BUYER: man GoodmanLOCATION: Via de la Paz, Pacific Palisades, CAPRICE: $4,699,000 (list)SIZE: 5,250 square feet (approx.), 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathroomsDESCRIPTION: east Hamptons style, artfully design 3-story new constructions, 5,000+ sf, 5 bd/5.5 ba, great room w/ soaring 16 foot ceiling, chef’s kitchen w/ Viking appls. LR w/ coffered ceiling. FDR, master suite w/ tradition brkfst bar, bath w/ heavy steam shower. 4 bedrm suites upstairs, fifth suite under w/ pvt entrance. 3rd story media room. Restoration glass skylight illuminates 2nd floor snapshot gallery. Backyrd w/ Italian wd burning pizza oven.

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YOUR MAMAS NOTES: back in the so late 1980s and also well right into the 1990s, Mister john Goodman played the lovable and huge daddy ~ above the sitcom juggernaut that was Roseanne. Climate the display went come shit (sorry Roseanne hunny, however it did, and you recognize it), Roseanne the TV character winner the lottery, ended up being a spoiled bitch and also then poof! Dan Conner to be booted from that shitty little house in Lanford and also the Emmy and golden Globe winning actor was out on the street hustling for gigs.

In the succeeding years, mr Goodman parlayed his remarkable fame right into a really bizzy career with a dizzying list of television and also film credits. Favor so plenty of actors spring to do heaps of money without actually appearing in prior of the camera, he’s recently voiced characters in large budget cartoon flicks choose Cars, Monsters, Inc., bee Movie and the upcoming Bunyan and also Babe.

In September/October of 2007, the famously fat funnyman go a somewhat mystery stint in ~ Promises, the an extremely same uber luxe rehab resort in Malee-boo where rich and also famous galore flock to be treated for seeks issues. Guarantees lays cases to plenty of celebrity successes, however it is also the an extremely same sophisticated facility Britney Spears and also Lindsay Lohan unsuccessfully attempted to gain sober. Your Mama sincerely hopes that pops Goodman’s sobriety sticks far better than that did for either of these two fading stars.

Anyhoo, her Mama hears native a very reliable source that mister Goodman has recently purchased a brand-new and newly developed home in Pacific Palisades the was provided for $4,699,000. We’ve no yet been able come ascertain a purchase price for the home, yet we’re quite details that our good buddy Mister large Time will be able to ferret that number out prior to too long. Located just spitting street from the Gelson’s Supermarket, where all the fruit is therefore shiny sunglasses are compelled while shopping, listing details for the quasi East coast style residence indicates Goodman’s new digs measure approx. 5,250 square feet and includes 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. The master bedroom contains a “custom brkfst bar,” a slightly unusual yet handy feature for those mornings once you simply can’t face Svetlana the house cleaner, the hard ass swedish nanny, or your own children before you’ve had a large cup of java come fortify her nerves.

Additionally, over there is a media room tucked increase under the eaves on the 3rd floor which sound interesting, however seriously we hope there’s a kitchenette up there because who wants to be humping and also climbing up and down every those damn stairs in find of much more ginger ale, Bourbon and popcorn in the middle of that wonderful tv freak present that is The Housewives of Orange County?

We room a mite surprised the the builder that the home did no squeeze one itty bitty swim pool into the smallish earlier yard, due to the fact that if your Mama has said the once, we’ve said it a thousand times, we would certainly not dream the forking end in overabundance of $4,000,000 because that a house that did not have actually a cook cee–ment pond. We recognize some that you are not “pool people,” and an excellent for you. But, frankly, for that type of money your Mama and also the Dr. Cooter not just want a pool, yet a an excellent looking and barely dressed pool boy to live in the basement included in the purchase.

Clearly the house has actually been staged to in ~ an inch of it’s life, yet as staging goes, this isn’t the worst type of fake decor offenses. Fairly than look like a house Despot interior architecture showroom the decors screams “Restoration Hardware couture,” a description our pal Kenny Kissentell for this reason cleverly coined.

Back in the 1990s, pops Goodman lived in the Louise Avenue home in Encino that now belongs to troubled, dee–vorcing, and “He’s huge in Germany” actor/singer/boozing beast David Hasselhoff. Although part reports say Mister Goodman later owned a house on the 600 block that Amalfi drive in Pacific Palisades, however Your Mama suspects the is in reality a various John Goodman because some the the particulars the the an individual information in the records merely don’t match up with personal information for our ack-tor subject.

However, what we have actually ascertained is the at some suggest Mister Goodman actually moved to new Orleans and purchased a 4,900 square house on Coliseum Street in the Garden ar from Nine inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, whose recent genuine estate doings your Mama debated yesterday. Home records disclose that mr Goodman paid $1,800,000 for the 4 bedroom and 3.5 bathroom residence that functions a swim pool and a two car garage.

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Your Mama hasn’t a clue whether Mister Goodman is relocating back to Los Angeles or if he’s merely securing an station for when he’s in city for experienced obligations. Whatever the situation Your Mama desire Mister Goodman a happy home and a lifetime of sobriety.