Mary Kay Ash, the founder of mary Kay, bespeak her very first pink Cadillac Coupe DeVille from the frank Kent Cadillac dealership in Ft. Worth, Texas, and also asked to have actually it painted to enhance the pale pink mary Kay lip and also eye color board she brought in her purse.

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Photo courtesy of mar Kay.

Mary Kay, a multi-billion dollar direct sales cosmetics company, operates in virtually 40 countries. Its assets are only sold by straight sales, specifically through its network of independent beauty consultants, and are not sold in stores.

Last January, mary Kay hosted its yearly Mary Kay leadership Conference in mountain Diego, Calif., attracting more than 6,000 mar Kay elevation sales director from roughly the U.S. And also Canada. What do this year’s conference special is it additionally commemorated the 50th anniversary of the development of the company’s Career automobile Program and also the bear of the mary Kay pink Cadillac.

\"We’re excited,\" stated Allyson Sellers, vice president of sales force and also marketing support for mary Kay. \"This is the 50th year that the Career auto Program. Us were among the first companies to market this and also we are very proud the it has actually been a strong program ever before since.\" Sellers has functioned for mar Kay because that the past 26 years.

Mary Kay career cars are available to its live independence sales force members who meet or exceed sales and recruiting goals set by the company. These objectives are reviewed annually.

\"We have actually three level of the independent sales force: beauty beauty consultants, sales directors, and also national sales directors,\" stated Daniel Berman, director of Career vehicle services for mary Kay. \"And members of every independent sales pressure level can earn the use of a job car. Because that example, independent beauty, beauty consultants have the right to earn the usage of the Chevy Malibu. Sales directors can additionally earn a Chevy Malibu or a ChevroletEquinox, MINI, ChevroletTraverse or Cadillac XT5. For our national sales directors, they have the right to earn the use of a Cadillac Escalade, XTS, CT6 or XT5.\"

One that the highlights at the mary Kay leadership Conference was a screen featuring the 2019 Cadillac XT5 painted in mar Kay Pink Pearl. Long lines of live independence sales directors queued to have actually their picture taken beside the pink Cadillac XT5. Follow to Sellers, sales force members usage these photos together aspirational devices to help them attain their sales purposes so they too can earn a pink Cadillac.


Mary Kay live independence sales force members pose because that a photo next to a pink Cadillac XT5. These photos are offered as aspirational tools to assist them accomplish their sales purposes so they too have the right to earn a pink Cadillac.

Photo through Mike Antich.

\"When we visit mary Kay seminars, we obtain standing ovations from this ladies,\" claimed Ed Peper, vice chairman of general Motors Fleet. \"When they drive the pink Cadillacs, it outcomes in a lot of of extr incremental sales for them. It i do not care a sales device for them, in addition to a acknowledgment award.\"

Mary Kay has a an extremely long-standing relationship with general Motors utilizing its vehicles together incentives because that its optimal sales performers. This nearby association between Cadillac and Mary Kay is tied come the company’s roots.

\"Mary Kay Ash, the founder of the company, was also nicknamed Caddy cultivation up,\" said Sellers. In 1967, a few years after the agency was founded, mar Kay Ash notified her first pink Cadillac Coupe DeVille indigenous the candid Kent Cadillac dealership in Ft. Worth, Texas, and asked to have actually it painted to enhance the pale pink mar Kay lip and eye color board she lugged in she purse. Due to the fact that then, the shade has end up being iconic and also is now well-known as mar Kay Pink Pearl. In 1969, she bonus the top 5 independent sales pressure members through the usage of their own pink 1970 Cadillac Coupe DeVille and in turn, launched the mary Kay Career auto Program. In 1969 the retail price that a pink Cadillac was about $5,900.

Since then, a pink Cadillac has actually been the prize of the highest accomplishment within the company, only accessible to the highest-earning sales consultants. \"We favor to contact it our rolling trophy,\" said Sellers.

Currently, the company’s Career car Program is comprised of roughly 4,100 vehicles spread throughout the U.S. \"The most iconic brand in the Career auto Program, and also the one most linked with the mary Kay surname is Cadillac,\" said Sellers.

Driving the Iconic mary Kay Pink Cadillac

Cindy Sheppa is an elevation sales director through Mary Kay. “In October 2003, i earned my very first career car. Due to the fact that then, I’ve moved three pink Cadillacs and also eight career cars altogether. Ns am currently driving a pink Cadillac XT5,” claimed Sheppa.

One benefit from driving a pink Cadillac, according to Sheppa, is the additional business she gets. “I’ve gained a many of organization from mine pink Cadillac. It’s an symbol for mary Kay. It claims success as soon as you drive a pink Cadillac.


Mary Kay elevation Sales manager Cindy Sheppa poses v her husband next to a pink Cadillac XT5 on screen at the mar Kay leadership Conference.

Photo by Mike Antich.

When world see me, they know that castle can get product from me. I live in a tiny town, so they recognize I’m the mary Kay lady since I’m driving mine pink Cadillac.” among the unusual areas that people have stopped Sheppa come buy cosmetics space the grocery store store and the gas station.

“When us earned the XT5, the Wagner Cadillac dealership in Tyler, Texas, threw united state a party. All my consultants came. I acquired to pick up my career auto with another Sales Director, so it was a double pickup. It was the an initial ever dual Cadillac pickup in eastern Texas. The dealer had the news out there – radio stations, television stations, and also the newspaper. Lock had little Bundt cakes for us and also balloons,” claimed Sheppa.

Today, the pink Cadillac is an symbol in America known by everyone. “Whenever I satisfy somebody new, and also they ask, ‘what execute you do?’ i reply the ‘I’m a sales director through Mary Kay.’ castle say, ‘Oh, are you driving a pink car?’ and also I say, ‘Yes, ns am.’ when they hear the their encounters are priceless. ‘They really provide away pink cars?’ ‘No,’ you have to earn it,’” stated Sheppa.

When describing the relationship between Mary Kay and General Motors, the term cooperation is commonly used.

\"It’s a true partnership between our two companies. Us both succeed together, and also we have worked together to do things work-related optimally because that the past 50 years. It’s a real partnership, work in and also day out. We have a focused team top top our end that works with a concentrated team on their end. It’s simply a good partnership,\" stated Peper. \"Mary Kay pink is part of it, however we also sell a most other vehicles to them also for the various levels of attainment lock have. They’re always trying to work with us and also make our partnership – business and an individual relationships – be also better,\" added Peper.

Since the inception of the Career vehicle Program in the united States, much more than 164,000 live independence sales force members have qualified or re-qualified because that the use of a mary Kay job Car.

\"If these wheels can talk, they would tell you about the countless adventures of mary Kay’s peak independent sales force members—from happen babies home from the hospital to delivering countless Mary Kay commodities to brand lovers nationwide. The mary Kay Career automobile Program is one integral component of not only our company’s story, but additionally the story of thousands of effective Mary Kay entrepreneurs,\" said Nathan Moore, chairman of mary Kay Inc.’s north America region.

\"In the 50 years, vehicles from each of 4 of our brand – Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and also Cadillac – have actually been included in the mary Kay Career car Program,\" said Jason Ralph, the fleet ac­count executive at Gener­al electric motors Fleet, who man­ages the mary Kay account.

\"When the pink Cadillac is put ago into market and also resold together a pre-owned vehicle, it is repainted earlier to the initial color. You can’t walk to a Cadillac dealer and buy a used vehicle that’s painted mary Kay pink. It’s exclusive to mar Kay,\" stated Peper.

During the past 50 years, mar Kay has actually offered practically 24,000 Cadillacs. \"We’ve had 24,000 qualifiers and re-qualifiers,\" claimed Berman.


Daniel Berman is manager of Career vehicle Services for mar Kay. Currently, the mar Kay Career automobile Program is comprised of around 4,100 vehicles distributed throughout the U.S.

Photo by Mike Antich.

Originally, mary Kay offered just the very topline Cadillac model, the Coupe DeVille. \"Over the years, we’ve adapted. Now, our national Sales Directors, who room the pinnacle the success for mar Kay, have the right to drive the pink Escalade,\" claimed Sellers.

\"After 5 decades, mary Kay is among our strongest and also longest-lasting client relationships. Over the years we’ve been honored to encompass other Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles in the mary Kay Career auto Program,\" claimed Peper.

In addition, mar Kay has likewise expanded the regimen to other auto models, v the newest model being the Cadillac XT5 and Chevrolet Traverse.

\"We revolve heads as soon as a pink Cadillac goes under the road. Everyone knows that’s mar Kay, and they know that is a symbol of success because that the person driving it. It important is a trophy top top wheels because that them,\" said Sellers.

The height Mary Kay achievers earn the usage of a career vehicle on a two-year lease. As long as the independent sales pressure members preserve their sales at the qualifying thresholds, the vehicles’ lease payments and also a mass of your insurance expense is extended by mar Kay. \"The lease is between the leasing company and the elevation sales force member participating in the Career vehicle Program,\" stated Berman.

If an Independent beauty beauty consultant or sales manager meets sales and also recruiting goals, year after ~ year, they have the right to keep the vehicles for two years with limitless mileage ~ above the vehicles. \"One choice they can acquire is all-wheel drive on details models,\" claimed Berman.

At the end of the 2 years, when the vehicles space taken out of service, a driver has actually the option to either purchase it or return it. For those vehicles not purchased by the drivers, the leasing firm sells them at an auto auction.

Employees of mary Kay are not eligible because that a career car, no even an elderly management. The Career vehicle Program is designed only for mary Kay’s live independence sales force members. \"The elevation sales pressure loves the Career vehicle Program. That is good to hear their youngsters talk about how they were taken residence in a pink Cadillac from the hospital. It to be a really big deal to prosper up gift a son whose mom drove a pink Cadillac. Those room wonderful stories to hear,\" stated Sellers.

Four Generations ofMary Kay beauty, beauty Consultants

Mary Kathryn King is an independent sales manager for mary Kay, a place she has actually held because that the previous 18 years. “I have actually benefitted in numerous ways from mar Kay career cars. To me, pink is the shade of success. Everyone knows that it to represent excellence in the company. Once my customers and other world see me in a pink Cadillac, they recognize that I have actually a very successful business due to the fact that I’m driving the trophy on wheels,” stated King. “It’s an honor to journey the pink Cadillac because it represents an amazing agency and the tradition of our founder, mary Kay Ash.”

Early in her career, King said she took a photo of herself in front of a pink Cadillac and posted the in her office together an aspiration come achieve. “I couldn’t wait to check out a pink Cadillac role in mine driveway. Once it happened, my children were so excited and also they prospered up v pink Cadillacs. At one point, we had actually three automobile seats in the backseat of our pink Cadillac.”

King states her pink Cadillac generates additional business because that her. “People will yell come me throughout a parking lot as soon as they see my pink Cadillac: ‘Do girlfriend have any kind of mascara in her car?’”

King has actually earned mary Kay job cars because that 25 years, beginning as an independent beauty beauty consultant and then sales director. Her career at mar Kay spans 27 years.

It is not uncommon to have multiple generations of family members members functioning for mar Kay. King, herself, is a third generation mary Kay independent beauty consultant. “My grandma started first in the early 1980s, then my mom, who is likewise a sales director, then me, and also now my 18-year-old daughter, who began in December 2018, together a brand-new beauty, beauty consultant together well. My sister is also a sales director,” stated King.

When King took shipment of her pink Cadillac at Schepel Cadillac in Merrillville, Ind., the dealership arranged a party come celebrate she achievement. “They invited my entirety team over, in addition to their families. They have actually a pink automobile cover end the pink Cadillac and when it’s time to take it delivery, they whip turn off the cover. It’s a lot of fun. Afterwards, anyone takes a picture of themselves alongside the pink Cadillac and also has cake come celebrate.”

The mary Kay Career auto Program extends beyond the U.S. The mar Kay Career auto Program essentially works very similar in other nations as that does in the U.S. A team member earns the automobile when they struggle a details goal. In enhancement to the U.S., GM currently supports mary Kay’s Career automobile Program in Canada and also Brazil.

In Canada, independent sales force members deserve to earn the usage of the Chevrolet Equinox or Cruze Hatchback, or the Cadillac XT5. In Brazil, team members have the right to earn the usage of the Chevrolet Cobalt, Equinox, or Prisma.

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\"Mary Kay is an incredibly special customer to us. They’ve to be side-by-side through us because that 50 years. They’ve never ever left our side, no issue what happened. We feel the same means about them. It speak volumes about who lock are and also who we are,\" said Peper.