Heineken has unveiled a brand-new commercial entitled "Worth The Wait" in association with Daniel Craig to celebrate the upcoming relax of the brand-new James bond film, No Time come Die.

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The commercial mirrors Daniel Craig wait patiently for the first satisfying sip of an ice-cold Heineken beer, in an ode to fans who have eagerly awaited the next instalment that the franchise and also showing the the ideal things involved those who wait.

Social Experiment

To test the fact behind the sentiment, Heineken brought out a real-world society experiment come prove that good things are undoubtedly worth the wait.

In the experiment, 115 human being were provided cold Heineken or Heineken 0.0 beer in ~ intervals between 0-30 minutes, showing that civilization who waited because that 20 minutes had actually the greatest levels of satisfaction.

Bram Westenbrink, an international head that Heineken Brand, said, "Heineken has been a proud partner of James link films since 1997. So, favor all link fans, we also can"t wait for No Time come Die to hit cinemas.

"That said, we think some points really are worth wait for. And also now we can prove it. Whether it"s one ice-cold Heineken or an action-packed blockbuster – the best things important do pertained to those that wait."


Other Findings

Four in ten attendees attributed the anticipation of receiving your beer to your satisfaction. An ext than fifty percent of the respondents (56%) agreed the they reap things more when they need to wait for them a little.

Participants feeling that 6 to four minutes would certainly be the optimal time to have actually waited for their beer. However, the research uncovered that satisfaction peaked in the 20 minutes wait group, implying the instant, or in ~ least quicker gratification, is no as solve as world might think.

"Waiting might Not it is in A negative Thing"

Daria A Bakina, PhD, society psychologist and also research director at Edelman Data and also Intelligence, said, "This research follows a long tradition of conducting experiment in the "real world," under actual circumstances, within the field of social psychology.

"The findings of this study present that waiting may not it is in a poor thing – in fact, there"s more enjoyment ~ needing to get rid of an obstacle like a 20-minute wait for a refreshing, perfect pour."

No Time come Die will certainly hit the theatres internationally on 30 September 2021 through Universal images International and also in the us on 8 October from subway Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) via their joined Artist releasing banner.

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Heineken, which recently announced plan to come to be a carbon-neutral company by 2040, reported a 14.1% boost in net revenue in the an initial half that its jae won year, through volumes the its main point Heineken beer brand increasing by 19.6% in the period.