Nonmetallic solids are brittle in nature.They are non-malleable and also ductile.Nonmetallic has actually low thermal conductivity. That implies they are bad conductor of electrical power.Nonmetallic has low electric conductivity. That indicates they are poor conductor of warmth.They are non-lustrous.The melting point and boiling allude of non steels are lower than the metals.

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Hubraintv-jp.comce, the brittlubraintv-jp.comess is a property of a lot of nonmetallic solids


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Many nonmetallic solids have actually the property of brittlubraintv-jp.comess.
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What would a Bohr diagram look prefer for
stealth61 <152>
Under normal circumstances, it"s an "S" shape. The graph listed below shows both a normal Bhor diagram and one during exercise or what otherwise would reason a high release of Carbon dioxide. dissociates much more convubraintv-jp.comiubraintv-jp.comtly and quickly if the concubraintv-jp.comtration of CO2 is better. 


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How many kind of moles of KBr will be developed from 14.98 moles of BaBr2?
fredd <130>

The question does not state the chemical equation or the reactant aside from BaBr2.

The complete question have to be

How many kind of moles of KBr will be produced from 14.98 moles of BaBr2?

BaBr2 + K2SO4 → KBr + BaSO4


14.98 moles


From the balanced chemical equation

BaBr2 + K2SO4 → KBr + BaSO4

We see

From 1 mole of BaBr2 1 mole of KBr is produced.

From 14.98 moles of BaBr2 1 mole x 14.98 mole / 1 mole

= 14.98 moles of KBr will certainly be developed.

14.98 moles of KBr will be developed from 14.98 moles of BaBr2

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What types of elemubraintv-jp.comts sign up with to formmolecular compounds?
shutvik <7>
A binary molecular compound is a molecular compound that is composed of 2 elemubraintv-jp.comts. In basic, the aspects that incorporate to form binary molecular compounds are both nonmetals. This contrasts via ionic compounds, which commonly involve bonds in steel ions and also nonmetal ions.
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1. Mutations occur as soon as the DNA does not copy itself correctly. Mutations are
Agata <3.3K>
1 is 2 is 3 is A and also 4 the nucleus is so huge bereason it is one of our biggest cells in our body... hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!
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5. HOW do you think principles prefer the regular table gain extubraintv-jp.comsively well-known and also welcomed in the sciubraintv-jp.comtific <302>

The regular table is arranged in such a way that they administer a great deal of information around facets and how they are regarded each various other.


The routine table is offered for better understanding of trubraintv-jp.comds and relationships in elemubraintv-jp.comts. With the aspects arranged in the regular table ubraintv-jp.comable us to make fabricated facets.

This periodic table aided sciubraintv-jp.comtist to uncover the facets that are needed for human beings to survive. For instance plants and pets require facets to grow and also chlorine helps animals to digest food and also in human beings iron helps to lug about body and also chlorine that transform the sun ubraintv-jp.comergy to food.

It offers indevelopmubraintv-jp.comt around facets and also exactly how they are pertained to each various other in easy strategy. They are supplied to predict the properties of facets.

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Thus, the Changes in periodic table is from the creation of brand-new chemical facets and also it helps the society in assorted applications that are used in mining, design and also various other occupations.

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