Prime rib, also well-known as a standing rib roast, is cut from the rib primal. It’s usually roasted bone-in as an superior centerpiece for a dinner party, and also it’s a fantastic reduced for grilling or smoking if you’re aim is to impress. Discover all around it right here.

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Tip for the day: when someone states they’re serving up prime rib, drop whatever you’re doing and also beat a path over there…fast!

This is the jewel in the crown of the meat world, the cream of the crop, the champion of chowhounds everywhere.

OK, you gain it, Prime rib is excellent stuff. But exactly what is prime rib? Where does prime rib come from? And what’s the best means to choose when buying, and also then to prepare for food preparation this royal cut?

In this short article, we’ll offer you a finish overwatch of prime rib, it’s origins, it’s name, the best method to prepare and prepare it, and also yes, in situation you’re wondering, it’s to-die-for on your grill or smoker.

Read on!

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6 What’s the Best Way to Prepare and also Cook Prime Rib?7 Prime Rib on the Grill? What about the Smoker?

What is Prime Rib?


So you’ve acquired your prime rib food preparation happily low and also slow-moving, and that’s going to offer you a beautiful pink melt-in-the-mouth interior, but no crunchy dark exterior. Keep analysis, it gets good!

Rerelocate the rib, tent loosely with foil and also let remainder 30 minutes to an hour. At the same time, crank the grill to high heat, 500°F+.

Before serving, put the meat ago on the exceptionally hot grill to sear the crust, simply 5 or 6 minutes, turning the meat to hit all sides. This technique is dubbed “reverse sear” and is the widely-welcomed finest means to prepare a prime rib on the grill.

Think caramelized, dark, crunchy exterior, and also perfectly pink and tender inside throughout, from edge to edge. Mm…hmmm.

Perhaps a Lick of Smoke?

Now that I’ve tried prime rib on the grill, I won’t be taking it earlier to the oven. It’s that good. But! On the smoker, it’s also better, if you can imagine that!

Take a lengthy slow-moving prepare with the king of roasts and also include flavorful wood-smoke and also you’ve obtained a seriously awesome item of meat: Tender, delicious, smocrucial and juicy.

Smoking takes a small much longer than grilling. Count on 20-30 minutes per pound. You’re aiming for the smoker to be around 250°F, and also the meat temperature itself between 130-150°F. Knowing your very own smoker right here, exactly how it cooks and also handles heat, is incredibly necessary.

Trim More Fat if Smoking

A important distinction between smoking and grilling (or oven-cooking) prime rib is just how you should trim the fat.

With grilling/oven-cooking, you desire to leave a great 3/4″ of the fat cap on the rib. With smoking cigarettes, the thick fat cap acts as a barrier, staying clear of the smoke from getting to and also flavoring the meat itself.

So, once smoking prime rib, grab your massive knife and also cut off a hefty chunk of this outer layer of fat. You can ask the butcher to carry out this for you, yet I favor to regulate how much fat I rerelocate and exactly how a lot I leave on.

Which Wood?

For wood, I favor a mild smoke, fruit woods work great. Stronger woods choose oak and also hickory will certainly overpower the flavor of the roast.

Smoking will result in a truly fantastic flavorful prime rib, rich, juicy and smoky. But it won’t give you a crisp seared crust. What’s even more, many type of smokers don’t take kindly to being compelled to high heat in a matter of minutes for the last sear. What to do?

Your options are to move it – after relaxing – to a very warm grill or range for 10 minutes to work-related up that Maillard crust. Or go with the softer however melt-in-the-mouth prime rib best off the smoker. There are no negative choices right here.

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I would certainly ALWAYS deliver to a warm grill and sear it though, you’re lacking out if you don’t.