Promoters desire Evander Holyfield, 58, to take De La Hoya's location in the Sept. 11 fight in ~ Staples Center

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LOS ANGELES — Legendary east Los Angeles boxer Oscar De La Hoya announced Friday the he has actually been hospitalized with COVID-19, despite being completely vaccinated, forcing him to withdraw from a plan comeback fight following week in ~ Staples Center. De La Hoya announced the news top top Twitter, posting a video in i beg your pardon the sullen boxer stated from his hospital bed, “What are the chances of me acquiring COVID? I’ve to be taking treatment of myself. This really, yes, really kicked my ass.” want you to hear straight from me that despite being completely vaccinated, I have contracted Covid and also am no going to have the ability to fight next weekend. Preparing because that this comeback has actually been whatever to me end the last months, & I desire to thank everyone for their tremendous support. — Oscar De La Hoya (
In the society media short article accompanying the video, that wrote, “Wanted you come hear straight from me that regardless of being totally vaccinated, I have actually contracted COVID and also am no going to be able to fight next weekend. Preparing because that this comeback has been everything to me end the critical months & I want to say thanks to everyone because that their remarkable support. Ns am currently in the hospital obtaining treatment and am confident I will be ago in the ring before the year is up. God bless everyone and also stay safe.”
The 48-year-old fighter had been training for a comeback bout against former UFC champion Vitor Belfort, booked for Sept. 11 in ~ Staples Center. Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh said ESPN that Evander Holyfield has actually agreed to state to step in and fight Belfort. Holyfield is 58 and also hasn’t fought because a 2011 TKO victory over Brian Nielsen. Kavanaugh said the contracts speak to for pro-fight rules disputed over eight two-minute rounds, but Triller to plan to organize Holyfield-Belfort at difficult Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida, ESPN reported.
The California State strong Commission refused to sanction Holyfield-Belfort, ESPN reported. It to be unclear whereby De La Hoya is hospitalized. Follow to the Los Angeles Times, the fighter met v a group of reporters earlier this week in downtown Los Angeles, at the headquarters of his gold Boy boxing company.

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