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If you’re acquainted with Lean 6 Sigma, then you’re familiar with DMAIC.

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DMAIC is the acronym because that Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. This proven problem-solving strategy gives a structured 5-phase framework to follow when working top top an improvement project.

This is the an initial post in a five-part collection that concentrates on the tools accessible in statistics Softwarethat are many applicable to every phase, start with Define.

The define Phase Defined

DMAIC starts once friend have figured out a difficulty to solve. The score of this very first phase is to define the task goals and customer deliverables. This includes occurring a trouble statement and also identifying objectives, resources and project milestones.

Cause-and-Effect Diagram


Also known as a fishbone (because it each other a fish skeleton) or Ishikawa (named after ~ its creator Kaoru Ishikawa) diagram, this graphical brainstorming device can aid you and also your team organize and also investigate feasible causes of a problem.

In a C&E diagram, the problem is established on the far right, if the reasons are arranged into significant categories. For production applications, category may include Personnel, Machines, Materials, Methods, Measurements, and Environment. Business applications often encompass Personnel, Procedures, and also Policies. location: Stat > top quality Tools > Cause-and-Effect

Pareto Chart

A Pareto chart is a straightforward quality tool supplied to to mark the most frequently emerging defects, or the most common reasons for a defect.

This committed type that bar graph is named for Vilfredo Pareto and his 80-20 rule. By bespeak the bars from biggest to smallest, a Pareto graph can assist you different the "vital few" from the "trivial many." these charts expose where the largest gains have the right to be made. location: Stat > quality Tools > Pareto Chart



Also known as a box-and-whisker plot, the boxplot mirrors you just how a numeric, constant variable is distributed, including its shape and variability. Girlfriend can develop a single boxplot because that a single data set, or friend can create multiple boxplots to compare multiple data sets. Boxplots also aid you identify outliers. location: Graph > Boxplot



Like boxplots, histograms expose the shape and also spread of a data set, and also can assist you evaluate if your data monitor a regular distribution, are left-skewed, right-skewed, unimodal, etc.

Histograms division data right into bins the a given selection plotted along the horizontal x-axis, and display the variety of data points within every bin top top the upright y-axis. location: Graph > Histogram


Run Chart

Run charts graph her data end time, presuming that was built up and recorded in chronological order. This special form of time collection plot have the right to be provided to determine if there are any kind of patterns and non-random actions in her process, such as trends, oscillation, mixtures and also clustering. location: Stat > high quality Tools > run Chart


Descriptive Statistics

This is the very first non-graphical tool in this post. This tool offers a an overview of her data, and can encompass such statistics together the mean, median, mode, minimum, maximum, traditional deviation, range, etc. location: Stat > simple Statistics > screen Descriptive Statistics


Graphical Summary

This function provides a considerable summary for a numeric, continuous dataset, consisting of a histogram, boxplots, descriptive statistics, and more. It supplies a comprehensive snapshot of your data and also includes tests because that normality, the mean, and the median. location: Stat > straightforward Statistics > Graphical Summary


No Two projects are created Equal

While this post focuses top top the specify tools accessible in, other define tools—such as the task charter and SIPOC—are obtainable in Engage. Not every project contains the same exact set of tools, so it’s quite feasible that a given specify phase for a given project has only a couple of of the tools above. Moreover, no all devices discussed over are used exclusively within the specify phase that DMAIC. For example, histograms may additionally be supplied in other phases.

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The devices you will usage within every phase count upon the kind of job you’re functioning on, leadership preferences, and also what species of tools finest communicate your data and the problem you’re trying come solve.