There"s a popular southern fiddle tune referred to as The large Sandy called after the really river that divides West Virginia and also Kentucky.And that"s the geographical setup for the famous and bloody feud in between the Hatfields and the McCoys.Last night at the Emmy"s, the history Channel won numerous honors for its miniseries "Hatfields and also McCoys."So carry out you know where the filming took ar for this 19th century American drama?"The horses, guns and also actors in this story of honor and revenge travelled a long means from the Appalachian Mountains.The film was shot in the shadow of the southern Carpathians in a region known because that its medieval castles, monasteries, and also — dare we speak it — vampires.Can you surname the country?Kevin Costner has won lead Actor because that his job-related on "Hatfields & McCoys."The TV mini-series for the background Channel is based on one that the most renowned blood feuds in American history.Costner embraced the compensation saying: "This didn"t really number to happen, in fact we had actually to go all the method to Romania to film this very American story. I"d choose to say thanks to that film ar for helping us, in Bucharest."Romania is the answer come our Quiz.Bogdan Moncea is marketing director for Castel Films, a movie production company based exterior Bucharest the helped develop the series for the history Channel. He tells The people the experience of shooting Hatfields and also McCoys in Transylvania illustrates how Romania is fast becoming a new Hollywood.

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The Hatfield family members in 1897 (Photo:


Hatfield clan rides out for revenge (Photo: Hatfields and McCoys,

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