Dwight Howard is an American basketball player that plays in the national Basketball combination (NBA) for the Los Angeles Lakers. One of the top centermen in the NBA, Howard’s basketball antics is one which has earned him numerous honours in the NBA. An 8-time NBA All-Star, Howard has established himself as among the top defenders in the league. We testimonial the life and also profile of one of basketball and NBA’s top protective stars in this Dwight Howard biography facts, childhood, network worth and an individual life.

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Dwight Howard Professional/NBA Career, teams & Awards

Dwight Howard Biography Facts, Age, Family, Wife, Kids

Full Name: Dwight David Howard IINicknames: D-12, D-Howard, Steelman, SupermanDate of Birth: December 8, 1985Age: 35 years oldPlace that Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, unified StatesNationality: AmericanHeight: 6 feet, 10 inchesShoe Size: 18Weight: 265 lb (120 kg)Education: Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy (SACA)Parents: Dwight Howard Sr.; Sheryl HowardMarital Status: solitary Children: Braylon Howard (son)Sibling: TaShanda Howard (sister); Jahaziel Howard (brother)Net Worth: $140 millionOccupation: Basketball PlayerCurrent Team: Los Angeles LakersPlaying Career: 2004–dateZodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Dwight Howard Childhood Story, early Life & High School

Howard is just one of three children born on 8 December 1985, come his father, Dwight Howard Sr. And mother, Sheryl Howard. It was not daunting for young Howard to start playing basketball together his father was the athletic Director that the institution he attended, Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, which had a call for its basketball program. His mother played basketball in ~ Morris Brown College. Prior to Howard’s birth, his mother had actually seven miscarriages.

Dwight Howard #12 in activity for the Orlando Magic in a game against the Washington Wizards on November 27, 2008. (Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

He started his 2008/09 project on a fiery note. The was called as a starter in the All-star game. He led the Magic come their second successive Southeast department title. In the playoffs, he had actually a exceptional performance as he sent out the Magic come their very first NBA finals in 14 years. In the Finals, they shed to the LA Lakers. He ended his season by coming to be the youngest player in the NBA to success the NBA defensive Player of the Year Award. He was likewise named to the All-NBA an initial Team and NBA All-Defensive first Team.

In the 2009/10 season, that received another All-star honour. He also won a 3rd divisional title v the Magic. In the playoffs, they shed to the Boston Celtics in the east Conference finals. He topped the NBA in rebounds and also block because that the second successive time. The was hence awarded his 2nd successive Defensive Player the the Year Award.

Howard’s performance in the 2010/11 season was sensational. He led the Magic come the playoffs, however they shed in the very first round. He then ended the season by ending up being the first NBA player to insurance claim three successive protective Player that the Year. His last season v the Orlando Magic, the 2011/12 season to be a lockout season. Howard requested to it is in traded from the Magic. If the was not traded, he’ll become a complimentary agent. In April 2012, he sustained a season-ending injury in his earlier and had actually to experience surgery,

Los Angeles Lakers (2012–2013)

In respectable 2012, Howard was traded to the LA Lakers. He had a disappointed season through the Lakers as a result of his battles with injuries. Though he had actually a low scoring average, he topped the NBA in rebounds and thus got All-NBA 3rd Team honour.

Houston Rockets (2013–2016)

In July 2013, he relocated to the Houston Rockets. Howard along with teammate James Harden forged a formidable partnership. In his debut season with the Rockets, he averaged 12.2 rebounds and 18.3 points. That was called to the All-NBA 2nd Team. They shed to the Portland follow Blazers in the 2nd round the the playoffs. In the 2014/15 season, Howard come down v knee injury in December 2014. He returned to activity in march 2015. Despite he played just 41 games, the Rockets winner their very first divisional title in two decades and also went ~ above to shed to the golden State warrior in the western Conference finals. In December 2015, Howard got to 15,000 career points. After ~ a good season v the Rockets, that turned under a player choice contract precious $23 million and became an unrestricted complimentary agent.

Atlanta falken (2016–2017)

In July 2016, Howard signed a three-year address the Atlanta hawks worth $70 million. In his debut video game for the Hawks, he had the many rebounds for an Atlanta falken player in a debut game. He went top top to have actually a an excellent season.

Charlotte Hornets (2017–2018)

In June 2017, Howard was traded to the Charlotte Hornets. He started his season through the Hornets by ending up being the an initial Hornets player since 2007 to record 15-rebounds in four successive games. In march 2018, he ended up being the eighth player in the league to document a 30-30 suggest game. He additionally had a double-double to come to be one of the elite 6 in the NBA who has actually recorded a double-double in your first 13 periods in the NBA. In July 2018, he to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, who waived Howard.

Washington Wizards (2018–2019)

In July 2018, that signed with the Washington Wizards yet had a season blighted by injuries. In April he determined to beat a 2nd season v the Wizards ~ he exercised his player option. In July 2019, he to be traded come the Memphis Grizzlies, who waived him.

Los Angeles Lakers (2019–date)

Dwight Howard with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019. (Image credit: sporting activities Illustrated)

In august 2019, that signed with the LA Lakers.

Dwight Howard National Team Career

In in march 2006, the was named to the USA Basketball Men’s an elderly National Team regime for the 2006–2008 duration. He winner bronze with the us team at the 2006 FIBA people Championship. At the FIBA ameri Championship 2007, that led the us team to claim gold. At the 2008 Olympics, he won the gold v the US nationwide Basketball team.

Dwight Howard Net Worth, Salary and also Endorsement

Howard’s net worth is valued in ~ $140 million. In 2019 alone, he got an annual salary that $24.3 million. He has actually an endorsement resolve the optimal Sport.

Dwight Howard Personal Life

Howard reportedly has actually five kids with five different women. He has actually been involved in an intense legal battle with the mom of his first child, Royce Reed, over several issues, consisting of custody of their son, Braylon.

Howard has 20 pet snakes. That has appeared on the American truth TV series known as Tanked aired on pet Planet, a TV channel owned by Discovery.

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