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It to be the year the team signed lining Noll together its head coach and also the exact same year the Pittsburgh started to build the stole Curtain. The latter happened in the NFL Draft v the fourth in its entirety pick, Joe Greene, who kickstarted Noll's operation of excelling draft-day decisions.

And when 1969 wasn't the Steelers' deepest draft class, it certainly goes under as among the franchise's most important -- thus its ranking as the fourth-best in team history in ubraintv-jp.com's ongoing look at Pittsburgh's top five Draft classes.

The class of 1969 is really noteworthy for three exceptional names: Greene, L.C. Greenwood (238th overall) and also Jon Kolb (56th overall).

Reviewing Greene's meaning feels prefer running ~ above a treadmill. His 10 agree Bowls and duty in each of the team's very first four Super bowl titles can't it is in overstated. He was Rookie the the Year in 1969 and it got much better after that.

Nine rounds later on the Steelers included another piece of the steel Curtain in Greenwood, who narrowly missed the end on the hall of fame himself. He to be a finalist in 2005 and 2006.

Though the Arkansas-Pine Bluff standout go on come be somewhat overshadowed by Greene, Greenwood is also officially an all-time Steeler and also has come go under as among the finest value picks in franchise history. He died in 2013 because of kidney failure.

Like Greene and also Greenwood, Kolb won four Super Bowls and was voted onto the Steelers' all-time team. The third-round choose out that Oklahoma State played his entire career in Pittsburgh and bowed out through Greene and Greenwood ~ the 1981 season.

He was a starter at tackle for nine that his 13 seasons protecting terrycloth Bradshaw and leading the method for Franco Harris, Rocky Bleier and also the rest of the Pittsburgh backfield.

Other 1969 Steelers breeze picks - QB terrycloth Hanratty, RB Warren Bankston, WR Bob Campbell, DB lining Beatty, OT Chadwick Brown, WR Joe Cooper, LB john Sodaski, DT Clarence Washington, LB Doug Fisher, LB man Lynch, RB Bob Houmard, WR Ken Liberto, WR Dock Mosley, K invoice Eppright.

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