It is really not a huge deal because that Hollywood Celebs around ending love life and again patching up. They adjust their love life companion as we adjust our fashion accessories. One Tree Hill’s character, Haley James Scott is love all around the world. The one come portray the character of Jamie in One Tree Hill is Bethany happiness Lenz.

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Bethany is a gorgeous and also talented actress and also has been able to make quite the influence with she acting an abilities in the industry. But not many civilization are aware of her an individual life, which includes her past married life, her daughter, and also divorce.

Let’s destruction deep right into his an individual life!!!

Source: (Bethany and also Michael)

Bethany’s date life

Beautiful Bethany Joy was as soon as married to her ex-husband and musician Michael Galeota. The duo got married ago in 2005 and shared a daughter together called Maria Rose who to be born in 2011. Bethany was pregnant through Maria during the 8 hours season of One Tree Hill.

But like every connection is put to the test, theirs walk too, and also the two might not come out of the trial and error phase in their connection unhurt leading them to acquire divorced in 2012, thereby ending the relationship that it s long over six years.

Explaining her married life, Bethany said,

“As many of friend know, as lot as i love come share v you the magic of simple days, i am also an extremely private around my an individual life. In fact, the just reason I’m saying anything around this at all is since you’ll every be wondering soon why anyone is phone call me ‘Bethany delight Lenz’ again,’I’m i m really sorry to say that Michael and I have determined to divorce”

Source: (Bethany in her acting role)


“We remain friendly and committed to raising our beautiful girl in love and we evaluate your prayers and also support during this difficult time.”

Moreover, she added,

“I feeling immensely humbled and grateful the God functions all things for the great of those that love Him.”

Lovelife private

Michael, however, has actually kept his see to himself and has not opened up up about the divorce.

Following her separation with Michael, she was then linked with she co-star James Lafferty and also numerous rumors hit the media that the two were dating one another.

But it later turned out to be simply a hoax together they did no make any official statement about the dating rumors. The two played Nathan Scott & Haley James in One Tree Hill, and they were a romantic pair in the really project.

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Who is Bethany’s brand-new love life?

Bethany and Michael have chosen not to speak much about their connection. Yet if you space to judge them by their words back when castle divorced, the 2 are most likely to be great friends v one another.