Cathedral Cove - Cair Paravel ruins

The Coromandel Peninsula- i beg your pardon lies eastern of Auckland and throughout the Hauraki Gulf - offered as the settings for scene in which the Pevensie kids took their very first steps back into Narnia.

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Cathedral Cove, on the eastern shore the the peninsula, is whereby the siblings find the damages of Cair Paravel, identified by a deep river chasm book-ended by cascading waterfalls the plunge 200 feet right into the glassy waters.

The Coromandel region sits top top a small stretch the pohutukawa-lined coves, white sand beaches and also lush rainforested hills, and also offers a mix of nature and also recreation experiences - lazy summer holidays, water sports, walking tracks, yellow mining and logging history, and a thriving imaginative community.

Seafood is a speciality the the Coromandel an ar where oysters, mussels, scallops and also other foods items are grown and also harvested sustainably offshore.


Cathedral Cove,

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The stunning Cathedral Cove, Coromandel Peninsula.

Woodhill forest - White Witch"s Camp

An hour north-west the Auckland, the dark tree of Woodhill forest were transformed into the dreaded camp that the White Witch the Narnia.

The forest likewise has a network of mountain bike trails and also is a popular location for riders of all levels.

Whilst in the area, a visit come Muriwai beach is precious the 30-minute diversion. The black color sand and waves indigenous the Tasman Sea room a favourite with surfers and also holidaymakers. Otakamiro Point, in ~ the southern end of the beach, is house to among"s few mainland gannet breeding colonies.

Or if sampling wine is much more of a priority, the west Auckland area has actually a variety of vineyards with tasting rooms and also restaurants.



Woodhill Forest, Auckland

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explore the forest on the numerous cycle trails

Flock Hill - The good Battle

High in the southerly Alps of the south Island is one area of tortured rocks and also dramatic valleys well-known as i m crying Hill. It was below that manager Adamson developed the scenes because that the good battle because that Narnia.

Flock Hill is 90 minutes from Christchurchon the Arthur"s pass Highway come Greymouth. Leaving Christchurch, the south Island"s biggest city, the roadway crosses the flat expanse that the Canterbury levels through the tiny towns of Darfield and Sheffield.

Accommodation is easily accessible at nearby Flock Hill Station. Other tasks include abseiling, rock climbing, tramping and canyoning. In winter, there is skiing and snowboarding at the nearby Broken River, Craigieburn, Mt Cheeseman, Porter Heights and also Temple container ski fields.



i m crying Hill, Christchurch - Canterbury

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Filming at Flock Hill

Elephant Rocks - Aslan"s Camp

The ancient Elephant Rocks that sprout from the rojo hills in the Waitaki district of the south Island were transformed into Aslan"s Camp.

Elephant Rocks are situated near Duntroon, a 40-minute journey from Oamaruon State Highway 83.

Millions that years ago this whole area to be under the sea. Whales and also other marine life sank into the soft sand i beg your pardon then slowly rose come the surface. The result is an attractive area of fossils and also dramatic limestone outcrops. Vanished people visitor centre in Duntroon residences interpretive displays on the area’s geology past.

The historic town that Oamaru - where white limestone Victorian buildings stand together a reminder that times unable to do by - is the ideal base for exploring the area. Originally constructed as warehouses and storage locations for the surrounding port, the Harbour / Tyne area is home to antique shops, gift stores, craftsmen and also restaurants.

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Close through is the Oamaru blue penguin colony. The smallest of their type in the world, the blue penguins swarm beside Oamaru Harbour and can be regarded in their natural habitat. Oamaru is also home to the award-winning Whitestone Cheese, and also the factory has an onsite café and shop allowing visitors to sample local produce and also wine.