Now the Pokémon Sun and also Moon has been the end for numerous days, players are lastly figuring out wherein all the various advancement stones are covert throughout the Alola Region. Whether you need the Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Fire Stone, ice Stone, leaf Stone, Moon Stone, shining Stone, sun Stone, Thunder stone or Water Stone,"s acquired you covered.

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Pokémon Sun and also Moon: Evolution rock location guide

YouTuber The4thGenGamer posted several detailed videos showing the areas of every single evolution stone in Pokémon Sun and Moon. In ~ the description for each stone below, you"ll find a connect to one of 4thGenGamer"s videos, showing you specifically where the stone is if you must see it in action.

Dawn Stone: This is not obtainable until after completing the game, follow to The4thGenGamer. First, you have to travel come the Hau"oli City beachfront and talk to Guzma. When you defeat him in battle, he"ll provide you a Dawn Stone. According to the video, if you"ve beaten the game and also Guzma still isn"t ~ above the beach at Hau"oli City, you"ll need to travel come his residence on path 2 and talk come him first.

Dusk Stone: You can purchase one in ~ the Malie Community facility or uncover one in Poni Wilds top top Poni Island, simply north that Seafolk Village. Follow me the western edge of the map, hop right into the water and swim follow me the rock barrier. You"ll find a Dusk rock beneath the surface.

Fire Stone: This one is situated in Diglett Tunnel under the left branch of paths as soon as you enter. You"ll need to be riding Tauros and have the smash v the first small rock barrier you conference in stimulate to access the stone.

Ice Stone: Head come the rain-soaked highways of Po Town and enter the Shady House. Head to the far left of the map so girlfriend pop ago outside right into the enclosed yard area. You"ll uncover an Ice stone underneath the gazebo-like structure.

Leaf Stone: You can buy one in Olivia"s Shop on KoniKoni Island. 4thGenGamer has yet to short article a video detailing a place where friend can find a leaf Stone, but we"ll upgrade this post as soon as we deserve to verify where one is.

Moon Stone: On course 13, head southwest in the direction of the tiny oasis-like area. Top top the east edge of that body of water, you"ll uncover a Moon Stone.

Shiny Stone: In the later on stages the the video game on Poni Island, head to the old Poni Path. Along the western edge that the map, you"ll find a little outcropping. Head previous the tree and you"ll uncover a Shiny stone against the wall.


Shiny rock location in "Pokémon Sun and Moon"The4thGenGamer/YouTube/Nintendo

Sun Stone: At the end of route 12 in ~ Blush hill on Ula"ula Island, head come the southwest section of the map, whereby you"ll discover a red pickup truck and also a spot of grass. Within the patch of grass, you have to see a small opening through a sun Stone.

Thunder Stone: Head come the northernmost ar of Akala Island and also walk about the ago of the trailer, v the pile of orange building cones. ~ above the much left next of the map, you"ll discover a Thunder Stone.

Water Stone: You can discover a Water stone on course 8 in the body of water near the westernmost sheet of the map. As soon as you hop in the water, swim west and also you should discover a PokéBall under the surface ar hiding a Water Stone. Girlfriend can additionally buy one from Olivia"s Shop in KoniKoni City.

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Pokémon Sun and also Moon: everything you must know

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