The lindon B. Johnson administration

Following Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, lindon B. Johnson acceded come office and served together President native 1963 come 1969.

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Key Takeaways

Key PointsFollowing Kennedy’s plan, Johnson pass the Civil rights Bill immediately following JFK’s assassination.Due to his popularity, Johnson to be reelected in 1964 in a landslide victory.He accomplished an ambitious residential agenda, it spreads widely the ” an excellent Society ” and also ” war on Poverty.” The good Society to be a collection of programs pertained to civil rights, economic opportunity, education, healthcare, ecological protection, and public broadcasting. During his presidency, Johnson likewise escalated American joining in the Vietnam War, top to raised protests at home and also fewer funds to assistance his great Society.Key TermsGreat Society: A collection of residential programs in the United says spearheaded by President lindon B. Johnson, aimed in ~ the remove of poverty and racial injustice.War ~ above Poverty: The unofficial surname for legislation first introduced through United says President lindon B. Johnson throughout his State that the Union address, top top January 8, 1964, aimed at financially uplifting the unified States.


Lyndon Baines Johnson (August 27, 1908-January 22, 1973), also known together LBJ, was the 36th chairman of the joined States, serving from 1963-1969. Johnson had served together Vice president in the Kennedy administration and presume the presidency ~ above Kennedy’s fatality on November 22nd, 1963. Johnson was reelected in a landslide in 1964; however, he did not look for reelection in 1968 on account that his decreasing popularity. Johnson was renowned because that his domineering personality and, relatedly, his good skill in persuading congressmen and also other political leaders to assistance him. He accomplished an ambitious domestic agenda, it spreads widespread the “Great Society” and “War ~ above Poverty,” which to be a arsenal of programs concerned civil rights, economic opportunity, education, healthcare, ecological protection, and public broadcasting. Historians argue that the great Society and War ~ above Poverty note the top of liberal policy in the joined States, and the culmination the the new Deal era. Johnson is rated highly by plenty of historians because of his success in enacting domestic policies.


Lyndon B. Johnson, in the Oval Office.: previous U.S. President lindon B. Johnson.

Johnson’s Inauguration

Johnson was sworn in together President on Air force One at Love ar Airport in Dallas, Texas, top top November 22, 1963, two hrs after president Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza. He to be sworn in by commonwealth Judge sarah T. Hughes, a household friend, making the the first president sworn in by a woman. The is also the only president to have actually been sworn in on Texas soil. Johnson did no swear ~ above a Bible, as there were none ~ above Air pressure One; a roman Catholic missal was discovered in Kennedy’s desk and was used rather for the swearing-in ceremony. 

Lydnon B. Johnson, taking the oath of office plank Air pressure One: Johnson ended up being the 36th chairman of the United claims on November 22nd, 1963, complying with the assassination chairman Kennedy. Johnson would go top top to win the choice in 1964, accomplishing much of his ambitious residential agenda.

In the days complying with the assassination, Johnson made an resolve to Congress: “No memorial oration or eulogy could an ext eloquently respect President Kennedy’s memory 보다 the earliest possible passage of the Civil civil liberties Bill because that which he battled so long.” The wave of national grief complying with the assassination gave massive momentum come Johnson’s promise to lug out Kennedy’s programs. Johnson created a dashboard headed by chief Justice Earl Warren, recognized as the Warren Commission, to investigate Kennedy’s assassination. 

Johnson’s cabinet included several members of Kennedy’s cabinet. Johnson maintained Dean Rusk as Secretary the State, Robert McNamara as Secretary of Defense, as well as Kennedy’s Secretaries of farming and the Interior, all for the term of his presidency. Previous presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson continued as Johnson’s Ambassador to the United nations until Stevenson’s death in 1965. Attorney basic Robert F. Kennedy (President Kennedy’s brother), through whom Johnson had a notoriously difficult relationship, stayed in office because that a couple of months, leaving in 1964 to operation for the Senate. 

Key Policies

Domestic Policies 

Johnson brought to his presidency a vision the a good Society in i m sorry everyone might share in the methods for a better life the the United says offered, and also in i beg your pardon the words “liberty and justice because that all” would have actually real meaning. Among the chief piece of legislation that congress passed in 1965 was the primary school and an additional Education Act, increasing federal funding to both elementary and an additional schools. The higher Education Act, signed into law the exact same year, provided scholarships and low-interest loans for the poor, boosted federal resources for colleges and universities, and also created a corps of teachers to serve institutions in impoverished areas. Johnson’s administration passed other acts to improve transportation, protect the environment, and improve safety standards in food and motor vehicles, to name a few. His war on poverty dominated his presidency and also included such acts as the 1964 Economic methods Act, the 1965 real estate and development Act, and the 1965 Social defense Act.

His good Society additionally included happen Kennedy’s Civil rights Act that 1964, the most far-reaching civil legal rights act yet passed by Congress. The action banned discrimination in public accommodations, sought to aid schools in initiatives to desegregate, and also prohibited federal funding of program that allowed racial segregation. Further, the barred differentiate in employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, or gender, and also established an same Employment possibility Commission. This were complied with by the Voting civil liberties Act that 1965 and also the Civil civil liberties Act of 1968.

International Policy

Johnson escalated American authorized in the Vietnam War, reversing Kennedy’s plan of disengagement. Under Johnson, American troop visibility went from 16,000 American advisors and soldiers in 1963, to 550,000 combat troops in early on 1968. American casualties soared throughout this time. The war engendered a large, angry antiwar motion based especially on college campuses in the U.S. And abroad. 

End the Johnson’s Presidency

As the Vietnam war escalated, the money spent to fund it likewise increased, leaving less to pay because that the plenty of social programs Johnson had created to background Americans out of poverty. Johnson knew he might not achieve his good Society while spending money to fairy the war. He to be unwilling to withdraw from Vietnam, however, for are afraid that the people would awareness this activity as evidence of American failure, and also doubt the ability of the United says to maintain its position as a superpower.

Increasing gyeongju riots, climbing crime rates, and also the ending of the great Society v the latter years of Johnson’s presidency sapped assistance for Johnson’s liberal polite rights and also anti-poverty policies, and also strengthened right-wing calls for “law and order.” The democratic Party split into 4 factions, and after one embarrassingly poor performance in the 1968 new Hampshire primary, Johnson finished his bid for reelection. Republican Richard Nixon was elected to succeed him. Republic would conquer the presidency, winning five out that the following six presidential elections, till the election of invoice Clinton in 1992.

The great Society

The good Society to be a collection of residential programs promoted by President lindon B. Johnson and Democrats in Congress, in between 1963-1969.

Key Takeaways

Key PointsThe good Society program addressed education, racial injustice, poverty, the environment, and health care, among other issues. This era has actually been described as the height of freedom in the united States.The economic Opportunity plot of 1964 developed the Office of economic Opportunity, which managed a bulk of the society programs designed to combat poverty.Major programs that emerged throughout the battle on Poverty contained the project Corps, the neighborhood Youth Corps, VISTA, upward Bound, the Food rubber stamp Act the 1964, the Community action Program, and Head Start.The educational initiatives contained in the good Society legislation increased the role of the federal federal government in primary, secondary, and higher education.In 1965, Johnson developed National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities to administer funding opportunities for the breakthrough of arts and culture. Windy television and also radio also emerged in this era.The department of transport was developed to oversee the advancement of city public transportation networks, and also consumer and also environmental security were likewise prioritized by Johnson’s administration.Poverty prices declined considerably during the great Society initiatives; however, movie critics often oppose the rise in welfare programs, which they link to socialism.Key TermsNational Endowment for the Arts: one independent firm of the United claims federal government that supplies support and also funding for tasks exhibiting artistic excellence; produced by an act of the U.S. Conference in 1965 together an independent agency of the federal government.New Frontier: A phrase provided by liberal autonomous presidential candidate man F. Kennedy at the 1960 joined States democratic National Convention together the democratic slogan to inspire America to assistance him; the phrase developed into a label for his administration’s domestic and also foreign programs.New Deal: A series of economic programs enforced in the joined States between 1933 and also 1936 during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration.


The an excellent Society to be a set of residential programs supported by President lindon B. Johnson and also Democrats in Congress, throughout his presidency native 1963-1969. Few of the programs were designed to remove poverty and racial injustice; others detailed for federal involvement in education, medical care, ecological protection, and arts and culture. Part historians consider the good Society to be the optimal of freedom in the united States, and the high-watermark the governmental growth in the nation’s history, often contrasted to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s brand-new Deal of the 1930s and also 40s.

Johnson’s task Forces

The Democratic majority in Congress allowed Johnson to do sweeping legislature changes. Fourteen task pressures composed of academics and also experts to be appointed by president Johnson to craft brand-new Frontier legislation and develop foreign policy, each studying one element of United claims society. Domestic issues were the primary focus, with only one job force devoted to international policy. Other policy locations addressed consisted of agriculture, polite rights, education, efficiency and also economy, health, earnings maintenance policy, preservation of herbal beauty, transportation, and also urban problems.

The battle on Poverty

The most ambitious and also controversial component of the great Society to be its initiative to end poverty. The Kennedy management had to be contemplating a commonwealth effort versus poverty, and Johnson, who had observed too much poverty together a school-teacher in Texas, embraced Kennedy’s program. In the first months of his presidency, Johnson asserted an “unconditional battle on poverty,” v the lofty score of remove hunger and also deprivation from American life. The war on Poverty’s program reflected a consensus among the Johnson administration that poverty was ideal addressed v the production of economic opportunity, rather than by simply raising incomes, as Johnson emphasized in speeches around the country. The method thus focused on education, job training, and community development.


The war on poverty spawned dozens of programs, amongst them:

The project Corps, which organized the purpose of helping disadvantaged youth develop marketable skillsThe ar Youth Corps, developed to give bad urban youths work-related experience and also encourage them to remain in schoolVolunteers in service to America (VISTA), a domestic version of the peace Corps, i beg your pardon placed concerned citizens with community-based agencies to job-related toward empowerment of the poorThe design Cities program for city redevelopmentUpward Bound, i m sorry assisted negative high school students beginning collegeA variety of legal services for the poorThe Food rubber stamp Act that 1964, which broadened the federal food rubber stamp programThe Community activity Program, which initiated local Community activity Agencies charged with helping the bad become self-sufficient Project Head Start, which available preschool education for poor children

In addition, resources was provided for the facility of community health centers come expand access to health care, while significant amendments were made to Social protection in 1965 and 1967 that substantially increased benefits, increased coverage, and also established new programs to combat poverty and raise living standards. In addition, average aid to families with Dependent youngsters (AFDC) payments were 35% higher in 1968 보다 in 1960; however, lock still remained insufficient and also unevenly dispersed.

The financial Opportunity Act

The centerpiece of the war on Poverty was the financial Opportunity act (EOA) the 1964, which produced an Office of economic Opportunity (OEO) come oversee a range of community-based anti-poverty programs. The OEO was responsible because that administering many of the battle on poverty programs, consisting of VISTA, project Corps, Head Start, legit Services, and also the Community activity Program.

Public Education

The great Society included federal education programs, including several programs directed at major and an additional education. The elementary school and second Education act of 1965, designed by Commissioner of education Francis Keppel, allotted more than $1 billion to assist schools purchase materials and also start special education programs at colleges with high concentrations of low-income children. The greater Education infrastructure Act the 1963 authorized more federal assist for universities in 5 years 보다 the Land approve College had actually in the ahead century. This act was followed by the greater Education action of 1965, which enhanced federal money come universities, produced scholarships and also low-interest loans because that students, and established a nationwide Teacher Corps to provide teachers to poverty-stricken areas of the joined States.

The OEO launched Project Head start as one eight-week summer regime in 1965. The task was draft to assist end poor by developing a regimen for preschool children from low-income households that addresses emotional, social, health, nutritional, and also psychological needs. President Johnson also launched project Follow Through, implemented in 1967, to monitor up with graduates the the Head begin program. The plan trains disadvantaged and at-risk youth, and has noted more than two million disadvantaged young people with combined academic, vocational, and also social skills training. Project Corps proceeds to help 70,000 youths every year at 122 project Corps centers transparent the country. As well as vocational training, numerous Job Corps likewise offer GED programs, as well as high school diplomas and programs to get students right into college.


The great Society left an enduring tradition in its healthcare programs. The Social defense Act the 1965 authorized Medicare, which provided federal capital for the medical treatment the elderly and also disabled Americans. The routine made benefits available to all Americans over age 65, regardless of need, and also linked payment to the existing personal insurance system. The Social security Act also created Medicaid, a program funding health care for low-income Americans. In 1966, all welfare recipients began receiving medical treatment through Medicaid.

The Arts and Communications

The an excellent Society additionally created programs to benefit the arts. In 1964, the nationwide Commission ~ above the liberal arts released a report saying that the nation’s focus on science endangered the research of the humanities. In September the 1965, Johnson signed the National foundation on the Arts and Humanities Act, producing both the national Endowment for the arts (NEA) and also National Endowment for the liberal arts (NEH). Richard Nixon considerably expanded resources for NEH and NEA.

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The good Society also very first established publicly television. The public Broadcasting plot of 1967 hired the Corporation because that Public Broadcasting together a private, non-profit copy, group and detailed federal aid. The CPB initially collaborated with the pre-existing national Educational television system, yet in 1969 it began the publicly Broadcasting service (PBS). The CPB soon undertook a examine of windy radio, which led to the facility of national Public Radio (NPR), a windy radio system under the terms of the amended windy Broadcasting Act.

The Environment

Discussing his administration’s eco-friendly policies, lindon Johnson suggested that: