Ed Westwick and also Tamara Francesconi. David Fisher/Shutterstock; Hannah Young/ShutterstockThere’s a brand-new lonely boy in town. Ed Westwick and his girl friend of nearly two years, Tamara Francesconi, have actually split, a resource confirms to Us Weekly.

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Amid reports that the breakup, the model, 25, mutual a cryptic quote via her Instagram Story top top Friday, September 3, that read, “The worst thing is watching who drown and not gift able to convince them the they deserve to save themselves simply by standing up.”

The Gossip Girl alum, 34, and also Francesconi began dating in October 2019 after he slid into her DMs. She opened up around the beginning of their connection in November 2020.

“He direct me the end of the blue speak hi and also I almost fell turn off my chair,” she revealed during an Instagram Story Q&A. “We climate chatted because that a while and also he inquiry me ~ above a date, which ns assumed would be a dinner however instead he take it me to a butterfly sanctuary in Mayfair, us thereafter invested the entirety day trying out London together, and the remainder is history.”

Earlier this year, the southern Africa aboriginal confessed the she currently loved Westwick’s struggle series, Gossip Girl — he play Chuck bass from 2007 to 2012 — prior to their romance.

“I to be the greatest Gossip Girl fan known to man,” she divulged during a June illustration of PrettyLittleThing’s “Behind closed Doors” podcast. “I watched the religiously double a year and I swear come God, I materialized him in reality in my life.”

Francesconi also had to do amends with among her friends because that her partnership with Westwick. “It was in reality so funny though since when I very first started dating him, my totality group the friends, we’re super right into Gossip Girl — and an ext particularly, my friend Annie — and when I very first started dating him, I had actually to sit her down and also apologize come her due to the fact that she to be so insulted,” she recalled. “Like, exactly how dare I, she had actually dibs top top him.”

The influencer raved around the actor at the time while addressing the attention he receives indigenous fans. “Initially it to be a bit weird as soon as we’d walk under the streets and also have girls following us and also stuff, yet I think it’s so wonderful the everyone loves his work,” she said. “He’s a wonderful person, he is so talented. I’m proud the him.”

Westwick to be accused of sexual attack by multiple ladies in 2017, yet he denied the allegations. Us confirmed in July 2018 the he would not confront charges due to insufficient evidence.

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Before his connection with Francesconi, the Wicked City alum dated previous Gossip Girl costar Jessica Szohr indigenous 2008 come 2010 and Jessica Serfaty native 2017 to 2018.

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