The Johnston family of J home Vlogs share ordinary family life in Puerto Rico on your YouTube channel. Shedding a drone in the rain forest, paddling into a bioluminescent bay, or hiking in a cave full the bats are adventures interspersed with grocery trips, kids’ games, and cooking.

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They describe themselves as “an imperfect family members working with each other towards a happy home filled through love and also meaningful connections.” an LDS family, the Johnstons partnered with Heart to Heart international to raise money for hygiene kits for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

With over 1.8 million subscribers, J residence is a an extremely popular family members vlog. Dad Jeremy is a remote-working lawyer and mom Kendra is a stay-at-home mom and homeschooler. Castle have five children: Isaac, Elise, Caleb, Laura, and also Janae. Castle left Kansas City because that Puerto Rico in ~ the beginning of 2019.

The J residence vlogs space low-key visits v the family and the neighborhood. They encompass plenty of footage of beautiful scenery and also delicious local food, together with ordinary household interactions.

Kendra talks around meal planning, shopping, kids’ illnesses, and domestic mishaps. Your vlog articles from Puerto Rico space very similar to their posts from Kansas City: the everyday reality of household life.

Families choose to clock videos prefer these to acquire ideas, support, and also social connections. Stay at home moms frequently turn to way of living blogs and also vlogs prefer JHouse Vlogs to find out from various other moms and also to seek motivation for their very own homes and also families. Subscribers feeling they acquire to understand one one more in the comments and also community structure is a part of the task for effective YouTubers. They have actually much the very same appeal as truth shows, through a greater level that authenticity.

A couple of more stories from people who’ve made the relocate from a State come the Island:

The center for Puerto Rican Studies approximates that Puerto Rico may have lost as many residents in the months due to the fact that Hurricane Maria as were lost during the preceding decade. Already, the number of Puerto Ricans living in the states is bigger than the number life in Puerto Rico.

We don’t hear as much about people leaving the says to live in Puerto Rico. GQ report that more than 1,500 human being have moved from states to Puerto Rico since 2012. While GQ to be writing around Puerto Rico’s taxation haven status, lot of of simple people also make the move. One lot loved example is the Johnston family.

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Duane July 20th, 2019

If PR becomes a state, more Mainlanders would certainly feel more comfortable come relocate there, specifically Veterans, that would be ready to pensioner there, as their benefits would no much longer be reduced. It’s expected, too, that PR’s economy would experience a boom similar to Hawaii’s, after they got statehood.