It"s difficult to go into into a discussion around the Duggar family without stating the very particular collection of religious beliefs and customs that conquer most of their waking hours.

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The family"s ultra-conservative views have actually been a optimal focal point for both fans and critics, with the previous praising the Duggars for your piety, and also the last condemning them because that their archaic views.

The Duggars have actually their faith to give thanks to for their continued fame, however it"s additionally been the source of some of their many damaging scandals.


Almost two-thirds the Americans determine as Christians, but very few of them would feel at home in one of the Duggars" church services.

Even fellow believers in the Duggars" minuscule sect would likely balk in ~ the possibility of raising their kids as strictly together Jim Bob and also Michelle have.

Their probable factors for granting their own children a much longer leash would certainly be fully supported through the Duggars" current collection of circumstances.


It was standing to reason that if you use your faith to justify controlling every aspect of her children"s lives, they"re far an ext likely come rebel in ~ the an initial opportunity.

And that"s exactly how the Duggars wound increase in your current dilemm -- one that"s created an endless string of tabloid-friendly controversies and some deep divisions in between parents and also kids.

But prior to we effort to determine whether any kind of of the Duggar youngsters have gone so far as to leave the church, we have to answer a more an essential question.


Namely -- what religion are the Duggars?

The prize is no as an easy as you could think.

The Duggars space Independent Baptists -- a reasonably sizable sect the comprises around 2.5 percent of the united state population, follow to a research by the Pew research Center.


Independent Baptists have actually a long history of far-right conservatism, having actually been started by a tiny contingent that felt that much more mainstream Baptist sects were coming to be too liberal.

The Duggars, however, didn"t feel that the IB branch is conservative or insular enough on that is own.

And so, they joined the Quiverfull movement.


The brainchild of institute for basic Life ethics founder invoice Gothard, the Quiverfull movement shed most the its members when Gothard was compelled to action down amid a cable of sex scandals.

But Jim Bob and Michelle have remained faithful members -- and so, that seems, have actually most of their kids.

The IBLP and the Quiverfull motion teach that it"s the duty that every Christian mrs to offer birth to as many children as possible.

That"s why there"s nice much constantly a pregnant Duggar.

Just this week, we learned the Jessa Duggar is expecting her 4th child.

At just 28 year old, Jessa appears to it is in planning on raising a double-digit-sized brood.

So it"s for sure to assume the she"s tho a believer in both the IBLP and also the teachings the the disgraced bill Gothard.

Her larger sister, however, seems to have actually chosen a really different path.

Jill Duggar is no much longer on speak terms through her parents, and also she seems to have tiny interest in following their id system.

In recent months we learned the Jill drinks alcohol and also uses birth control, both of i m sorry are major no-nos in the Duggars" world.

She almost certainly methods some kind of evanglical faith, but odds are, she"s exit the Quiverfull movement and also no longer attends services at an independent Baptist church.

The other most likely candidate for defection is Jinger Duggar.

Jinger resides in Los Angeles through her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, that is currently studying at a regional divinity school.

The Vuolos space Baptists, but they"ve abandoned many of the rules that define the Quiverfull lifestyle, including the one that needs women to wear long skirts at every times.

So Jinger has actually forged her own path (with the permission of her husband), but it currently looks together though she and also Jill are currently the family"s just rebels.

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We have the right to only expect that several of their siblings will see the light together they gain much more experience the the world.

Have any of the Duggars Left the Church?

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