It"s one incredibly powerful Pokémon that was gene engineered to be a fighting machine. Yet that does not typical that they are invincible.

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Mewtwo is typically considered come be one of the most an effective creatures in the Pokémon canon universe. And, though the is a truly bold statement, it is likewise a factual one. Very few creatures are an effective enough to go toe-to-toe v Mewtwo and very few are dim-witted enough to try it.

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It's an incredibly powerful Pokémon that was genetically engineered to it is in a fighting machine. This provides it one all-around tank that cannot easily be bring away down. However, there are a couple of creatures that can hold their own against Mewtwo. Despite they can not have the ability to defeat Mewtwo outright, they will certainly still provide enough that a an obstacle to save things interesting and also make it a rather equal match.

Updated November 26th, 2020 by Tanner Kinney: The lore the the anime would have fans believe Mewtwo is one unstoppable machine. This Pokemon was, in fact, designed to aid in taking over the world. However, that doesn't make Mewtwo simply a loathsome copy the Mew. No only deserve to legendaries challenge Mewtwo in battle, but there is a surprising variety of regular Pokemon that deserve to keep that in check. It's much from the ultimate lifeform, and also these are some of the battle aircraft that would certainly really do it squirm.

14 Yveltal/Xerneas

Pokemon Xerneas and also Yveltal
Mewtwo has actually tons the potential in that is stats and also movepool. However, in regards to what can enhance it, bulkier Pokemon that resist its range of STAB attacks give the a run for that is money. The ideal for this space bulky psychic-types and also bulky fairy-types. Dark-types can additionally negate a most what Mewtwo can do offensively. Two Pokemon the fulfill every one of these needs are Yveltal and Xerneas, package legendaries indigenous Gen 6.

Both the these legend Pokemon load high offensive stats and HP, permitting them to bust through Mewtwo's sizable bulk. Moreover, they have the right to each check Mewtwos that don't come equipped to manage them. Yveltal, back it demands to be wary of ice Beam, can quickly dispatch the with powerful dark-type attacks. Xerneas deserve to easily check Mewtwo through its sizable bulk and even setup to become even much more powerful. This would easily dispatch Mewtwo.

Pokemon Anime Aegislash Shield Form
The blade, the myth, the legend the is Aegislash is an additional Pokemon the can match Mewtwo. Plenty of ghost-types develop problems because that Mewtwo, together they exploit one the its greatest weaknesses. In part cases, Aegislash can completely wall the end Mewtwo that don't have actually Fire Blast, shadow Ball, or Earthquake. Shield-form Aegislash deserve to take a ton of powerful hits even from this legend beast.

Moreover, Aegislash's sword kind can demolish Mewtwo with ease. Powerful priority moves favor Shadow Sneak offer Aegislash the ability to deal serious damage, and also it boasts other powerful attacks to fill in the remainder of the weaknesses. With great offense and defense, Aegislash is the perfect weapon come fight a godlike entity favor Mewtwo. The earned its title of "Smogon Sword" for a good reason, after ~ all.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Mega Sableye
Mega Evolutions, return they currently lay dormant in Sword and also Shield, are a severe threat in many situations. Mega-Gengar, for example, might make fast work of Mewtwo there is no a second thought. However, periodically the best offense is a great defense, and a an excellent defense deserve to lead to stroked nerves your foe into submission. Few Pokemon are as capable of law that as Mega Sableye.

Sableye in the regular type isn't lot to watch at. That is Mega Evolution allows it to disarm condition moves through Magic Bounce, then proceed to burn and Knock-Off the competition. Mewtwo in any type of of its creates can fixed dent this excellent gem Pokemon, and its inputting walls all of Mewtwo's potential stab attacks completely. If there was ever before a Pokemon to do Mewtwo useless, Mega Sableye is the right option.

Pokemon Anime Alolan Muk and also Kantonian Muk
Mega Evolutions and obviously powerful regular Pokemon space obviously walking to save Mewtwo in check, that lot is certain. So, how about an under-used Pokemon, lugged from the trenches particularly to check and also threaten legendary psychic types? enter Alolan-Muk: a major competitive threat. This multi-colored sludge, despite its weaknesses, has actually the appropriate dark typing and moveset to store many powerful legendaries in check.

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Alolan Muk's biggest boon is its capacity to usage Pursuit and also trap Mewtwo in battle. If an additional Pokemon can weaken Mewtwo, Alolan Muk will constantly be able to complete the job. Of course, in Sword and Shield, Pokemon aren't legally allowed to use quest as a technique. Walk this make Alolan-Muk useless? certain not, due to the fact that it still has solid bulk and typing to make it through an attack and retaliate v force. Mewtwo have to be fear of this sludge, in spite of its sweet smell.

Legendaries can difficulty Mewtwo. Gigantamax and Mega Evolutions can obviously difficulty Mewtwo as well. Even a couple of regular Pokemon that have promise in high level of play can take down Mewtwo. But, favor Mega Sableye, how about testing Mewtwo's patience with one of the most obnoxious and bulky fairy types in the game? That's right, Klefki is the real mystery to Mewtwo's destruction.

Klefki's ability, Prankster, always gives the priority with condition moves. This permits it to paralysis Mewtwo for free, providing it room to set up hazards, confusion, or also attempt to fight Mewtwo head-on v Foul Play. Sure, if Mewtwo have the right to execute a move to actually hit Klefki, it could not survive, yet it has actually to be able to move first. With enough luck, they can definitely take under a Pokemon considered one the the most powerful in the Pokemon world.

There's certainly an dispute to be made that the mythical Pokemon Mew have the right to take under Mewtwo. Mewtwo is a basic clone of Mew. Mew stop the DNA the every Pokémon, and can discover every single move in existence. This is something that its clone can not do.

Mew is the basis because that Mewtwo's whole existence. Red and also Blue even clues that Mew provided birth come Mewtwo. If there's everyone who have the right to take down Mewtwo, who better to execute it 보다 its genderless parent? It only makes sense.

If us assume that the Mewtwo we room fighting isn't Dynamaxed or Gigantimaxed throughout the fight, then it have the right to be assumed that any type of creature fighting it the is enlarged can take the down. They yes, really only have to step on that to take it out.

Now, if Mewtwo is additionally Dynamaxed, climate we have a much an ext even fight. It's alright though, we'll send all seven forms of Charizard the end to fight it together. They'll overwhelm the numerically, that won't was standing a chance.

an additional easy competitor to take under Mewtwo is Mega Mewtwo X or Y. Both of them are merely bigger and far better versions that the original. As soon as it gets right into the fight, you're most likely going to want to stick through Mega Mewtwo Y. Mega Mewtwo X is has a secondary fighting type, for this reason it will certainly be simpler for base Mewtwo to take it down.

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Mega Mewtwo Y is the same pure psychic kind as the original with higher base stats, so the really have to be an easy win for the Mega advanced creature.

desire to take down an opponent? Send in a god. Arceus is accurate the Pokémon that produced the universe, so also putting the in a Pokéball is extremely disrespectful. If you're walk to, though, climate he's a good one to usage in a fight versus Mewtwo.

He's got great stats, and can usage a Ghost bowl to become super effective versus Mewtwo. He would obviously be a challenging fight for Mewtwo with any type of Plate, yet using the Ghost key will simply make that a surefire victory for Creator Arceus.

an additional option that could be a great check for Mewtwo is Celesteela. Mewtwo have the right to dish out some hefty hits, therefore you're going to require something the can defend itself versus it. That's whereby Celesteela come in. The is an very bulky Pokémon, and also can usage that mass to gradually whittle away at Mewtwo's wellness through the use of Toxic and also Leech Seed.

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Celesteela have the right to take hits with the best of them, it has actually a niche in the AG, the highest power-level tier the there is. It's a good option come take down Mewtwo.

Primal Groudon has actually the ability to dried up the totality of the planet if it desires to, for this reason odds space that it might probably take the end Mewtwo nice easily. Groudon deserve to do things among two ways. It have the right to go all out v its sheer power to take under Mewtwo, or it have the right to play the very, very long game.

Mewtwo isn't walk to win if Primal Groudon dries up all the water in the world, now is he? If Mewtwo eventually whittles away as result of a lack of water, then Primal Groudon will have actually done its job.

Primal Kyogre has actually the ability to cancel the entirety of the earth if it desires to, which we believe is important an asset as soon as going up versus one of the most an effective creatures in the canon universe.

as with Groudon, Kyogre can play the lengthy game and also outlive Mewtwo if required by manipulating the obtainable elements. However, it is vital to note that it is a rather an effective Pokémon in its own right and could, at the really least, provide a little of a challenge for Mewtwo.

Necrozma has actually four various forms (about 20% as much as Charizard) that it deserve to utilize come take the end Mewtwo. It has actually its base form, the ultra form, and its fused variants with Solgaleo and Lunala. Every one of these forms are extremely powerful, yet Ultra Necrozma yes, really takes the cake here.

Its basic stats are absolutely the end of this world and few other creatures can compare to them. This is more than likely one the the best options on this list to take down Mewtwo.

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Giratina is a substantial powerhouse the can quickly hold that own versus Mewtwo. However, it is essential to keep in mind that it does have a type advantage against Mewtwo. This way that Giratina can take under Mewtwo pretty conveniently in one of two people of its various forms. Once a Pokémon has actually an advantage over an additional Pokémon, it is a good idea for said Pokémon to usage it to its maximum potential. And also if a Pokémon has actually the ability to manipulate the opponent's weaknesses, it should do so with no hesitation.

If us truly want to reminder the range in Giratina's favour, we can give our Giratina the home-field benefit and have the fight take location in the Distortion World. Mewtwo won't recognize what struggle it.

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