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Sam Bradford never ever lived approximately his hype as an NFL quarterback, having actually been selected together the first-overall pick in the 2010 NFL breeze by the St. Louis Rams.

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While his performance on the field was never what fans and also coaches expected, yet you wouldn’t recognize that by acquisition a glance in ~ the massive amount he’s hauled in with his job earnings.

Early Life and College soccer Career

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Samuel Jacob Bradford is a member that Cherokee Nation and grew up in Oklahoma City. He attended Putnam City phibìc High School wherein he starred as a soccer player and golfer for the Panthers, prior to earning one athletic scholarship in ~ the college of Oklahoma.

His father, Kent Bradford, likewise played because that Oklahoma, and Sam adhered to in his footsteps.

While a member that the Oklahoma Sooners soccer team, Bradford winner the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore in 2008, having thrown a impressive 50 touchdowns to simply eight interceptions in among the greatest seasons in NCAA soccer history.

Bradford was additionally voted the associated Press’ college Football Player the the Year. The featured in simply three games as a small after suffering one AC share sprain in his cram shoulder.

Despite his ailment, Bradford was highly sought after in the 2010 NFL Draft.

NFL Career

"An upstream thrower the the football."

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Sam Bradford was the first pick off the plank in 2010, and also the Rams believed they had selected their quarterback that the future as soon as bringing him to town. Points didn’t go fairly so smoothly, however.

Bradford signed a staggering six-year rookie contract v the team, precious $78 million, including $17 million in guarantee money, however failed to develop on the field regardless of a solid very first season that saw him throw much more completions than any type of rookie in NFL background and win NFL attack Rookie that the Year.

Across five periods in St. Louis, Bradford won simply 18 games and also threw 59 touchdowns and 38 interceptions.

He didn’t play in a single game throughout his last year through the Rams after ~ suffering a take it ACL in the preseason, and also was exit after the 2014 season. Despite his lackluster play, Bradford was traded come the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Nick Foles and also a pair of beneficial draft picks. He was signed come a two-year deal by the Eagles wherein he’d earn $18 million every year.

After just one year with the Eagles, Bradford, who once again struggled, was traded to the Minnesota Vikings. In Minnesota, he delighted in his best season in the NFL, tossing 20 touchdowns and also just five interceptions. He endured a knee injury in his second season in Minnesota, causing him losing the starting job to case Keenum, and also eventually leaving the franchise.


Still, despite all the injuries and also lack of success ~ above the field, Bradford as soon as again controlled to discover a new NFL home, signing a $20 million deal with the Arizona Cardinals that included a $10 million signing bonus, per Spotrac.

In Arizona, it was the exact same old Bradford, as he managed to pat in simply three games before going down with an injury and absent the remainder that the season. The former very first round pick was exit after the 2019 season, and also has no been signed since.

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Bradford never ever made the playoffs throughout his nine years in the nationwide Football League, despite the former football quarterback was paid together if he was a Super bowl champion.

Sam Bradford net Worth

Sam Bradford demoted to Cardinals’ 3rd-string QB, will lose $312.5K bonus every game he no play