Fox23 recently reported around Healthcare Simulation‘s most well known celebrity, Dr. Jen Arnold, that is moving ago to Florida to aid direct the john Hopkins all Chidren’s Hospital sim Center! Dr. Arnold’s powerful story has helped come share medical care simulation with the world, probably more than any other media persona!

Dr. Jen Arnold and also Bill Klein that ‘The tiny Couple’ showed up on ‘Good Morning America’ in 2014. After nine years in Houston, the pair is moving earlier to the St. Petersburg, Florida area, whereby Arnold flourished up. Fred Lee/Getty pictures Dr. Jen Arnold of “ The Little pair ” reputation is moving back home to Florida with her husband, bill Klein, and also two children. The reality TV star embraced a position at Johns Hopkins all Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg as medical director that the hospital’s broadening Simulation Center.

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Coincidentally, Dr. Arnold to be cared for as an child at the really same hospital and also married Klein at St. Petersburg’s St. Mary Our Lady of grace Church, which is located really close come her brand-new hospital. The family, together with their 2 children, Will, 6, and Zoey, 5, have currently made the move from Houston to Florida.

Arnold mutual a family photo ~ above Instagram, reflecting her with her youngsters over the weekend, writing, “I don’t want summer to end! This has actually been a summer of exorbitant Florida memories!” Arnold previously worked for ripe years as the medical director of simulation in ~ Texas children’s Hospital in Houston, yet was excited around the brand-new opportunity. “I’m thrilled to return residence to Florida,” she stated in a statement that the hospital released. “The chance at Johns Hopkins every Children’s is a perfect to the right personally for me, my husband and also two kids and professionally with the farming education and also research resources at the hospital.”

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Lance Baily, BA, EMT-B, is the Founder & CEO that, i beg your pardon he started while serving as the manager of the Nevada device of greater Education’s Clinical Simulation facility of las Vegas back in 2010. Lance is also the Founder and also acting torture to the plank of, the world’s just non-profit organization devoted to supporting specialists operating medical care simulation technologies. His brand-new co-edited Book: “Comprehensive health care Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice” is available now. Lance’s background also includes serving as a Simulation technology Specialist for the LA neighborhood College District, EMS fire fighting, Hollywood movie production, rescue diving, and an international travel.

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He resides with his wife Dr. Abigail Baily in ras Vegas, Nevada with their newborn daughter and also two crazy dachshunds.