If you to be a teengaer in the at an early stage 2000s, there’s a solid chance One Tree Hill was one of your favorite TV shows. ~ all, in between the epic love triangles and also intense household drama, the CW collection was pretty lot irresistible. The best part? Nowadays, every nine seasons of One Tree Hill are accessible on Hulu to relive almost everywhere again. 

If you’re watching for the first time, however, it’s crucial to be conscious of one not-so-great element of One Tree Hill: the catastrophic deaths! difficulty is, you could have a tough time figuring out exactly what taken place in between blowing her nose and also ugly crying. With that, we determined to break down the many important personalities who dice on One Tree Hill and also how. *Warning: major spoilers for seasons 1 with 9 ahead.*

As much as audiences are concerned, a lot of (and we average A LOT) that One Tree Hill fans practically gave up on the collection after season 3. An in similar way to shows like Grey’s Anatomy and also The O.C., the authors made the failure of death off among OTH’s many integral and beloved characters — Keith Scott (played by actor Craig Sheffer). 

In season 3, episode 16, “With exhausted Eyes, tired Minds, tired Souls, us Slept,” Keith’s brother, Dan Scott (played by gibbs Paul Johansson) shot and killed the in cold blood but similar to most storylines in One Tree Hill, it’s more complex than simply that. 

During the episode, Tree Hill High School falls victim to a college shooting ~ Jimmy Edwards (played by gibbs Colin Fickers) brings a gun right into the building. Due to the fact that Keith’s nephew, Lucas Scott (played by gibbs Chad Michael Murray), was inside, the made the heroic selection to rescue him.

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Of course, it’s precious noting Keith and Dan had an extremely strained relationship after Dan exit Lucas and also his mother, Karen Scott (played by actress Moira Kelly), after ~ she gave birth. Dan later went top top to acquire married and also have one more son, Nathan Scott (played by gibbs James Lafferty), who he focused every one of his attention on.

As a result, Keith was truly the only father number Lucas had ever known. Plus, he and also Karen were completely in love. As soon as Keith was in the school, he controlled to obtain Lucas out prior to running right into Jimmy in the hallway. The troubled teen ended up letting Keith go cost-free but sadly, shooting himself quickly thereafter. 

Just when whatever seemed come be stable down, Dan regulated to obtain into the school, choose up Jimmy’s gun and shot Keith in a remote rage. Due to the fact that Jimmy to be dead, Dan controlled to convince everyone else he was the murderer … for a small while, anyway. 

To learn much more about Keith’s death and also the other characters on One Tree Hill, scroll v the gallery below. 


Ellie Harp: breast Cancer

Ellie Harp (played by actress Sheryl Lynn Lee) died of chest cancer in season 3, illustration 3, “The Wind That blew My love Away.” approximately that point, she and also her biological daughter, Peyton Sawyer (played through actress Hilarie Burton), to be attempting to construct a relationship.


Jimmy Edwards: Suicide

Jimmy died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. In ~ first, members of the Tree Hill community were hesitant to mourn him, but he was at some point vindicated after the details that Keith Scott’s death were revealed.


Keith Scott: shoot by Dan Scott

What Dan didn’t understand is that a Tree Hill college student by the surname of Abby Brown (played by actress Allison Scagliotti) observed him shooting Keith. Eventually, Dan’s paranoia acquired the finest of him and also he confessed to his brother’s murder and also spent five years in prison.

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Quentin Fields: shooting by Xavier

Quentin (played by actor Robert Lee Jones III) passed away in season 6, episode 2, “One Million Billionth the a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning,” after gift shot through a criminal called Xavier (played by gibbs Devin McGee) during a gas station robbery. Xavier taken place to be the same human being who assaulted Brooke Davis (played by actress Sophia Bush). 

Nannie Carrie: shot by Dan Scott

Dan shot Carrie (played by actress Torrey DeVitto) in season 6, episode 5, “You’ve Dug her Grave, currently Lie In It.” He was defending his daughter-in-law, Haley Scott (played through actress Bethany delight Lenz) and his nephew, Jamie Scott (played through Jackson Timothy Brundage).

Lydia James: Pancreatic cancer

Haley’s mom, Lydia (played by actress Elizabeth crucial Armstrong) passed away of pancreatic cancer in season 7, episode 18, “The last Day Of ours Acquaintance.”

Dimitri: shoot by Nathan Scott

Dimitri (played by gibbs Andrew Elvis Miller) to be an assassin hired to kidnap and also kill Nathan. In season 9, illustration 10, “Hardcore Will never ever Die, yet You Will,” Dan involved Nathan’s rescue and got recorded in the crossfire. After Dimitri shooting Dan, Nathan eliminated him.

Dan Scott: shooting by Dimitri

In season 9, illustration 10, “Danny Boy,” Dan died in the hospital from his gunshot wound.