The Mississippi Braves franchise dates ago to 1966, return it"s only because 2005 that the team has had actually its existing name. The club has actually been located in five various cities, but the one continuous throughout its history is its major League Baseball parent club. Because 1966, the team has made news headlines because that its continual affiliation v the Atlanta Braves. The minor organization team has constantly carried the Braves name. The team exist in Austin in 1966 and also 1967, prior to moving come Shreveport because that the 1968 v 1970 seasons. The team had actually a longer stay in Savannah in between 1971 and also 1983, and also then spent 1984 v 2004 in Greenville.


The Braves pat the home games on their schedule at Trustmark Park, which opened in 2005. With an main capacity that 8,480, it"s the fourth-largest park in the 10-team southerly League. The ballpark has actually a historic appearance made up of brick and also iron, and its features include a 360-degree concourse, a full-service restaurant tucked behind the fence in right field and more than 100 TVs approximately the park that show the video game in progress.

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Multiple Southern league Championships

The Greenville Braves won a pair of Southern organization championships in 1992 and also 1997, to win each collection in 5 games end Chattanooga and Huntsville, respectively. Pan in Mississippi had to wait 4 seasons for the Braves come share a Southern organization title v the community. In 2008, the society was crowned league champs after ~ a five-game success over Carolina.

Mississippi Braves Roster

Over the years, numerous former players on the Braves roster at some point went on come star for the Atlanta Braves. This names include Yunel Escobar, Jeff Francoeur, Evan Gattis, Jason Heyward, Brian McCann, boy name Prado, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Andrelton Simmons.

Spring Training

During feather Training, members of the Braves re-publishing Champion stadium with other players from the Atlanta Braves system. The park opened up in 1997 and is situated in Lake Buena Vista in ~ Walt Disney World. Champion Stadium has actually an official capacity the 9,500.

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The Ballpark overview hasn"t saw the Mississippi Braves yet, yet hopes to in the close to future. If you"re excited to check out a fan guide to the Trustmark Park, examine out the numerous ways you have the right to support The Ballpark overview on future baseball road trips.