Let"s be real: no issue how numerous times friend tell you yourself you"re no going to watch "The actual Housewives of brand-new York City," the present sucks you earlier in. It"s a vortex the drama, fashion, and also fighting you merely can"t escape — and, if you"re really being honest, friend don"t desire to. 

Naturally, a huge component of the show"s appeal lies in the longest-standing "main housewife," Ramona Singer. Between her trademark candor and intense stare, the mompreneur absolutely leaves a lasting impression. But, because the dawn the "RHONY," Ramona"s daughter, Avery, has also become a major draw. Whereby Ramona is wild and also a tiny outrageous, Avery come off together refreshingly grounded for she age. Her an ext laid-back persona serves together the perfect foil because that her renowned mom.

It"s been much more than a decade due to the fact that the show very first aired, and also Avery has actually grown up right before audiences" eyes. And, also so, it appears unbelievable that the small girl that fans were an initial introduced to in 2008 is currently a get an impressive woman. You need to see her change over time. 

In march 2008, Bravo aired the 2nd series in what would soon become the prospering "Real Housewives" family. Warm on the heels the the success the network had actually seen with "The genuine Housewives the Orange County," it relocated its attention to the east coast. And there, ~ above the Upper eastern Side, Bravo discovered the Singers.

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Although Avery clearly wasn"t a "main character" on the soapy truth show about elite wives in the huge Apple, she made regular cameos alongside her mom, Ramona. Many thanks to her often hilarious responses to she mother"s histrionics, the then-preteen became a rapid fan favorite. 

In 2017, Ramona defined the start of she daughter"s journey on the Bravo series. "You know, it"s really interesting come see exactly how Avery has developed from the show. As soon as she first started filming 10 year ago, she to be 12 years old," Ramona called The day-to-day Dish, calling she then gangly, eye-rolling preteen a "little thin mini." 

The idea of having a camera crew track her every relocate isn"t appealing because that most human being because, c"mon, who desires all your embarrassing moments captured on air? once your family is ~ above a present as sensationalized together "Real Housewives," there"s without doubt no way to evade the drama. And also when your mom is as outspoken as Ramona Singer, that"s doubly true.

Despite the attention (both good and bad) the present gets, Avery always seems to take it the circus in stride. "Personally, i don"t think it"s major," she called Alloy in 2010. "We think of it as ... A documentary or as with one of those house videos. Mine friends room my friends. We never talk about it uneven I lug it up, i m sorry is rare." together for how the display depicts her household — and often portrays her mother in a polarizing irradiate — Avery shrugs that off, too. "We"re like completely different people. And additionally they edit you a details way! They modify my mom to be this certain type of mom but they don"t show all she colors," she said. 

Ah, prom. This milestone occasion in a young person"s life is surrounding by so much anticipation that even a tiny bang in the road deserve to seem favor a mountain. When the bang isn"t for this reason tiny, well, it have the right to feel favor a complete catastrophe.

In 2012, Avery to be all set to attend her first high college prom when disaster struck. "I actually had a little bit of a situation before prom ~ above Friday," she confessed to united state Weekly. "On Wednesday evening, my original prom date, who is my finest guy friend at school, referred to as me to tell me that he just uncovered out he had a tennis states game at 5. This intended he would miss pre-prom because that the photos and also most that prom. I was freaking out!"

Calls come Avery"s various other close guy friends verified fruitless, together they all had similar athletic commitments. However in a fortuitous (last-minute) turn of events, she uncovered her man friend Evan didn"t have actually a date either. "He walk not have actually a fit or a tux, yet it all worked out in the end. Talk around spontaneous!"

When Avery had the chance to interview her mom for GenConnect in 2012, she didn"t pull any type of punches. As soon as Ramona carried up her wine brand, her daughter was quick to ask even if it is she"d made a decision about which wine to launch next. Ramona"s playful response? "You periodically put much more pressure on me 보다 I put on myself."

But, if girlfriend think about it, it renders perfect feeling that Avery is sometimes the voice in she mom"s head — her mother is the one who provided her together a an excellent one! "I never talk under to Avery ever. I never ever talk come her together an authority. I always gave she choices. I always spoke to her together an pundit woman and I constantly included her in whatever I was doing in business and also I exposed she to it. So she has a really good head on she shoulders," Ramona said The day-to-day Dish in 2017.

Divorce is not a fickle thing. The doesn"t care if you"re famous or no — it"s tho going to be a challenging experience. And when you"re in the general public eye, you have actually to attend to the added indignity of seeing the details of the splayed everywhere the headlines.

By every accounts, though, Avery appeared to handle her parents" break-up with around as lot grace together a human being could. In 2014, her dad, Mario, got caught up in a messy cheating scandal v a lot younger lover through the name of Kasey Dexter. After gift outed, the promised Ramona he would stop seeing Dexter. When he didn"t, Avery acted as the voice of reason.

"My daughter even said come him, "If girlfriend don"t want to be through Mommy, then execute the ideal thing and also split up." She"s angry at him. It"s upsetting," Ramona told world in 2014. And also while Avery didn"t say lot on the record about the ordeal, her continuous support that Ramona is apparent on Instagram in mother-daughter photos.

There room no hard and fast rules when it comes to college. As Avery discovered, just because you start at one doesn"t typical you can"t end up somewhere else. As soon as rumors began to swirl that the "RHONY" daughter was no longer at Emory University, Ramona took to her blog come clarify Avery"s collegiate plans.

"Avery had actually made a decision to transport to the university of Virginia native Emory," Ramona created in 2014, elaborating, "While she did prefer Emory and cherishes the experience she had there and the girlfriend she made, she assumed a bigger University through a really accredited company school would far better suit she interests and long ax goals. UVA additionally offered the choice for a dual-major and Emory walk not."

Clearly, the decision wasn"t one Avery take it lightly, and Ramona respect that, saying, "I can"t even begin to tell you exactly how proud of the young woman she is blossoming into." being the hand-operated mom the she is, Ramona enjoyed the extra bonding time: back-to-school shopping, acquisition the train to Virginia together, and setup up Avery"s apartment. 

Stare in ~ any photo of Ramona and Avery Singer long enough, and also you"ll start to think you"re seeing double. And also it"s no just due to the fact that Avery inherited her mom"s natural beauty, which she absolutely did — mama Ramona passed her fashion sense on to she daughter, too. In fact, Avery"s sartorial style has developed so lot over the years and is so comparable to her mother"s that they essentially share a closet once Avery is home.

In 2011, once the pair to visit the Zang Toi runway show at new York Fashion Week, Avery explained, "We re-superstructure clothes. Usually, if she wants more, like, i know good clothes, she"ll come to my closet and also take mine clothes since we"re approximately the very same size." She doesn"t also mind as soon as her mommy gets lugged away, revealing with a laugh, "Sometimes I"ll come home and I"m like, "Mom, you"re wearing my sweater and my shoes and also my pants. Like, what room you doing?"" 

It would have actually been straightforward for Avery come lean into the comforts the the familiar and also stick close to home during college and beyond. Hey, there"s nothing wrong through being a homebody, right? However, Avery"s obviously a young woman who isn"t fear to spread out her wings. Ramona revealed the Avery would certainly be acquisition off because that an adventure of epic proportion after getting her diploma. "And when she graduates, she"s going come Asia because that a month through her friends," Ramona called The daily Dish. 

The trip wasn"t the an initial time Avery had gone international, either. "I took her a trip, simply the 2 of us to London and also Paris," Ramona elaborated come The everyday Dish, adding that the excursion included one very sweet mother-daughter moment. "And our critical night in Paris she said, "You know what, Mom? You"re not just my mom, you"re my finest friend." and also that just offered me goosebumps."

It"s tough to believe, however our small "Real Housewives of new York" girl is all grown up! It"s official, since Avery has graduated college and entered the workforce. And, to she credit, Avery wasn"t content to just rest on she parents" laurels — she chose a serious profession come pursue and seemed to be excelling at it.

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"She simply passed her collection 7. She"s about to take her collection 6," Ramona told The everyday Dish in may 2018 that the exams one should pass in the high-octane human being of finance. The proud mommy was spotted the very same month shopping because that work clothing for she "baby" girl. 

Not surprisingly, it was wise words native her mommy that led Avery down the course toward the finance world. "She claimed to me, "Mom, ns really want to be really successful financially in life, for this reason what career need to I go after if I want to be an extremely successful financially?"" Ramona said. The actual Housewife suggested three fields: finance, actual estate, and also computer technology. Avery chose the an initial because "she likes numbers" prefer her mom. 

As frightening together it is because that those of united state who have actually watched the franchise due to the fact that the beginning, many "Real Housewives" kids are currently adults in their very own right and also are courting just as much attention as their famed parents as a result. Some require to the newfound fist well while others shy far from it, preferring to follow their very own paths in relative obscurity. While showing up on "Watch What happens Live: after ~ Show," Ramona Singer"s daughter, Avery, opened up about when the present makes continual life an ext complicated. 

Avery had a challenging time while she to be attending the university of Virginia. "I remember as soon as I transferred sororities, one of my friends, that later came to be my roommate, to be like, "I heard she"s mean,"" Avery revealed, admitting that, although it may seem glamorous come everybody watching in ~ home, over there are likewise many "negative connotations about being on reality TV." She plainly considers her mommy an symbol of the medium, however, sharing that her favorite Ramona price quotes are "Calm down, take it a Xanax" and also "If friend don"t like me, get some taste."

Most youngsters are happy just obtaining a gig ~ college, yet Ramona Singer"s daughter, Avery, isn"t most kids. Together she mutual on "Watch What happens Live: after Show" in might 2021, the brand-new York indigenous nabbed a function at Cameo, which, for the uninitiated, is a website where famous and semi-famous types charge money for personalized message (her mom is on there, in fact, as is Avery herself). The "Real Housewives" breakout shown she"d left her position in finance ~ a four-year stint to covering sales because that the burgeoning behemoth. 

Avery to be thrilled come be working remotely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, especially because it supposed spending extra top quality time v beloved dog Coco. "We get to hang the end every day, and that"s why ns think she"s quiet kicking," the ambitious 20-something enthused. Ramona to be adamant around supporting she daughter no matter what Avery made decision to do, arguing in 2018 (via The everyday Dish), "A many of civilization switch — you begin one career and also you move to another." She added, "But as lengthy as she"s happy and also as long as she"s passionate, I always say you need to love what you carry out to be successful at it. That"s all the counts."

The rich and also famous didn"t deal with quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic the same way the rest of us did. Well, many of lock anyway. Ramona Singer — despite having millions of dollars and, presumably, more than one lavish home in which come confine herself — chose instead come live through ex-husband Mario and daughter Avery. 

Speaking come Glamour in 2020, the devoted mother admitted her daughter worried that other kids her age weren"t quite as close v their own moms. If Avery was in college, she shared, "We would contact each various other every day, FaceTime each other as she"s walking to class." So, enduring lockdown with each other was a item of cake together a result, with the "Real Housewives" star revealing a usual day connected Avery working from home prior to the 2 took a stroll under the beach and also had dinner through Mario, ultimately settling top top the sofa for some "Game the Thrones." During an illustration of "Spilling the Quarantea," Avery revealed she and also her mother were in reality sharing a bed at one stage, relenten them together "hardcore roommates." Despite living it increase in a spacious three-bed, the mother-daughter duo simply had to be as close as feasible (via truth Tea). 

Did Avery Singer and also FedEx have actually beef? In July 2020, web page Six report "RHONY" star Ramona Singer"s daughter, Avery, was spotted having an argument with a team of FedEx employee while attempting to relocate out of her West village abode. Follow to the publication, one eyewitness alleged Avery gained upset after ~ they refused to load her items, which reportedly included more than 10 warehouse boxes, a cardboard box, and also several garment bags. When she to be reminded FedEx isn"t in reality a moving company, it was rumored the Avery struggle the roof. The truth star was claimed to have stormed out, leaving her stuff for staff to handle. But ... Did any type of of this even happen? 

Avery"s rep claimed the occurrence did not take place as reported, saying every the gossip was "untrue and extremely exaggerated." They noted that she"d transport items native the FedEx keep before, however they merely were "unable to accommodate the dimension box she essential to ship, for this reason she had to move locations." That"s it! 

According to reality Blurb, Avery also took to social media to set the document straight once and also for all. She shared a variety of Instagram story referencing a company called Dumbo moving + warehouse — she even got coffee because that the employees tasked v helping she out, making sure to give thanks to them once the considerable job to be completed. This just goes to present that you can"t constantly trust the headlines.

Although she remained very close to mom Ramona transparent quarantine, Avery Singer"s date life didn"t suffer. In fact, the "RHONY" star did quite well during the COVID-19-necessitated lockdown. While appearing on "Spilling the Quarantea," Ramona Singer"s daughter identified it was hard to uncover a balance with everything else walking on. Yet she made the work, noting (via united state Weekly), "I newly started to go on dates with three various guys right before quarantine. It"s all around a tiny roster. ... I have actually code name for all of them."

The busy young lady defined that FaceTime ensured each guy acquired quality time, and also if one wasn"t available, she merely moved on come the next. Two of the men did revolve out to it is in friends, however, i m sorry presumably complicated matters slightly, yet Avery take it it all in stride. She also argued, "I think it"s a great time to do those emotional connections," noting, "The male that ns talked come in the previous that I"m still talking to, I"ve now become friends with him and also even though we have actually nothing romantic in ~ all, since of the timing, you have that foundation."