Barcelona lifted one more La Liga trophy top top Sunday to do it an impressive 26 organization titles. But, exactly how do both teams compare in total trophies won?

In regional, national, continental, and an international competitions, real Madrid has got 118 trophy wins. In comparison, Barcelona has won 130 titles throughout the history.

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The discussion proceeds over i m sorry Spanish football society is the many outfitted. Although actual Madrid leads with 33 leagues and also 11 European cups in major competitions, Barcelona has actually a higher number of as whole trophies. The Catalans can also boast of lifting die out trophies which your bitter rivals will certainly never be able to do.

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Regional Titles:

With 33 title Barcelona has actually won much more in its own field. Has won 23 Catalonian Championships in between 1901 and 1938, and 10 Catalan Cups in between 1991 and also 2014 (8 Cups and also 2 at sight Cups). Actual Madrid (23) lags regionally behind, v 18 Madrid Championships and 5 Mancomunado Trophies, every coming in between 1904 and 1936.

The main Rivalry in between both legends: Messi Vs Ronaldo.

Continental titles:

Unsurprisingly considering their recent domination throughout the continent, Real Madrid comes the end on height in this aspect. Barcelona has actually 19 european titles, having won 5 europe Cups (1 european Cup and 4 champions Leagues), 4 Cup Winners’ Cups, 5 european Super Cups, 3 Fairs cup (forerunner that the UEFA Cup), and 2 Latin cups (which set the ground for the europe Cup).

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Real Madrid’s european Cup document is a resource of pride for the club, with 13 under their belt (6 europe Cups and also 7 Champions Leagues), 2 UEFA cup (forerunner of the Europa League), 4 European Super cups and, choose Barcelona, 2 Latin Cups.

The overall head-to-head record of meetings in between the teams has actually been exceptionally tight and Real’s current win bring them ago level v Barca on 96 wins each overall, relocating them ahead by one in La Liga.

CompetitionGames PlayedMadrid winsBarca winsDraws
La Liga181737236
Copa del Rey3612168
Champions League8323
Other competitions*20866

World titles:

In this section, genuine Madrid an ext than doubles the variety of trophies won by Barcelona, who have only lifted 4 worldwide cups. Madrid has won 10.

The Catalans have won 3 Club civilization Cups, dwarfed by genuine Madrid’s 4 Club human being Cups, 1 Ibero-American Cup, 3 Intercontinental Cups, and also 2 small World Cups.

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Both clubs have the right to boast impressive accomplishments throughout your history. Some pick to emphasis on the number of titles when others like to fixate top top the quality and prestige of the competition.