Butter knife, steak knife. Bread plate, salad plate, dinner plate. Salad fork, seafood fork, dinner fork. What the fork?? How carry out you even collection your Thanksgiving table?

Ever scratched her head while setting the table and wondered, which next does the napkin go on? And, i m sorry utensil walk where? Don’t issue many that us space in that camp. So prior to your family and also friends present up for a Thanksgiving feast at you home this year, let’s walk over some an essential table rules—and burned some irradiate on the mystery of the forks.

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Here’s her cheat sheet:

Setting the table

Place forks to the left that the plate; knives and also spoons come the right. Arrange indigenous the external in based upon which utensil you’ll use first: because that example, ~ above the left side, the salad fork (smaller and broader than the dinner fork) to the much left, climate to that right, the dinner fork. Top top the best side, the knife is closest to the plate with the spoons ~ above the outside.

The venerable Emily short article Institute advises to think “FORKS”—minus the “R”—working native left come right: together in, Forks first, climate O representing the plate, climate Knives and, finally, Spoons.


Set alcohol glasses come the right of the plate, just over the dinner knife. The bespeak is: very first wine glasses, then the water glass come the bottom right. The bread key belongs above the fork and also napkin (top left), through the knife sit diagonally throughout the plate.


The napkin goes one of two people to the left the the fork top top the really outside, or if you have three forks in a official table setting, put the napkin ~ above the plate. As soon as you sit down, open the napkin and put that on her lap. If you gain up, put it on your chair. As soon as finished, set your napkin nicely to the left of her plate.



Don’t forget that small details deserve to make a huge impact on her Thanksgiving table. Shot adding a few mini pumpkins or an setup of red, orange and yellow flowers for a personal touch that will make guests feel special.

And finally, stop the temptation to clean the table and also start washing dishes…that have the right to wait until after her family and friends leave.

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Enjoy the feast. Bon appétit!


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