Which explain correctly explains an endothermic chemistry reaction?1.The commodities have higher potential power than the reactants, and also the ΔH is negative.2.The commodities have greater potential power than the reactants, and also the ΔH is positive.3.The products have reduced potential power than the reactants, and the ΔH is negative.4.The products have lower potential energy than the reactants, and the ΔH is positive.

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2.) Endothermic reactions absorb energy. That way the products have greater potential power than the reactants because energy was absorbed. The footnote to referral Table I mirrors that a minus authorize or an adverse value because that ΔH indicates an exothermic reaction. A add to sign hence indicates one endothermic reaction.
Which problem takes the shape of and fills the volume of any type of container right into which that is placed?1.H2O ()2.I2 (s)3.CO2(g)4.Hg ()
Exothermic reactions, such as the dissolving of Salt A, release heat and also so the temperature increases. Endothermic reactions, such as the dissolving of Salt B, absorb heat and the therefore the temperature decreases.Absorption of power by the product is endothermic change; relax of power is exothermic change. Rise in the temperature of the water shows it has soaked up the power released from the substance being dissolved (solute).
Which adjust of phase is endothermic?1.CO2(g) → CO2(s)2.H2O(image) → H2O(s)3.I2(s) → I2(g)4.H2O(g) → H2O(image)
3.) one endothermic change requires power to it is in absorbed. In the reaction I2(s) → I2(g ), iodine in the gaseous state has much more energy 보다 iodine in the heavy state.
As ice melts at traditional pressure, the temperature continues to be at 0°C till it has fully melted. The potential energy1.decreases2.increases3.remains the same
Potential energy is the power related come position. Together the solid ice melts to end up being a liquid, the molecules move apart therefore the potential energy is increasing.
Which change of phase is exothermic?1.H2O(s) → H2O(g)2.CO2(s) → CO2()3.H2S(g) → H2S()4.NH3() → NH3(g)
A 50.0-gram block the copper at 10.0°C is very closely lowered into 100.0 grams the water in ~ 90.0°C in an insulated container. I beg your pardon statement defines the transport of warm in this system?1.The water loses warmth to the block until both are at 10.0°C.2.The block gains warmth from the water till both space at 90.0°C.3.The water loses heat and the block gains heat until both room at the same temperature that is between 10.0°C and 90.0°C.4.The water gains heat and also the block loses heat until both are at the exact same temperature the is in between 10.0°C and 90.0°C.
Heat constantly moves indigenous an area of greater temperature to an area of lower temperature. The warm will move from the water come the block. The water loses heat and also the block gains warm until both room at the same temperature, that is, between 10.0°C and also 90.0°C.
In the heater curve, warm is applied to a solid problem at a continuous rate.What accounts because that the truth that segment CD is longer than segment AB?1.Boiling occurs at a higher temperature than melting.2.The heat of vaporization is better than the warmth of fusion.3.The median kinetic energy increases at a greater rate during boiling than throughout melting.4.
A measure of the chaos/messiness/disorganization...of a system.Entropy is identified by the state of a problem and/or number of particles. Low----> High= solid--> fluid --> gasIf you relocate towards a gas, you obtain greater entropyliquids have medium entropyGas has actually high entropy
comparisons of change in Enthalpy and also Entropy enable for the forecast of reactions to occur or no come occurSpontaneous Reaction is any reaction the will occur without outside assistance from the next site (in type of energy), must have -ΔH (exothermic) and +S, outcomes in FAVORABLE variables.Non spontaneous reactions have the right to only take place with the help. Non spontaneous must have actually a +ΔH(endothermic) and also -S, outcomes in UNFAVORABLE variables**Think money. Its much more easy to spend (release energy=exothermic) than receive(absorb energy=endothermic) and save that moneyUnpredictable Reactions: +ΔH and also +S or -ΔH and also -S.

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a measure up of the complete energy that a system.ΔH is the adjust in enthalpy, and also can be found by learning the inputΔH is likewise called the "Heat that Reaction" and is equal to q....so ΔH=q=mCΔT
If the H of the reactants is greater than the H that the products, then the extra power is released(exothermic, -ΔH )Reaction appears as:Reactants---> Products+energyEnergy ~ above right=exothermicIf the H that the reaction is lower than the H the the products, climate the energy must be soaked up (endothermic, +ΔH)Reaction shows up as:Reactants+Energy---> ProductsEnergy on the left=endothermic
Lists numerous reactions and also the ΔH (heat that reaction) connected with it.The footnote in table I says if over there is a minus sign, its an exothermic reaction
Calorimetry is the study of the quantity f energy absorbed or released throughout a physical or chemical adjust of a device by measure up of that surroundingsRelies top top the legislation of conservation of Energy, to define that when power is shed by an object, the same amount of power can it is in taken in by the calorimeter
A step diagram is a graphical method to depict the impacts of pressure and also temperature ~ above the phases the a substance.MELTING/FREEZING:Any allude on this line the substance is both solid and also liquidSUBLIMATION/DEPOSITION: Any allude on this heat the problem is both solid and also gasVAPORIZATION/CONDENSATION: Any allude on this heat the substance is both liquid and also gasThe vapor push curve end at the an important point, the temp over which the gas can not be condensed no matter how much pressure is applied (the kinetic power simply is too an excellent for attractive pressures to overcome). Any kind of substance beyond critical point is dubbed super critical fluidTRIPLE point is the conditions of temperature and pressure wherein ALL 3 phases exist in equilibrium.
The higher the temperature the a liquid, the much more particles there room with the KE required to end up being a gas. The push exerted through the gas is referred to as Vapor Pressure. That the push "up" that the particles developing a gas. The higher temperature gives higher vapor pressure.When the vapor pressure of the substance is equal to or higher than the surrounding"s pressure, boiling/vaporization occursIf the atmospheric press is lowered, climate a substance can have greater vapor pressure and also will cook at a lower temperature, since less power is necessary to overcome the force of the surroundings" pushing down on the substance
melting- s come l, endofreezing-l come s, exovaporization-l come g, exocondensation-g come l, exosublimation-s come g, endodeposition- g come s, exo
Shows the adjust in a substance end a temperature rangeHeat Formulas: q=mCΔT is just for kinetic energy changes,used because that diagonal lines bc this is when temp changes, the substance MUST change kinetic energy(change rate of movements)q=mHf is only for potential power changes linked with melt or freeze only, used for the lower horizontal heat onlyq=mHv is only for potential energy changes associated with vaporization or condensation only, provided for the top horizontal line only