In geometry, when two or more lines satisfy or overcome each other in a plane, they are termed as intersecting lines. Top top the other hand, when two or an ext lines perform not fulfill at any point, castle are referred to as non-intersecting lines. Let united state study more about intersecting and also non-intersecting lines in this article.

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1.What space Intersecting Lines
2.Properties of Intersecting Lines
3.Non-Intersecting Lines
4.Properties the Non-Intersecting Lines
5.FAQs top top Intersecting and also Non-Intersecting Lines

When two or an ext lines fulfill at a usual point, lock are known as intersecting lines. The allude at which they overcome each various other is recognized as the point of intersection. Watch the following number which shows two intersecting currently 'a' and also 'b' and the point of intersection 'O'.


The following points perform the properties of intersecting present which help us to recognize them easily.

Intersecting lines satisfy at a single point, castle cannot meet at much more than one point.Intersecting lines fulfill each various other at any kind of angle i m sorry is greater than 0° and less than 180°.

When 2 or much more lines execute not intersect v each other, they space termed as non-intersecting lines. Observe the following number of 2 non-intersecting, parallel present 'a' and also 'b' which display a perpendicular distance denoted by 'c' and 'd'.


The following points list the nature of non-intersecting present which aid us to identify them easily.

Non-intersecting lines never ever meet and do no share any kind of common point. Castle are also known together parallel lines.The distance in between non-intersecting present is always the same.The length of any common perpendicular drawn between the 2 non-intersecting currently is always the same.

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Intersecting currently Examples

Example 1: through respect come intersecting and also non-intersecting lines, prize the complying with questions based on the figure given below.


1) lines KL and also MN space ____ lines.2) space lines CD and abdominal muscle perpendicular to every other?3) Name any kind of two bag of non-intersecting lines.Solution:

1) present KL and MN room intersecting lines.2) No, heat CD and ab are not perpendicular to each other. They are non-intersecting, parallel lines.3) abdominal || CD and EF || CD. Hence, these room non-intersecting lines.

Example 2: recognize the pair of currently given below as intersecting or non-intersecting lines.


According to the direction that lines, if such lines are prolonged further, they will satisfy at one point. Therefore, the offered pair of lines are intersecting lines.

Example 3: Give any two real-life examples of intersecting and non-intersecting lines.


Two examples of intersecting present are detailed below:

Crossroads: When two right roads satisfy at a common allude they type intersecting lines.

Scissors: A pair the scissors has actually two arms and also both the arms type intersecting lines.

Two instances of non-intersecting lines are listed below:

Ruler (scale): The opposite sides of a leader are non-intersecting lines.

The Rails of Railway Track: The rails of a railway track that are parallel come each other are non-intersecting lines.

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FAQs on Intersecting Lines

What space Intersecting present in Geometry?

When two or much more lines cross each various other in a plane, they are well-known as intersecting lines. The suggest at i beg your pardon they cross each various other is well-known as the point of intersection.

What is the Difference in between Perpendicular and Intersecting Lines?

When intersecting lines cross every other, over there is no identified angle in ~ which castle meet, it can be any kind of angle. However, perpendicular lines constantly intersect each other at best angles (90°). In other words, every perpendicular lines are intersecting lines, but all intersecting lines may not necessarily be perpendicular lines.

What are Parallel, Perpendicular, and also Intersecting Lines?

Parallel lines never intersect every other and are always the exact same distance apart, whereas, intersecting currently cross every other and also share a common allude known together the point of intersection. Perpendicular lines space those intersecting lines the cross each other at an edge of 90°.

What space Intersecting currently that space not Perpendicular?

There room some currently that intersect each other however may not be necessarily perpendicular to every other. Such lines fulfill at any angle which is greater than 0° and less 보다 180°.

What room Intersecting present Examples?

A few examples of intersecting currently are noted below:

The currently of the alphabet 'X' type intersecting lines. The is a perfect example to represent intersecting lines.The hands of a clock.

What angle are formed by Intersecting Lines?

Intersecting lines may cross or intersect each other at any angle higher than 0° and also less 보다 180°. If any kind of two intersecting lines accomplish each various other at an angle of 90°, lock are referred to as perpendicular lines.

What room the instances of Non-Intersecting Lines?

A couple of examples the non-intersecting currently are noted below:

The opposite political parties of a ruler (scale) space non-intersecting lines.

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What carry out you mean by suggest of Intersection in Intersecting Lines?

When any type of two lines accomplish at one typical point, castle are dubbed intersecting lines. The common allude where they crossing is recognized as the suggest of intersection.