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"My life to be a blessing and also a curse. At once I had actually money.... There to be times when I"d walk approximately with $16,000 in my pocket.""Drugs, money women. Ns got every one of them due to the fact that I was Whitey."- Stanley FafaraInterview v Portland Oregonian reporter Tom Hallman Jr., December 2002Do you remember that small blond young on leave it to Beaver? His surname was hubert "Whitey" Whitney and also he was a school friend the Beaver Cleaver. Whitey was portrayed by the late Stanley Fafara, who passed away in 2003 under unfortunately circumstances. Sadly, Stanley"s story is one more one the those disastrous tales neighboring the resides of son actors.Stanley Albert Fafara was born in mountain Francisco, California ~ above September 20, 1949. His enlarge brother, Lucas "Luke" Fafara II (known as Tiger Fafara), also appeared on leaving it come Beaver.

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He played the bespectacled Tooey Brown, one of Wally Cleaver"s friends in the series. Both siblings were raised in Studio City, Los Angeles and their mother pushed them right into acting at an early age.In 1957, Stanley"s mother brought her sons to an open casting call for a brand-new family sitcom referred to as Leave it come Beaver. Seven-year-old Stanley won the function of Whitey Whitney, one of Beaver"s ideal buddies, if his brother Tiger was cast as Tooey. Tiger played Tooey in 18 episodes of leaving it to Beaver, indigenous 1957 come 1960. Stanley, on the other hand, stayed for the show"s whole six-year run, appearing in 57 episodes.When the series ended in 1963, Stanley attended north Hollywood High School. He linked with the pop group Paul Revere and also the Raiders and also reportedly lived with the band for a while. He likewise began drink heavily and also using drugs. In ~ his parents" urging, he relocated in with his sister in Jamaica. That tried to end up being an artist, but was was unable to protect against drinking and using narcotics.At the period of 22, Stanley returned to Los Angeles wherein he was married come Rosemary Oswald because that a short time. They divorce after having actually one child and Stanley hit rock bottom. He supported himself by dealing drugs and by the early on 1980s, that had started to burglarize pharmacies in order to keep his medicine habit. After ~ his seventh robbery, he was arrested and bailed out by his parents. However, once he was caught breaking right into a pharmacy for the eighth time, he was convicted and sentenced come a year in jail.After his release from prison, Stanley relocated to Portland Oregon through a girlfriend and also tried several way of employment. He sustained himself by working as a waiter, a roofer and also a janitor however eventually went back to dealing narcotics. He later ended up being addicted to heroin and was in and also out of rehabilitation for plenty of years.Tom Hallman Jr,, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Portland Oregonian retained in touch v the previous child star. Hallman created a file on Stanley Fafara and described him together short and stocky through slicked-back grey hair and a weathered face. He stated hat Stanley had actually been clean and sober because entering a Portland detox centre in 1995 and living at a clean-and-sober residence for alcoholics and addicts.According to Stanley"s IMDb biography, he controlled to turn his life around and eventually re-established a relationship with the daughter that hadn"t watched in two decades. He aided other addicts and also even released a company designing websites, v some measure of success.Regrettably, however, Stanley Fafara had currently contracted Hepatitis C. ~ above September 20, 2003, he passed away of symptom from a surgery performed in so late August to fix a constricted intestine brought about by a hernia. Stanley passed far in a Portland, Oregon hospital in ~ the age of 54. According to his obituary by Dennis McLellan that the Los Angeles Times, Stanley "had been living in a single-room occupancy building in Portland"s skid row, payment $153 a month for his 12-by-12 room the end of his Social security disability examine of $475 a month." that couldn"t work without forfeiting his handicap income.

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Stanley Fafara in later on years
Stanley Fafara is interred in ~ the Redland Pioneer Cemetery in Redland, Oregon. The parishioners the St. Elizabeth the Hungary Catholic Church in Portland raised the funds because that Stanley"s burial. However, since there was no money because that a headstone, the grave continued to be unmarked because that 13 years. On June 14, 2016, father Jim Kolb, who had officiated at Stanley"s funeral, also officiated at the blessing of his gravestone.Stanley is made it through by a daughter and also a grandchild. He likewise left a nephew, Dez Fafara the the rock tape Coal Chamber, with who that had come to be close throughout his recovery. Dez is the boy of Stanley"s brother, Tiger.END NOTE
Tiger Fafara, born January 3, 1945, is now 73 year old. ~ leaving leave it to Beaver in 1960, Tiger quit acting professionally. He returned to acting in 1983 as soon as he reprised his duty as Tooey Brown in the TV reunion film Still the Beaver. He likewise portrayed Tooey in the follow-up sitcom The new Leave it come Beaver, which aired native 1983 to 1987.
Tiger Fafara as Tooey