Being the boy of two famed parents can be a gift, yet it deserve to just as easily be a burden. And also when we’re talking about kids born to 2 celebrity parents, castle don’t acquire much bigger than Cassidy Gifford.

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Fame is a family heirloom

The daughter that longtime TV referents Kathie Lee and former NFL star open minded Gifford, call came v her bear certificate. The accomplishments of she parents, however, weren’t sufficient for she – she was figured out to gain some of she own. In brief order, she did just that, breaking right into modeling.

Many children of celebrities opt because that modeling together their job path, however Cassidy’s choice was an unusual one, because of her height. At just 5 ft 3 in, Cassidy is much shorter than the median model you see on the runway, yet has actually been rental for plenty of modeling gigs end time.

Just an additional model?

When she was just 19 in 2012, Gifford to walk NYFW with currently seasoned supermodel kendal Jenner. Surprisingly, the two are godsisters, therefore Cassidy gained some exclusive guidance in the modeling world. However, this was just the beginning of Cassidy’s goals.

While modeling to be an exciting side task for Cassidy, exhilaration is her true passion. Because childhood, the starlet has actually been magnetized come storytelling via acting. She on-screen debut was a guest figure on “That’s therefore Raven,” i beg your pardon she completed at 12 years old.

The true passion

Even as a tween, Cassidy knew exhilaration was other she was intended for. Cassidy has actually acted in a selection of genres, indigenous funny flicks favor “Cats & Dogs” to more thrilling content choose “The Gallows.” her love for power is plainly a shared gene through her mom.

Cassidy could strike a same to her mother, but their showbiz techniques are incredibly different. While her mother is a TV host, the enthusiastic and also candid Kathie Lee actually did execute some acting previously on in life. She friend worked on “Days Of ours Lives,” whereby Kathie landed a duty while visiting the set.

Multi-talented mom

While she daughter fell in love v acting, Kathie chose to take a different path together a well-recognized TV display host, most recognized for her 15-year stint at The Morning show with Hoda.

A many young women space close to their fathers, and also Cassidy is certainly one that them. No wonder – his sports career has actually been quite impressive. Even when attending the university of southern Carolina, frank Gifford to be a soccer player on everyone radar who would soon start a tradition of his own.

A legend that a father

In 1956, that earned the MVP location in the NFL and also maintained a hearty career despite several blows to defeat consisting of injury. Cassidy loves sports thanks come dad, who showed her football and also skiing, as well as the worth of perseverance.

Having a childhood in a celebrity house must be filled through drama; also though Cassidy has actually tight relationships through her mother and also father, the household has had actually its ups and downs.

Family drama

Kathie Lee would often shower she kids and also Frank through attention and also compliments in the media, but Cassidy thought she overshared in ~ times. Kathy did have actually a pretty legend love story v her husband, but things take it a rotate for the facility in their personal lives through the next challenge coming their way.

Kathie Lee met she husband Frank during their simultaneous job in TV. When he to be over two years older 보다 her, they had an automatically spark that chemistry. Unfortunately, a cheating scandal would fizzle out this as soon as roaring flame of love.

Cheating scandals

Apparently, her husband cheated with a stewardess, leave the TV hold humiliated. A well known newspaper also paid a hefty fee of 75k to the stewardess for she to romance Gifford. Having the media publicize together an intimate problem was stressful for every members, consisting of Cassidy.

Kathie Lee openly and bravely commented the she thought around leaving she husband during all the scandal, however decided to absolve the of his mistakes, as result of their love.

Splitting up?

Kathy Lee well-known the ordeal together a vast crisis because that the marriage, yet still forgave him. Her children played a huge role in that, as she want to demonstrate what faith, love, and loyalty look at like. After surpassing commitment issues, Kathie and also Frank took pleasure in 29 happy (and hopefully an ext communicative) years v each other.

Cassidy is no stranger to a family members tragedy, both public and also private. Except the drama of the cheating scandals, once Cassidy was just 22, she father happen away.

Losing her father

It was only after his fatality that Kathy and also the family members announced to the general public that he had been enduring from a chronic disease caused by football injuries. All family members were heartbroken through this devastating, but especially Cassidy, who had actually a unique close bond v her dad.

To do matters also worse, the heavy blow concerned the model simply a week after she rotate 22. With her career simply beginning, Frank’s fatality was extremely tough for Cassidy to heal from. He was her finest friend – this must have actually made the moment even more challenging.

Sharing she grief

While Cassidy continues to be quiet worrying her personal life, she often shares image of she dad ~ above Instagram. After the passed, she posted she gratitude for the consistent support, and also remarked she luck at gift able to call dad “a legend.”

Any of Cassidy’s 100k IG followers can tell the Frank still stays on in his daughter’s sweet tributes and also posts, regularly sharing references to she dad also in her everyday posts.

Moving on

Without any type of showiness, Cassidy has actually remained steadfast in honoring her father’s memory, which she walk by living the ideal life that she can. She stays authentic and maintains her integrity in whatever she considers important, and also these top priorities are much from the allure of Hollywood and also being in the eye the the public.

Cassidy has inherited too many of necessary values and morals from her mother and father. One of her favorite mantras in life the her mommy taught her is “If you have actually a pulse, you have a purpose.”

What important matters

Cassidy understands this function radiates indigenous within, and also can be many things. She has a enthusiasm for writing, poetry, and also quality time through Kathy Lee. Instead of fame, these tiny things in life room what’s really important to Cassidy.

Cassidy is a rare celebrity offspring – she’s much wiser than her age and approaches all things with a modest humility. The actress has been candid around the truth that she has actually absolutely no attention in being famous.

On her own journey

Growing up in the Hollywood landscape, Cassidy knows how fleeting fame deserve to be, and also that it’s not worth her time or investment. Instead, she’s concentrated on her acting career, and also realizes the while reputation is a realistic possibility, it’s definitely not something she’s seeking out.

As you can guess, Cassidy is provided to maintaining her personal life on the DL. Specifically when it concerns romance. However, we do understand that the actress has been happily taken with Addison Pierce, a well-known football player in the last.

Finding love

Sometimes, we’ve been happy to record a peek of the on her Instagram. That no shocker the Cassidy dropped for a football player, as result of her dad’s an excellent influence in she life. With a partnership out that the spotlight, these two bonded out of a shared passion for water sports.

Of course, some civilization will always believe the Cassidy only came to be a effective actress due to her celebrity mother and also father. This presumption is due to the truth that she’s not an extremely active in the industry, and also doesn’t constantly show up on red carpets.

Slow career?

But as you acquire to recognize this mysterious young lady, it’s clear the she has actually bigger top priorities in life as well as acting, and values exploration of assorted endeavors while she’s still in her twenties. When again, this is a an extremely mature move that we provide Cassidy kudos for.

One of these interests happens to it is in college, which is the main reason Cassidy hasn’t starred in too numerous films recently. She carries a an extremely professional work-related ethic and also a strong sense the determination, thanks to she parents.

College career

Another necessary value the they’ve passed on to Cassidy is education. She enrolled at she father’s Alma Mater in southern Carolina for an innovative writing. This experience gave her a well-needed break from showbiz, and also the chance to it is in a consistent college kid.

Even despite she can not have been as energetic as she as soon as was in the exhilaration world, she freshly delved back into this hobby. In 2017, the star featured in a whopping three movies and re-explored this passion.

Upcoming projects

As that 2019, she’s starring in a new television drama, The Baxters, based upon the famous books by Karen Kingsbury. This duty will certainly open up an ext opportunities together an actress if that’s what Cassidy chooses to do with her career.

Although Cassidy’s career is just beginning, the college student just celebrated her mom’s retirement. Kathie Lee commemorated the final chapter of her career in April 2019, where she retirement on the NBC Today show after 11 years of co-hosting there.

Honoring she mom’s work

Hopefully, the ambitious Cassidy will keep the same level of her success in her career and also experience as much longevity together her talented mother. Cassidy and her brothers Cody both took component in this goodbye episode, with Cassidy naming her mom’s kindness together her number one inspiration.

Outside of her career as an actress, Cassidy has often worked on entertainment Tonight as a distinct correspondent. Many thanks to she uncanny physical similarities to she mother, the audience drops in love with her just like they walk Kathie.

Walking in mom’s footsteps?

Millions of american were supplied to seeing Kathie Lee on TVs day-to-day for many years. Now that Cassidy is, us feel like we know her firsthand many thanks to her mom’s on-air gushing around her. It’s tho unclear if TV is Cassidy’s passion, however if so, she’d continue the legacy.

Although they’ve had actually their fair share of tragedies, the Giffords lastly have a reason to celebrate. Cassidy’s older brother announced one engagement that no one witnessed coming the proposed come his partner of countless years, Erika Brown.

A surprise proposal

Both Cassidy, who sees Erika choose a sister, and Kathie Lee, to be thrilled. They even shared their support on the internet. After ~ the lose of Frank, lock happy to check out the family members add more members. The two acquired engaged earlier in might 2019, and we can not wait to watch what their big day will certainly look like.

While Cassidy is still young, according to the intern, there’s information circulating the Cassidy is next on the marriage train. It was announced the Cassidy newly got involved in November 2019, however not to her ex-football player beau.

Is Cassidy next?

Instead, she’s going to be the future wife of Ben Wierda. He supposedly proposed come Cassidy while she was chowing down on a quesadilla.

One point is clear – Cassidy Gifford’s future is complete of shining possibilities and also potential. V so much fire and a selection of dynamic passions, we’re optimistic she’s walk to be triumphant in any kind of area she chooses.

A bright future

This adaptable beauty beauty tackles all elements of the entertain world, from acting and TV come modeling. With these opportunities and also the limelight, Cassidy has actually maintained a humility that is very rare and also rather novel for world her age. We hope she proceeds staying true to her ideas – the done her justice therefore far.

Growing increase in a well known family have the right to make it daunting to construct genuine friendships, or even recognize that likes you for yourself rather of fame. She’s always been known as the daughter that the famed footballer and darling tv host.

Family fame

Due come this, she hasn’t always been respected together she must be, or related to as one individual fairly than one add-on to her well known parents. Although she mom and also dad are most notably famous, they’re not the just prominent family members who affect how Cassidy is perceived.

Cassidy’s father Frank to be married prior to Kathie Lee, therefore it’s not unexplained that the had youngsters from that an initial marriage, who were adult by the time that they had actually Cassidy. Cassidy’s eldest sister, Victoria Denise Gifford is a staggering 62 years old!

Special sibling bonds

Victoria married right into the Kennedy family, locking in Cassidy’s affiliation with the notorious family members even before she to be born. Nevertheless of fame, having actually so numerous siblings through such a large age variety has produced irreplaceable bonds.

Cassidy’s parents might be A-listers in their very own right, but having she sister get married Robert F. Kennedy’s boy technically do the Kennedys Cassidy’s prolonged family.

The Kennedys

Unfortunately, Victoria’s husband Michael LeMoyne Kennedy passed away the year ~ Cassidy’s birth, due to a disastrous skiing incident. However, the star has plenty of nephews and nieces to continue the Kennedy legacy. This combined power makes Cassidy, her parents and also their entire extended household to be concerned as celebrities forever. We expect it was she destiny!

Cassidy isn’t simply related to the Kennedys – she additionally has ties to the Kardashian family. Kris Kardashian is she godmother, which makes sense together Kathie and also Kriss were BFFs because that decades. Naturally, they developed close relationships through each other’s children.

The godmother

Kris confirmed herself to be specifically supportive friend who supported Kathie Lee v multiple miscarriages before Cassidy to be born. Even Cassidy could have to be a loss, and also through this vulnerable period, Kris to be a loyal friend. Because of this Cassidy is uniquely linked to Kris and also became her goddaughter.

She’s not component of the standard celebrity kin cliques, however, she obviously security time through her godsisters, that just take place to it is in the Kardashians. Kyle and Kendall thrived up alongside Cassidy as result of their similarity in age, which occurred tight bonds as the girls thrived into young women.

Learning native the Kardashians

It’s Kendall and also Kylie who played big factors in Cassidy being allowed to obtain pierced ear at the tender period of seven. After convincing Kathie Lee to agree, Kendall and also Kylie’s arrangement somehow succeeded. Talk around having your sister’s back!

While part friendships don’t go past childhood, Cassidy, Kylie, and also Kendall space as thick together thieves. As with their mother did, they preserve a link through their chaotic schedules and support each various other no matter what. That being said, these three couldn’t be much more different; every took a distinct but innovative strategy to their careers.

Different lifestyles

While Cassidy just pursues modeling part-time, kendall is a full-time supermodel. Kylie is a mrs entrepreneur in assorted industries, and a mother to Stormy. Contrasted to those two, Cassidy’s lifestyle is more traditional.

Even though Kris Kardashian and also Kathie Lee have a commendable friendship we aspire to, being close friends through celebrities can lead to some pretty dramatic moments. Although they’ve always supported each other, there space some secrets in the mix which has actually made their friendship a bit less black and white.


Though Cassidy keeps to herself concerning rumors, her and Kathy haven’t to be hanging with the Kardashians recently. Resources say the this is because Kathie Lee may have commented top top a debt she was supposed to keep her lips sealed on.

Kris and the remainder of the Kardashians have actually been family members names for over a decade, but that’s simply a autumn in the bucket for the Giffords. Numerous years ago, Kathie mentioned that she lent Kris part money, i m sorry hadn’t however been payment back.

Money problems

Kathie defined that the Kardashians were having actually trouble through money, and also Kathie obliged due to the fact that she want to assist her friend the end of a hard situation, together she supposed the Kardashians would carry out for her and her daughter.

Kris didn’t react well to Kathie Lee’s comment and also felt humiliated that people would be publicly aware of she financial problems. When responding, she said she want to comment on privately with Kathie Lee however did contact it “tacky”. Ouch.

Mom drama

Since this two have actually been almost sisters because that eons and also are an extremely close to every other’s daughters, we hope they carry out hash out this conflict for the services of your families. Climate again, pettiness does run deep and also it seems choose grudges are difficult to let walk of because that these two.

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You might be wondering if Cassidy has normal civilization in her life, free of a fame-ridden history. Many thanks to she humble, base nature, she has many connections in the plain world. This network, together with the capacity to relocate away from the spotlight, helps keep Cassidy down to earth.

Normal friendships?

Her university attendance is what led to a permanent group of friends who constantly have she back. They keep it real, which helps Cassidy preserve her authenticity. If us were Cassidy, we’d need a breather indigenous all the Hollywood commotion!

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