Speaker polarity is identified when connecting the wires in between the amplifier and the speaker. Once the optimistic amplifier terminal is connected to the confident speaker terminal and also the an adverse amplifier terminal is associated to the an unfavorable speaker terminal, the speaker will be in exactly polarity. Once these relations are swapped, the speaker will be in turning back polarity.

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Polarity of one Audio Wave

A sound tide is a collection of optimistic and an unfavorable pressure changes. Look at this sound tide on a graph. The facility line represents regular air push in the room. Together the line goes above the center line, there is a positive readjust in wait pressure. Together the line goes listed below the facility line, over there is a an adverse change in air pressure.

If the polarity of this wave is reversed, the hopeful periods will become an unfavorable and the an unfavorable periods will end up being positive. This is what the same wave would certainly look favor with polarity inverted:

Imagine the sound wave created by a drum. As soon as the north is to win by a drumstick, the upper membrane, or drumhead, begins to move down and also up, creating an unfavorable and positive alters in wait pressure about it.

Which direction does the drum head relocate first? The rod strikes the north head native the top and also forces it downward. This downward movement of the drum head creates a an unfavorable change in pressure.

If you ar a microphone over the drum, the first part of the wave will be negative.

If you were to turning back the polarity of the wires in the microphone, the an initial part that the wave would certainly be positive.

Constructive & terrible Interference

If two the same signals with the same polarity are combined together, the signals sum. The positive phase the both waves room aligned and also the an unfavorable phase the both waves space aligned. The result is a signal the is twice the amplitude of every individual signal. This is dubbed constructive interference.

Anytime two identical signals are mixed together with inverse polarity, the signal cancel out. In this case, one wave is confident while the various other is negative, and vice versa. The an outcome is silence. This is called damaging interference. 

There is a big difference in between polarity and also phase! ns wrote this article about it the will assist you to check out why the really important to know the difference.



How a speak Works

A speaker and also a microphone operate on the same an easy principles. In a microphone, electrical energy is developed when sound reasons the diaphragm to move. In a speaker, activity is created when power passes v the wires.

You can learn much more by analysis this article I created about how microphones work. Go to the ‘Dynamic Microphones’ section of that post to see a more detailed summary of this concept.

When no power is being sent through the speaker wires, the speaker rests in that is default position. Once an alternate electrical current, such together an audio signal, is sent out to the speaker, the starts to press outward and also pull inward. You have the right to see this in the following image.


As a speak vibrates forward and also backward, the displaces the air particles in the atmosphere, forming negative and positive transforms in pressure. This causes a chain reaction with the air from the speak to our ears.

If this concept doesn’t do sense, you’ll desire to check out this write-up that explains how sound travels through space. Understanding how sound waves can interact will assist you understand why speak polarity is so important!

What Happens when a Speaker’s Polarity is Inverted?

When the wires native the amplifier come the speaker space crossed, the speaker polarity will certainly be inverted. This means that the speaker will move inward as soon as it is an alleged to move outward, and also outward once it is supposed to relocate inward.

The sound wave developed by the speakers will be the exact opposite the the signal tape-recorded by the microphone. How will this adjust the sound?

Can speaker Polarity impact Sound Quality?

While the is encourage to constantly wire speakers correctly, the results of incorrect wiring vary depending on the situation. In some situations, a miswiring will barely be noticed, and also in other instances it might cause severe problems.

Reversed Polarity v One Speaker

If just one speaker is gift used, the results of reversed polarity will certainly not it is in noticeable. 

Listen and also compare these 2 audio clips. The very first one is in the correct polarity, when the 2nd is in reversed polarity. 

You will not notification the difference between these clips, since the frequencies included in them are identical. Return the hopeful and negative pressure changes have to be inverted, that not possible to listen the difference.

Sound tide are alternating pressure fluctuations and audio signal in a cable are alternating electrical currents. This means that practically every positive change will it is in met with a practically equal however opposite an unfavorable change. Because that this reason, there is virtually no audible difference between an audio signal in polarity and out that polarity.

Reversed Polarity through Multiple Speakers

Reversing polarity v multiple speakers deserve to cause more noticeable effects. If both speakers space wired the same, whether in the exactly polarity or reversed polarity, there will be practically no effect. However, what if one speaker is wired in the correct polarity and also the various other is reversed? This will reason a far-reaching effect.

To hear this, it’s finest to girlfriend use two speakers in stereotype or to usage headphones. In the video clip at the optimal of this page, there room audio demonstrations that this scenario.

If you are using selection of speakers, turning back polarity in one of them will cause far-reaching changes in just how the variety behaves. Heat arrays the full-range speakers, such as those used in live sound reinforcement have to all be wired the very same way.

Even the speaker in subwoofer arrays, which sometimes contain speakers v inverted polarity come achieve better directionality, space usually wired through correct polarity. Any type of changes in polarity are almost always make in one audio console or amplifier DSP, quite than in the wiring of speak terminals. If her audio mixer or amplifier DSP go not allow for polarity inversion, you can use a polarity reverse adapter.

Can Incorrect speak Polarity damages Speakers?

Inverted polarity can cause a range of alters to sound quality, but is it likewise dangerous for her amplifier and speakers? The prize is no, thankfully.

The voltages being applied to a speaker v inverted polarity space no different from those offered to a speaker through correct polarity. Your tools will no be damaged. The worst thing that will occur is that it will certainly not work well acoustically with correctly wired speakers. For this reason, it’s finest to stick to the standard, and also ensure exactly wiring.

How to check Speaker wire Polarity

Even despite the impacts of reverse polarity room not remarkable so lengthy as every speakers room wired the exact same way, it is a best practice to wire each speaker correctly as soon as connecting to an amplifier.

With Speaker cable Labels

If you have actually labels on your wire, such as plus and also minus symbols or red and also black colors, it is very easy. Connect the red (or +) terminal ~ above the amplifier to the red (or +) terminal ~ above the speaker. Connect the black (or -) terminal on the amplifier to the black (or -) terminal ~ above the speaker.

Without Speaker cable Labels

Perhaps you have currently run cable through walls or conduit just to an alert that the wires space not labeled. Or maybe you room installing vehicle speakers and want come verify she wiring the speakers correctly from the harness.

Here space two techniques that i recommend for trial and error speaker polarity.

Test speak Polarity through a speak Tester

There space tools made particularly for instances like these.

This speaker tester is fairly inexpensive and also will not only enable you to test speaker polarity, yet it additionally has a signal generator.

It is a little investment the you will usage all the time.It’s quite to have actually a device that enables you to quickly test speaker without an amplifier. Watch this video to view it in action.

For a much more professional option to use with NL4 and also NL8 speakON connectors, examine out this speaker tester. This one is much more suited because that those functioning in live sound reinforcement.

Test speak Polarity with a Smartphone

If your device is currently wired and also you space able to happen an audio signal native input to output, you can test speaker polarity utilizing a smartphone app.

I introduce the Studio six Speaker pop App. It functions by connecting the audio output of her smartphone to the intake of your system. Then place the microphone of your smartphone in front of the speaker you want to test. The app will send a optimistic impulse out to the system and also measure the polarity that the sound coming out of the speakers.

Test speak Polarity v a 9V Battery

If you’re in search of a quick, cost-free way to check speaker polarity, you can do it utilizing the adhering to method:

For this technique, friend will need a 9V battery.

Place one speaker cable to the hopeful (+) terminal of the battery.Place the other speaker wire to the negative (-) terminal the the battery. Notice which way the speaker moves as you do this connection.If the speaker moves outward, then the speaker wire associated to the hopeful (+) terminal of the battery is the confident (+) wire.If the speaker moves inward, climate the speaker wire connected to the an adverse (-) terminal the the battery is the hopeful (+) wire.

This video clip clip reflects what girlfriend are searching for when you apply the battery to the speaker wires:

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