Everyone has actually a dream to have actually a happy and also a blessed married life through his wife and also children to finish his family yet this dream is viewed by countless of those yet lived by few and Nephew Tommy is one of those that is enjoying his married life happily and peacefully with her mam Jacqueline Miles. Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, born on may 18, 1967, is one American comedian, an actor and also a producer. The is the nephew the the renowned comedian Steve Harvey from where his name came in front of the people. Let’s uncover out about his married life and also wife Jacqueline Miles. Likewise their kids.

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Nephew Tommy’s married life with wife Jacqueline miles

Nephew Tommy met a girl named Jacqueline Miles for the very an initial time in 1986 in Texas A&M, despite he never revealed around his date or meeting with Miles it rotates September 2016 wherein after almost three decades, he removed the curtains from his connection with Jacqueline Miles and also through Instagram, told the people about his very very first meeting with the lady. On July 23rd, 2016, in ras Vegas, ~ above the evening of community Awards 2016, he made the official announcement of his marital relationship with Jacqueline that happened on his current vacation when Jacqueline herself to be sitting in the audience with her teary eyes through happiness. He mutual this news v Instagram together well.

Dear friend & fans, if you weren't at neighborhood Awards this evening where I made the announcement, allow me share it now: \"I IS MARRIED NOW!\" Yep, as plenty of of girlfriend guessed, the happened during my recent vacation. Her surname is Jacqueline Miles… and also I to be so blessed come be her husband. Won't He perform it?!

It was never ever clear that if Jacqueline was his girlfriend or fiancé prior to they both acquired married yet now its confirm that she is his wedded wife. Follow to Nephew Tommy, Jacqueline is a lovely, intelligent and also a beautiful wife. Moreover, he thanked God for making the tie his knot v her and also he mutual a picture with his wife on Instagram from the evening.

my lovely, intelligent, beautiful wife: Jacqueline Miles. What a woman. What a life. Thank you God. #nawards2016

A post shared through thomas Miles (

Jacqueline also made a statement newly that Nephew Tommy is also playing the role of her husband very well, despite he gained a an extremely busy schedule he always takes the end his time for his family.


Every man wants some high quality time to invest with his wife and also children which combine the household bond. Nephew Tommy has actually three kids which encompass two sons and a daughter the is Trey and Jordan and also a daughter Sydnie. Nephew Tommy always believes that teaching any kind of child the worths to provide anything for anyone shapes their thought in the futures so he frequently attends the Kindergarten Christmas Party the his youngest child Jordan wherein he additionally distributes gifts and also presents come the various other children. Nephew Tommy is a guy who loves children, he commemorated his youngest child 5th birthday on July 4th, 2016 with a strength Ranger birthday Party Theme along with his friends. Sydnie, the only daughter the Tommy is his little princess with whom he cherishes the moment and also spends time in Toy Story drive in Disney World.


Caption: Nephew Tommy’s mam Jacqueline Miles, two sons: Trey and Jordan and also daughter Sydnie

Source: Instagram


There room many couple of people who have actually a blessed family, through whom they deserve to enjoy each and also every single moment of their lives, and Nephew Tommy is one of those luckiest in the world. In addition to his wife and also children, he got an additional lady in his life and also that lady is his mother, the lady who insisted him come work, come focused and also to make this civilization laugh and whoever that is now, the main reason behind his success and also his tranquil life is his mother, his wife, his children, his entirety family.


Caption: Nephew Tommy with his mam Jacqueline Miles

Source: Instagram


Nephew Tommy is currently co-hosting the famed The Steve Harvey Morning display from where he randomly makes prank calls. He is also a talented stand-up comedian and also an entertainer. The studied theater arts in ~ Texas A&M University. He is also a life time member that Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. The comedian has likewise made fairly film appearances which include a 2012 film Thin like A Man and in 2013, that made a cameo appearance in the movie Baggage Claim. That had additionally worked with Zoe Saldana in 2011 independent film The love Specialist. Whether we comment on stage, television, large screen, Radio, Nephew Tommy had actually won the mind of audience for his impressive talent.

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