I posted a podictionary episode around the native hurricane on respectable 28th, 2005 and listened to news reports over the days and weeks following August 29th when Katrina hit new Orleans.

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I look back now at the Google trends data for the usage of words hurricane and see constant blips that search task every August-September hurricane season.

I guess that a enjoy of human nature that the highest peak that hurricane searches was roughly the period of Hurricane Rita, the storm the came right after Katrina.

The indigenous hurricane is a word that evolved from regional languages in the Caribbean, to be picked up by the Spanish before it do its way into English.

In various other parts the the world such a storm is referred to as a typhoon.

Neither the native typhoon, cyclone, or tornado have together a significant regular annual beat, or come almost everywhere close in frequency of use as hurricane on Google trends.

I suppose this reflects the leading use of Google by Americans who care an ext about storms in their component of the world.

The native hurricane appeared in composed English in 1555 and also coincidentally the word tornado appeared only one year later. For some years these 2 words both applied to Caribbean storms, till hurricane came come dominate and tornado withdrew to a meaning of a an ext localized blowout through the early on to mid 1600s.

The indigenous cyclone was an developed word through a fellow named Henry Piddington in 1848.

Piddington take it it upon self to figure out what the hell was happening the end there in ~ sea once one the these big blowouts took place. The became very respected and an useful in India and England because what he uncovered out saved a bundle in shipping losses.

He named the storms cyclones and many etymologies offer the Greek source of this as cyclos meaning “circle.” but he actually visualized the storms like a giant snake coiled up on itself and also the ideal Greek word for that was cycloma.

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