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Former Green only Packers linebacker Clay Matthews III may not right now have a residence in the NFL, however the 34-year-old free agent was a force to it is in reckoned with during his heyday for The Pack.

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The former first-round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft stays unsigned after spending the 2019 season v the Los Angeles Rams, but he?s hope to get another shot in the league before calling the a career.

Fans that the linebacker will absolutely want to check out him back on the gridiron, and perhaps no one will certainly be rooting harder because that Matthews to return to football 보다 his love wife.

Clay Matthews? Wife

Clay Matthews has actually been married to mam Casey Noble due to the fact that 2015. The pair were first spotted together at a hockey game in 2013. They maintained their connection private, however pics from your wedding released in 2015, listed by Total Packers.

Noble was previously married come ex-husband Peter Sarantos in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2008, though the relationship didn’t last. Prior to marrying Noble, Matthews was in a connection with fashion design Kristi Stalter.

Noble and Matthews have two youngsters together, baby young William Clay Matthews IV, and also daughter Madeline happiness Matthews.

Prior to her life as a mother, Noble functioned in entertainment as a television personality. She an initial appeared top top TV top top the present Design Star before ending up being the organize of HGTV?s Design top top a Dime. She has likewise worked for the display Hotel Impossible i beg your pardon aired ~ above the take trip Channel.


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Noble, who is eight years Matthews? senior, attended college at George Mason University before studying interior design at the Fashion Institute for Design and also Merchandising in Los Angeles, California.

Noble isn’t the only one in the connection who’s featured on screen, however. In addition to his televised games in the national Football league, the expert football player featured in a cameo function in Pitch Perfect 2.

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During the offseason the pair reportedly live together in Calabasas, California, nearby to whereby the external linebacker thrived up.