I\"m level 16, neutral in the civil war and I only have actually one house, Breezehome, and I have actually not perfect the key quest if any type of of these facts room needed. I simply want come speak with Maramal and buy one amulet of mara so i can get a married life started. I know I need to visit the holy place of Mara and also that he should be there, but he isn\"t. Whereby is he?



Maramal have the right to be found in Riften. That is either in the temple of Mara or the Bee and also Barb. Sometimes I view him roaming the sector as well.

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Here\"s a quote native the UESP wiki about Maramal:

Maramal is usually uncovered either in the temple or walking approximately the city. He is also found, occasionally, in The Bee and Barb.


Upon your an initial visit come Riften, Maramal have the right to be situated at the Bee and Barb. Over there is a scripted scene of that preaching that is activated upon your entrance right into the inn. Until then, he will certainly not leave and also cannot be uncovered anywhere else.

And yes, Ysolda deserve to be married.

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