Charmed: Phoebe's Relationships, Ranked The Charmed Ones might have encountered magical foes frequently, but Phoebe had to deal with tough romantic relationships as well, great and bad.

In the initial Charmed, nobody was together unlucky in love as Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano). Phoebe to be the youngest child of Patty Halliwell (Finola Hughes) and also Victor Bennett (James Reed), and the center sister that the Charmed Ones. She also worked as a columnist for "The only Mirror," whereby she listed her readership with relationship advice.

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This was only possible due to her very own unfortunate love life. When Phoebe believed she had discovered her Mr. Right, most of these relationship were doomed because that disaster. Native her connection with Billy (Chris Payne Gilbert) to her rocky romance with Cole (Julian McMahon), here are 10 the Phoebe"s love interests, ranked.

There was no doubt that Leo (Brian Krause) and Phoebe were meant to be friends. The chemistry Krause had with Marie-Combs was simply too good to ruin, through fans acquiring behind Piper (Combs) and Leo quickly. However some may not remember the Phoebe was additionally interested in the handyman in season 1.

It"s also weird come think around it now. Imagine if the authors would have paired these two up: what storylines would certainly they have actually come up with? would the show have finished differently? happily for Piper, Phoebe admitted she was only interested in the Whitelighter since Piper was.

mile (Ken Marino) started dating Phoebe in season 5 soon after her very first divorce. However, his partnership with Phoebe to be doomed indigenous the start as soon as she started to obtain premonitions about his death ("A Witch In Time").

Phoebe appeared to care for Miles and also did whatever she might to protect against his death. Yet, that was shortly revealed that she brought about a time ripple every time she conserved him. This allowed the warlock, Barraca, to travel through and also kill Phoebe and Paige. Piper had to jump into the time ripple to warn her previous self about the consequences of saving Miles. Ultimately, Phoebe was upset as soon as Miles died however never mentioned him again.

Clay (Victor Browne) to be Phoebe"s ex-boyfriend and also her very first love interest. He showed up in the illustration "Feats of Clay", return to mountain Francisco to shot and to convince Prue (Shannen Doherty) to offer an Egyptian urn that found. He also briefly reconnected v Phoebe during his stay.

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However, your relationship came to be strained once the sisters uncovered he had actually stolen the cursed urn. That redeemed himself close to the end of the episode as soon as he risked his life to defend Phoebe from obtaining killed. ~ the Charmed Ones went back the urn, Clay then goes earlier to new York. He is an additional character pan don"t hear from again.

7 Dex Lawson

Dex (Jason Lewis) to be Phoebe"s second husband that was presented to the present in season 8. Dex had expressed an attention in Phoebe yet only as soon as she was under the pretense of Julie Bennett. Phoebe was checked out to rush right into this partnership after she got a premonition the the 2 were married. They ultimately tied the node under the affect of Billie"s spell.

However, that was already implied that this relationship would no last as the Charmed Ones decided to reclaim their old identities. When Phoebe reveals she powers through glamouring earlier into Julie, Dex doesn"t manage the news well. Ultimately, that asks Phoebe if they can have the marital relationship annulled and the two-part ways.

Billy to be a movie personality who had actually a very brief connection with Phoebe in season 2. He to be the protagonist the Phoebe"s favourite film who was maybe to concerned life ~ the Demon the Illusion carried him right into the world.

Billy had constantly been respectful and protective of Phoebe, an especially in the illustration "Chick Flick" once he defended her native the various other slasher villains. Sadly because that Phoebe, her dream guy had to be went back to his film in order for the civilization to return to normality. It is implied that she still watches the movie on a consistent basis as Cole provides it to reveal his return ("Bride and also Gloom").

5 Leslie St. Claire

Leslie (Nick Lachey) was a mortal that was hired together a Ghostwriter after Phoebe made decision to take it a sabbatical. ~ above the very first impression, Phoebe was skeptical of the writer together she felt the wouldn"t have the ability to give her shaft the justice the deserved. They likewise clashed regularly since of their an innovative differences.

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Their partnership took a romantic rotate after the 2 fought about Phoebe standing him up. Yet, this relationship was doomed from the begin after Phoebe frequently stood him increase on dates and also refused come divulge about her other life. She secrecy was one of the key reasons why they broke up. Still, Phoebe thanked him because that helping her gain over her fear of love.

Jason (Eric Dane) was introduced to the show back in season 5 after he bought the bay Mirror. He and Phoebe acquired off come a rocky start after his strict administration conflicted with Phoebe"s Wiccan duties. However, they soon started a relationship after Jason managed to charm her v his digital profile.

Lasting 15 months, Phoebe"s relationship with Jason was different from every the others. He to be the very first mortal love attention Phoebe trusted enough to expose her secret to. He likewise proved to it is in a very supportive boyfriend, offering Phoebe advice on exactly how to enhance her column. However the pair wasn"t meant to critical after Jason struggled to come to terms v her identity as a witch. Lock did part on an excellent terms.

3 Drake De Mon

the end of every one of Phoebe"s boyfriends, Drake (Billy Zane) played crucial part in restoring her confidence in love. Drake to be a previous demon that was presented in season 7 as the new literature teacher the Magic School. He and also Phoebe had a relationship that lasted two weeks together Drake to be destined come die.

One that Drake"s best moments came in "The 7 Year Witch" when he encouraged the Charmed Ones to not provide up top top love. His spontaneous and also passionate perspective came in ~ the best time because that Phoebe together she necessary to view that she deserved happiness and love as much as her sister did.

maybe the love of her life, Cole and Phoebe had actually a whirlwind that a romance. Cole to be a half-demon that was very first introduced to the present in season 3. He was hired through the Triad to death the Charmed Ones however ultimately dropped in love v Phoebe ~ his person side overtook.

Phoebe and also Cole seemed to be in it for the long haul. However, this relationship was doomed for disaster when Cole became the Source. The didn"t specifically scream happily ever after when Cole attempted to murder she sisters. As a result, Phoebe had to aid Piper and also Paige (Rose McGowan) vanquish she husband prior to he took over the world. At least he regulated to redeem himself in the end.

1 Coop Halliwell

to be there any kind of doubt the this would be the number one slot? However short it may have actually been on the screen, Phoebe"s relationship with Coop (Victor Webster) was her healthiest connection of all.

Phoebe was introduced to the Cupid after the Elders sent him to aid repair her belief in love. Coop check to set her increase on several dates and even provided her advice on other magical matters. Return he developed feelings for her first, he ongoing to place Phoebe"s happiness over his own. Luckily for him, his selfless and kind mindset was what attractive Phoebe to the Coop in the very first place. The pair ended up gaining married and also had three kids together.

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