D. All of the above, physics health deals with stress of the muscles, an option b helps with stress and anxiety of her thoughts and feelings, an option c helps with your capability to manage stress put on you by peers


The health component that defines the capability to attend to stress is D. Every one of the over your whole body and everything the you perform affects your everyday life.

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D. Castle all space a variable to taking care of stress. You might be self concious about your weight and also that"ll reason stress. If you space depressed then that will certainly have much more stress built up. If you don"t have numerous friends or any type of at all then her social life would certainly be an outcast indigenous everyone and also that"d cause even more selfconciousness, including on even much more stress.

The answers space as follows;1. Mental and emotional health, B.Mental and also emotional health is the facet of one"s wellness that faces the all at once psychological fine being of the person.Stress is identified as a physical, psychological or emotional factor which reason bodily or mental tension. Stress can be outside or internal. The health component which explain one"s ability to attend to stress is the mental and also emotional health. 2. D.Risk acquisition is part of life and everyone execute it when in a while, but the form of risk we take must be a reasonable one. In heath, risk takers refers to those people who interact in behaviors that space detrimental to their health. Most time they find the threat pleasurable and they are completely ignorant the the result of the hazard will be a bitterness experience. Such threat takers most time carry out not recognize the outcome of the hazard they are taking.3. B. Listening is a very important element of communication. Listening go not entails listening to the words the speak is speak alone, but it additionally involves taking keep in mind of your facial expression and also their gestures, in bespeak to understand what your true feelings are.

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Why is a lunch consisting the pizza, fruit, and salad a far better choice than a lunch with the same number of calories indigenous pizza alone? a)both lunches carry out the exact same amount of energy but the having lunch of pizza, salad, and also fruit provides an ext nutrients. B)both lunches provide the very same amount the nutrients but the having lunch of pizza, salad, and also fruit provides an ext energy. C)both lunches are healthful but the lunch of pizza, salad, and also fruit provides more energy for metabolism. D)both lunches room healthful yet the having lunch of pizza, salad, and fruit is most likely to have a greater fat content.