The continent the Africa is categorized by region, of which there are five in total. The areas of Africa incorporate Southern Africa, eastern Africa, West Africa, Equatorial Africa, and also the African shift Zone.

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Since Africa is together a big landmass, it helps to express to countries as belonging to a region of Africa quite than using the ceiling statement that Africa in general. In this article, we arrangement to talk about countries that are component of West Africa.

Rather 보다 diving into all eighteen countries, let’s focus on five West African nations that you could not know a lot of about. Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, and also Gambia room all located in West Africa, yet how lot do girlfriend know around each nation in particular? stop test her knowledge and also expand your understanding of these countries in West Africa.


Located come the eastern section of West Africa, the Republic that Niger is called after the ever-so-famous, openly flowing Niger River. Niger is landlocked and an extremely far native any seaside region that Africa. V Libya to the northeast and Algeria to the northwest, Niger shares boundaries with Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Benin, and Burkina Faso together well. Niger is ruled by a presidential government, v the current ruling president being Mahamadou Issoufou. In the at an early stage 1990s, before switching end from a element minister come a president, Mahamadou Issoufou resided together the prime minister that the country, too.

Niger encompasses parts that both the Sub-Saharan region and the Saharan region of Africa together well. As result of the geographic positioning the Niger, the country experiences humidity paired through a generally subtropical climate. The land is really flat and also there is no much readjust in track with the cycling of seasons either. To placed the physical size of Niger right into perspective because that you, the country is around as big as the state of Texas in phibìc America.


The West African nation of Mali is situated among many various other African countries. With land bordering Mali ~ above all possible sides, the country shares its borders with six various other countries. Starting in the north and also moving clockwise roughly Mali, these 6 African nations include Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, the Côte D"Ivoire, Guinea, and Mauritania. The Niger River as well as the Senegal flow both flow through the southeastern and southwestern areas of Mali together well, respectively.

Mali is part of Africa"s Sahara Desert and also Sahelia Region. Comparable to most locations in West Africa, Mali tends to lean toward the humid next of points in regards to weather conditions. Despite the commonly arid and also desert-like problems in Mali, the country"s southern land areas are prime areas for well-to-do livestock and agriculture. This truth is due totally to the truth that the Senegal River and the Niger River administer a the majority of nutrients and water access to the lower end of the country.


The West African country of Mauritania is largely located in the Sahara Desert. In fact, only 10% of floor in Mauritania lies outside of the Sahara, which creates an as whole vibe of one arid and also warm country, as you deserve to probably imagine indigenous the sounds of a desert lifestyle.

The nation of Mauritania is not entirely landlocked, for its westernmost border is situated along the coastline of the Atlantic. However, all other borders of Mauritania are common with other African countries. Algeria, Mali, Senegal, and the west Sahara all encompass Mauritania. A notable function of Mauritania is that it ranks together the eleventh largest nation in every one of Africa.


Senegal is partially situated along the western coastline of Africa, though its place in relationship to Gambia keeps Senegal’s westernmost border from being completely water-based. Senegal has actually a populace size of about 16,641 world as of the year 2019. In comparison come the worldwide population, Senegal is residence to a mere 0.22% of people on Earth.

As wild as it might sound to world who carry out not live in Africa, the mean lifespan of civilization in Senegal is as quick as 18.4 year on average. Conditions in the nation account because that such a tiny median age. The relationship between the variety of people life in Senegal and also the country’s full area is relatively high. Because that every square mile of land, there are a stormy estimate of 255 people. This calculation tells united state that Senegal has actually a total area that 74,336 square miles.


As a tiny African nation on the westernmost coast of the continent, Gambia is frequently referred to much more officially together The Gambia. The just other border that surrounds The Gambia as well as the aquatic shore of the Atlantic ocean is Senegal, which is the African nation we simply touched on that nearly completely encompasses Gambia. The Gambia river is a noteworthy inner water source for the nation of Gambia, especially because it operation throughout Gambia and makes its method to the Atlantic Ocean.

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More than fifty percent of the populace of Gambia is comprised of human being who space twenty-five year old or younger. Follow to the central Intelligence Agency, this recognize is because of the reality that over there is a seemingly apparent emphasis ~ above birthing children and also creating family members for females in Gambia. The average number of children per household is four kids. V a populace size that over two million people, four children per family starts come accumulate to the suggest where younger folks room the majority.