The Outsiders home may be the most renowned location whereby the Francis Ford Coppola movie "The Outsiders," based upon a book by S.E. Hinton, was filmed in Tulsa. Yet it is by no way the just location. Take a tour utilizing our maps and go on ar with The Outsiders.

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A. The Crutchfield Park neighborhood

B. Downtown

C. Admiral pair area

1. Former location of dairy products Queen, now J & J Appliances, 1520 E. Pine St.

2. One Cinema in the director"s cut opening scene, 10 S. Lewis Ave.

3. Will Rogers High School, which Ponyboy attended, 3909 E. 5th Place.

4. Two-Bit and also Ponyboy hitchhike down main Street in Owasso.

5. Ponyboy"s conversation with the Socs at a previous Tastee-Freez location, now a Kum and also Go, 10603 E. 86th St. North, Owasso.

6. Buck Merrill"s (Tom Waits) Road home where Ponyboy and also Johnny walk to discover Dally. The square building on the residential or commercial property was referred to as the rose Dew Egg Farm. That has due to the fact that been demolished, 16518 E. Admiral Blvd.

7. Windrixville church fire at Skiatook Lake, currently underwater.

Circle Cinema


Watch the opened minutes of “The Outsiders,” the 1983 movie based on Tulsa writer S.E. Hinton’s novel and also filmed here, and also you watch Ponyboy Curtis exiting the theater at 10 S. Lewis Ave. Ponyboy (C. Thomas Howell) narrates he “stepped out into the bright sunshine from the darkness that the movie house.”

Tulsa World record

Will Rogers High School


Ponyboy attended will Rogers High School, 3909 E. Fifth Place. Here, Danny young O’Connor, who is refurbishing “The Outsiders” house, enters the institution for a tour. 


Will Rogers High School


A view of Tulsa from exterior Will Rogers High School, where author S.E. Hinton to be going come school when she wrote the book. 


Outsiders class

A copy of “The Outsiders” sit on a workdesk during a recent course at will certainly Rogers High School, evidence that the book and the movie stay popular.

Ian Maule/ Tulsa people

Owasso"s main Street

Ator ar in Owasso is seen from the area whereby a scene in "The Outsiders" to be filmed. Two-Bit and also Ponyboy hitchhiked under Owasso"s main Street.

Mike Simons/TULSA civilization


The church fire in the fictitious town of Windrixville was filmed in a place that is currently underwater at Skiatook Lake, northwest the Tulsa.


Rexall drugstore

Ralph Macchio (left), Matt Dillon and C. Thomas Howell sit in prior of the previous Rexall drug store in Sperry. Photo/Joe Cervantez

Joe Cervantez

Outsiders house, park, neighborhood

1. Dally killed by police, 1327 E. Jasper St.

2. Crutchfield Park, wherein a Soc gets stabbed, 1345 E. Independence Ave.

3. Rumble v Socs, 700 block phibìc Rockford Avenue

4. Socs jump and also cut Pony"s hair v knife, alley behind Outsiders house

5. Ponyboy walks residence from movie, 1437 E. Admiral Blvd.

* "The Outsiders" house, 731 N. St. Luigi Ave.

Crutchfield Park

Crutchfield Park, 1345 E. Independence St., to be the setup for the scene where the socs walk after Ponyboy together he was walking house from the movies and also where Johnny killed Rob. Here, actors members space seen clowning approximately during the filming the "The Outsiders," in Tulsa.

Courtesy/Joe Cervantez

Crutchfield Park

Melissa Pascarella, who was one actress in the church fire step of “The Outsiders,” sit at Crutchfield Park.

MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa human being

Rumble v the Socs

The rumble v the Socs to be filmed one block west indigenous The Outsiders residence (pictured) in the 700 block of phibìc Rockford Avenue.

Joe Cervantez

The Outsiders House

Danny O’Connor, who is refurbishing the home for a museum, hold a movie quiet in front of The Outsiders House, 731 N. St. Luigi Ave. 

Mike Simons TULSA world

Crutchfield neighborhood

Filming for the "The Outsiders" movie in march 1982 took place in the Crutchfield community near The Outsiders house.

Tulsa World paper

Crutchfield neighborhood

Present-day Crutchfield neighborhood.


Outsiders downtown

Woody Guthrie Center

The spot wherein Dally and also Ponyboy were pulled over by police after ~ the fire remained in the area whereby the worldwide known Woody Guthrie center sits. If in the area, prevent in to inspect out the considerable collections of legend musician and social activist Woody Guthrie.

Tulsa World file

OSU medical Center

The exterior that the hospital, now well-known as the OSU Medical facility at 744 W. Ninth St., was provided in the filming of the movie, follow to The ar of the convenience store where his personality robs in the movie is just south the here, near 12th Street and also Guthrie Avenue.

Tom Gilbert

Train tracks

"The Outsiders" actors and also crew gather on the train tracks simply north and east of downtown.

Tulsa human being

Train tracks

Filming for the movie The Outsiders movie in in march 1982 takes place just north and also east the downtown.

man Southern/Tulsa world

Train tracks

Director Francis Ford Coppola is top top the ground talk to people above the train tracks throughout filming for "The Outsiders" movie in march 1982.

man Southern/Tulsa world

Boston way Methodist Church

Two-Bit and Ponyboy waited for a bus in front of Boston Avenue unified Methodist Church, 1301 S. Boston Ave., in the movie.


Admiral Twin, drive-in, warehouse market

Admiral pair Drive-In

The Greasers sneaked in come the Admiral twin Drive-In through a hole in the fence.

john Clanton

Admiral pair Drive-In

Tulsa author, S.E. Hinton, stands at the Admiral pair Drive-In. The Admiral Twin, 7355 E. Easton St., was the ar where Cherry and Ponyboy met because that the an initial time.

Tulsa World file

S.E. Hinton

Tulsa author S.E. Hinton is viewed at the Admiral twin Drive-In, wherein a part of the 1983 movie “The Outsiders” was filmed.

Tulsa World record

Rob Lowe and also Tom Cruise

Rob Lowe (left) and Tom Cruise talk through a cast member throughout the filming the “The Outsiders” in Tulsa. 

Joe Cervantez

Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze has actually make-up used before a scene throughout the filming the "The Outsiders."

Joe Cervantez

DX organization station in Sperry

Plans were announced to reclaim a previous DX service station in Sperry. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa world

August 2016: The Outsiders house: forget no more

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