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Robert plant is the lead singer of the legendary standard rock tape Led Zeppelin. Ideal up there v actors favor McCartney, Lennon, and also the Beatles, or Elvis, his name will always be remembered because that the art he lugged to the world. Along with guitarist Jimmy Page, man Paul Jones, and John Bonham, that was the band that offered the world hits choose Stairway come Heaven, Dazed and Confused, and also the Physicalgraffiti record. When Rockstars are well-known for your party lifestyle and also being sought ~ by groupies, and he did have his fair share of flings, plant was actually a pretty tame male for a while.

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Who is Maureen Wilson?

Robert plant met his future wife Maureen Wilson in 1966. Castle met each other for the first time in ~ a Georgie fame concert that gained canceled critical minute. With nothing come do, they started chatting each various other up. This was prior to he to be Robert tree of Led Zeppelin, way before he to be awarded CBE, or extending Rolling Stone, and also before lock would also think to do an main website. Back then, he was just a male going to a show. The plant to be still playing music, though. Among his bands was tape of Joy. The other was Yardbirds; this band would later end up being the famed Zep.

In the meantime, as he struggled, Maureen gained him a project at her dad’s steel factory. The Zeppelin Frontman, through a virtually 4-octave vocal range, married his longtime partner Maureen Plant as soon as they gained married top top November 6, 1968. That is claimed that Led Zeppelin had just finished playing their an initial show together Led Zeppelin at the Roundhouse in London. Pretty absent n roll, if friend ask me. Maureen plant traveled with her husband for some time while that worked. She join them on their North American Spring tour of the joined States. However, after ~ the U.S Tour, she finished up staying at home through their children. She and Plant had actually three small ones. They had a daughter Carmen woman Plant, born in 1968, a boy Karac Pendragon born in 1972, and Logan Romero Plant, born in 1979.

“All my Love”

For as lot as Robert and Maureen Plant seemed to have a solid relationship, disaster did shortly strike. And it to be big. Over there was the time they obtained into a vehicle accident in Rhodes, Greece, in 1975. This accident resulted in the tape to cease touring because that a tiny while. As soon as they do the efforts to continue the U.S. Tour, things obtained messier. In 1977, plant contracted laryngitis, which resulted in some days to it is in pushed. The tape was unable to practice for about a month, which to be nerve-wracking. When they finally got top top the road, little things prefer fans rioting to acquire into shows and shows obtaining rained out continued to dampen their spirit. There was even an incident in Oakland, California, where an employee was beaten after your show. A couple of days later, plant learned the the news that his son Karac died native a stomach virus at simply 5-year-old. The Led Zeppelin track “All mine Love” was later on written because that his son Karac.

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The pair divorced in 1983, soon after, Plant had actually one child, Jesse, v his ex’s sister Shirley Wilson. Enduring the lose of a son is no something even a woman married come a rockstar might be able to handle. Afterward, she did what she had to: she went on through her life. She soon dated Jason Bonham’s guitarist, Ian Hatton. Plant and also his ex-wife room still in contact, and two years ago, for she 70th birthday, he wished her a happy birthday v a serenade. That sang her part old school rock and roll Elvis songs: “Little Sister,? ?One Night,? and ?A big Hunk O? Love.” She front attended his Robert Plant and also the band of pleasure European Tour, reflecting they still obtained a totality lotta love because that each other.


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