Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cabling

UTP is the most usual cabling kind used in computer networking. It consists of eight conductors in ~ an outer casing. Pairs of the eight conductors are twisted around each other for crosstalk cancellation, hence the name.

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Solid vs Stranded

Solid core cabling offers a single solid wire per conductor. Stranded cabling provides multiple wires because that each conductor. Solid main point cabling is much less flexible 보다 stranded and also is generally used for long-term installations and is vulnerable to failure if the is bending repeatedly. Ethernet patch cables room most frequently constructed from stranded conductors come be much more tolerant of recurring flexing.

Common varieties of UTP Cables

CAT316 Mhz10BASE-T EthernetUnsuitable for current data networks
CAT5100 Mhz100BASE-T EthernetCommon in enlarge networks
CAT5e100 Mhz100BASE-T Ethernet1000BASE-T EthernetConstructed the exact same as CAT5 but with intensified testing standards.
CAT6250 Mhz10GBASE-T EthernetMore stringent requirements for crosstalk and noise 보다 CAT5e

Maximum Length

The maximum length for 10/100/1000BASE-T, the maximum length is 100 meters. The maximum size for 10GBASE-T is 55 meters.


RJ45 connectors are supplied to terminate UTP cables, but distinct types are required for stranded vs heavy cabling. Because that stranded cables, a straight level blade pierces the cable come make call with the wires that comprise the conductor. In the situation of heavy conductors, the blades are angled far from each other to trap the heavy conductor between them.

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RJ-45 Connectors


Stranded Connector Contact


Solid Conductor Contact


UTP cables can be associated according to 2 pin assignments; T568A and also T568B. The most an essential factor is the both ends usage the exact same standard. Job cables most commonly use the T568B standard.

1 White with environment-friendly strip White v Orange stripe
2 Green Orange
3 White with Orange stripe White with green strip
4 Blue Blue
5 White v Blue stripe White v Blue stripe
6 Orange Green
7 White v Brown stripe White v Brown stripe
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