In Greek mythology, Argos to be Odysseus" faithful dog. That waited because that his master"s return to Ithaca because that over a decade while many presumed Odysseus dead. He to be the very first to acknowledge the King return from the Trojan War, also though Odysseus to be disguised together a beggar to discover what was going on in his palace during his absence. It was stated that as shortly as Argos known his master, the dropped his ears and did his best to wag his tail. Having actually fulfilled his destiny of confidence by laying his eyes upon his grasp once more, he released a final wimper and also died.

Homer, Odyssey , publication 17:

And so these two males talked to each other about these things. Climate a doglying there raised its head and pricked up its ears.It was Argus, brave Odysseus" searching dog,whom that himself had actually raised numerous years ago.But prior to he can enjoy being with his dog,he left for spiritual Troy. In earlier days, young menwould take the dog to hunt wild goats, deer, and rabbits, but now, with his master gone, that lay neglectedin the piles the dung left there by mules and also cattle,heaped up before the doors till Odysseus" servantstook it as manure because that some big field. Argus put there, spanned in fleas. Then, as soon as he observed Odysseus,who was coming closer, Argus wagged his tailand to reduce his ears. However he no longer had the strengthto strategy his master. Odysseus looked awayand brushed next a tear—he did therefore casually to hide it from Eumaeus. Climate he doubted him: "Eumaeus, it"s weird this dog is lie here,in the dung. He has actually a handsome body.I"m not certain if his speed when matched his looksor if he"s like those table dogs guys have,ones your masters raise and also keep for show." Then, swineherd Eumaeus, friend answered him and said:"Yes, this dog belongs come a man who diedsomewhere much away. If he had the formand acted as he did when Odysseusleft him and also went come Troy, you"d easily see his speed and also strength, and also then you"d be amazed.No wild pet he chased escaped himin deep special woods, and also he could track a scent.He"s in a bad means now. His master"s deadin some international land, and careless womendon"t watch after him. For as soon as their master no much longer exercise their power, then slaveshave no desire to do their ideal work.Far-seeing Zeus takes fifty percent the worth of a manthe day he"s taken and also becomes a slave." This said, Eumaeus went within the stately palace,going straight right into the room to sign up with the noble suitors.But when he"d seen Odysseus ~ nineteen years,the dark finality of death at when seized Argus.

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Odysseus and Argos, august Barre, Louvre Museum

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