mightiest champion that magic. Next to Carol Danvers though, the vikings God of Thunder Thor is thought about to it is in the the strongest member the the Avengers in the MCU. He is done every little thing from defeating world-ending fire giants come besting the norseman Goddess of death to was standing toe-to-toe versus the strength of the Infinity Gauntlet. Needless come say, Thor has proven himself to be a fearless and also fearsome hero, without competitor within the MCU. The being said, exactly how does that stack versus the DCEU’s greatest defender of truth and justice. The Last kid of Krypton and also the man of Steel, Superman. The Kryptonian too is no stranger come battling gods and alien invasions. Whether they’re rogue Kryptonian fascists or brand-new Gods from beyond the stars, he’ll do them regret ever picking a fight v his adopted homeworld. 


This battle has been a lengthy time coming and we’re here to settle the debate. In a battle who would certainly win? Earth’s biggest defender or the the strongest Avenger? permit the warm rays and also lightning bolts fly! 

History and also Origins

We every know how convoluted and messy comic publications are v multiple ret-cons and also changes being added over the years. So because that the benefits of this fight, we’ll be using the recent cinematic execution of the characters. We won’t be talking around Superman One Million or All-father Thor or any type of other renditions the the characters, just Henry Cavill’s Superman and also Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. Cool? Cool. 

Let’s begin first with Thor Odinson, the God that Thunder! unto the All-father Odin and also his Asgardian mam Frigga, a kid was borne and also his surname is Thor Odinson. For many of the young oh my gosh life, Thor has had a deep lust for combat and glory. His goal in life to be to ascend the throne the his father and also become a greater ruler 보다 Odin. In summary, Thor was, and also I quote his father’s words indigenous 2011’s Thor, a vain, greedy, devilish boy. That all adjusted however once his father stripped him of his hammer Mjolnir and his powers before casting him out of Asgard unto Earth. Over there he uncovered love, learned humility and also vowed to use his strength to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. A lesson the made him worthy come wield the strength of Mjolnir and to become Thor when more.

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He would later on return come Asgard to loss his brothers Loki who had actually attempted to seize the kingdom for himself. This marked the first of many disputes he would have with his trickster brothers over the years finishing in a grand battle with Loki’s invasion of new York in i beg your pardon Thor and also the Avengers had claimed victory. He summary reconciled v his brothers in Thor: The Dark World prior to being deceived by his brother close to the the the film. He when again formed an uncomfortable alliance with Loki versus a higher threat in Thor: Ragnarok. Talk around sibling rivalry, am ns right? ~ his dad passed away in Ragnarok, Thor suspect the duty of King of Asgard. Soon after, half of his civilization were brutally massacred by Thanos and his black color Order…not a good start. In the events of Avengers: Infinity War and also Endgame, we see Thor join up with the Avengers to placed a avoid to the mad Titan before finally offering up the mantle that King of Asgard to Valkyrie. Now he’s chilling with the Guardians that the Galaxy and also off on room adventures. A much-needed break because that the universe’s busiest god.

At this suggest in time, we all probably know Superman’s origins by heart. The being said, there space some amazing details around Kal-El that DCEU elaborates on. Prior to the damage of the world of Krypton, other miraculous happened. The scientist Jor-El and his wife, Lara Lor-Van had a son, Kal-El. The very first Kryptonian to it is in born of a natural birth in centuries. In him, both that them witnessed the hopes and also dreams of all of Krypton’s people and so together their civilization died, they sent out Kal-El to Earth. Prior to this occurred though, Jor-El had actually bonded Kal-El to the development Codex, a hereditary registry the Kryptonian DNA. Essentially, if provided the appropriate conditions and facilities such as the Genesis Chamber, Kal-El could create a whole brand-new generation the Kryptonians native his body! Yes, Snyder’s male of steel was very, an extremely weird.

Kal-El was sent out to planet as his world was destroyed, got embraced by the Kents and also the invested a good chunk the his childhood as Clark Kent, discovering nothing that his true origins. That is until his father, Johnathan Kent revealed come him the fact of his nature. After ~ the death of his father, Clark invested years wandering the Earth, trying to discover himself. Instead, he discovered a hidden Kryptonian ship that he unlocked making use of a vital given to him together an infant by Jor-El. Long story short, he find himself, and the ship’s A.I. The his dead father makes him a snazzy suit. The runs right into a group of evil Kryptonian fascists who try to terraform planet into a second Krypton. Superman defeats lock all and becomes the symbol of truth and also justice we’ve all involved know and also love. And the rest is history.

Physical Prowess

In regards to physicality, these 2 are fairly evenly matched in a lot of ways. Both that them have actually been presented to it is in the strongest of your species. This is seen once Thor regulated to loss his Asgardian sister Hela in Ragnarok and also when Superman killed general Zod in male of Steel. Thor and Superman have faced versus apocalyptic monsters and aliens who have actually threatened to ruin their world. Despite admittedly, Thanos v his Infinity Gauntlet ranking a little higher than the new God Steppenwolf, that is quiet no hoax mind you. Steppenwolf is as an effective as any kind of of the Old Gods favor Zeus, Hades or Ares. Superman conveniently whacked increase Steppenwolf without much challenge in justice League, implying that Superman is either of equal stamin or better than that of an Old God or new God. 

In terms of durability, Superman proves to be a hair greater than that of Thor. While both that them have a considerable healing factor, Thor is an ext vulnerable to a variety of attacks compared to the of Kal-El. Thor’s been is able to lose parts of his body as viewed in Ragnarok when he battled against Hela and also lost one eye. He is additionally vulnerable to both pressure and also blunt force trauma. He to be close to acquiring head crushed by Thanos in the opened of Infinity war if no for Loki’s sacrifice.

And while the is true the Superman came close to death at the hands of Batman and was murdered by Doomsday, it to be mostly due to the truth that the tools used against him were of Kryptonian origin. Any other product would have simply shattered best then and there. In the comics, it’s to be revealed that Superman has a vulnerability to magic. However, in righteousness League, he to be able to withstand Wonder Woman’s Lasso that Hestia and also even offered it against Diana. Together of now, it appears that this weak doesn’t use to the DCEU’s Superman. Therefore if Thor isn’t packing any type of Kryptonite top top him he is going to have a hard time outlasting Superman in a fight.
If we’re talking about speed, then as soon as again Superman takes the cake. In Avengers: period of Ultron, Thor was ambushed and blind-sighted through Quicksilver and also only controlled to pen him down utilizing Mjolnir’s weight. Superman, ~ above the other hand, was shown to be able to trace Flash’s movements at superspeed and was also able to counter the speedster. Heck, lock even tested each other to a gyeongju to watch who’s faster! the a known truth that the speed is far faster than Pietro due to Barry’s capacity to channel the speed Force. Pietro’s quick but he’s not specifically travel-through-time quick. If we’re talking a straightforward street brawl between Thor and also Superman, it’s clear the Superman would be the victor.

Powers and also Abilities

Brute force and also speed aren’t whatever though, occasionally the birds of a fight can be turned by other determinants such as long-range offensive capabilities or weapons. Contradictory to what some might believe, Thor doesn’t actually gain his lightning abilities and also weather strength from Mjolnir or Stormbreaker. Rather, these weapons help serve as a fulcrum in which he can emphasis his wonder capabilities. The unlocked his true godly potential in Ragnarok once he regulated to summon mighty stormclouds and launched lightning bolts indigenous his hands. Thor is qualified of weather manipulation and electrokinesis. His brand-new axe Stormbreaker also allows the God that Thunder come teleport at will using the power of the Bifrost Bridge. This might be a problem for Superman.

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Superman has actually a totality host of strength from flight to X-ray vision to warm vision to frost breath in ~ his disposal. There’s simply one little snag: every one of his powers and also strength is reliant top top Earth’s sun. If you deprive that of earth’s yellow sunlight for too lengthy or place him in the visibility of a red one, he will inevitably end up being as mortal as a man. The Red sunlight orbiting Krypton is additionally known as a Red gigantic which actually does exist in real life! This way that Red Suns do typically exist in the cosmos seeing that they’re basically just dying suns. Thor might use Stormbreaker to teleport Superman right into an area of the universe close to a Red Giant and let the vacuum of space do the remainder of the job-related for him. If not, that could additionally just go for Superman’s head.


This to be an insanely tough fight to judge however after much thought and also deliberation, i have concerned a decision. The winner that this struggle is…Superman! though the guy of Steel has a deathly allergy come red stars, it’s highly unlikely that Thor would recognize anything around the Kryptonian’s past or his weaknesses. The most most likely scenario is the one in i beg your pardon both that them fight on Earth, which way Superman would certainly be under a healthy Yellow Sun. Furthermore, even if Thor had actually transported Superman come a place without any stars or had actually blocked the end Earth’s sun, Superman’s cells would certainly still have the ability to store enough juice to save him powered throughout the fight. If Superman is in complete kill mode as seen in Justice league shortly ~ his resurrection, then Thor would certainly most absolutely lose. Simply put, there are too many factors required for Thor come clinch a win, otherwise, Superman would have actually the vikings God outmatched in regards to speed and also durability. He already defeated one god. What’s one more, am ns right?

I know it’s to be a while since we’ve had actually a an excellent ole cinematic clash on our hands and now the we’re back, we desire to listen your proposal for any other future fights! Be sure to leaving a comment under below and be sure to tune in to for every the recent film and TV news and also reviews!