I can vaguely remember sitting up in my bed so late one night ago in high school when I heard someone on TV say the they to be going to present the next Eminem. Being the Stan that ns was (ok, still am), this definitely peaked my interest. This to be the pre-Hip Hop Speakeasy era, so ns was reasonably into hip-hop, just not knowledgeable and also opinionated sufficient to write around it. However the prospect of a fresh brand-new talent being contrasted to Slim Shady already? and also this male was in college no less. Ns was all ears.

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Really by the “next Eminem,” the reporter expected the next mainstream white rapper. How cliché.

But over there he was – some new rapper named Asher Roth. That name to be so simple to remember due to the fact that it was so unique. Ns remember walk to school telling my friend about this up-and-comer, reasoning I to be ahead the the curve. Yet it was the winter the 2009 and also eventually “I Love College” dropped and Asher Roth to be a hit.

Asher Roth’s “I Love College” set The Stage

Now it have to be recognized that this girlfriend of mine presented me to a lot of of an excellent hip-hop in high school, so i felt compelled to one-up him and also introduce him to some fresh, brand-new hip-hop. I was rather disheartened as soon as he called me exactly how awful he assumed Asher Roth was, joking just how corny “I Love College” sound while concurrently mocking the hook:

“Drink mine beer and also smoke my weed/ But my an excellent friends is all i need.”

I assumed Asher Roth was a unique voice in hip-hop. This is 2009 – as soon as Soulja Boy, T-Pain and also Flo Rida were still a dominant force in tendency music. To hear the lackadaisical circulation of this Pennsylvanian rapper, coupled with his undeniable tendency appeal – i was rehearsing the rapper’s famed hook in mine head over and over again.

Then “Asleep In The Bread Aisle” dropped and also I listened to all of what Asher Roth had actually to say in ~ the time. Songs choose “As ns Em” comprehensive the incessant Eminem to compare Roth understandably received at a time when Mac Miller, Macklemore and also others to be still functioning in the secret scene.

Asher Roth was essentially the only one who could be contrasted to Eminem in ~ the time, albeit simply since of the complexion of his skin. However “As ns Em” spoke to not just the Shady comparisons, but additionally to Roth’s life as a rapper up till that allude and his history idolizing the Detroit emcee:

“Now don’t acquire it twisted, I’ve certainly benefited/ It’s like suddenly everyone wants to listen what ns be spittin’/ It’s for this reason different, the image they don’t gain it/ It’s simple, I’m just a kid who wants to rap to do a livin’./

But Em remained in it method before ns committed/ And his lyrics were the shit, so ns really gotta come v it/ But each doubters be pickin’ apart my writtens/ If that isn’t as much as par then Asher’s Paul is simply a gimmick.”

The self-awareness to be enlightening because that an artist labeled as a frat-rapper. Ns felt that there was a lot more to Asher Roth ~ above “Asleep In The Bread Aisle” than human being believed, yet due to me respecting mine friends’ opinion and knowledge about hip-hop therefore much an ext than my own, I quit listening to Asher Roth in 2009, thinking he wasn’t what I had hoped. That wasn’t the next Eminem.

“Humans room a stubborn species. When we get an idea in our heads, there is very small that can be excellent to adjust our opinion; just questioning Galileo, Darwin or the countless otherwise rational people who don’t believe in global warming. Bottom line, if who doesn’t desire to think something, lock will find every reason not to. The very same holds true because that hip-hop heads. We are a stubborn lot and also once we construct ideas and listening habits, they are tough to break.”

The same holds true because that Asher Paul Roth. Once he expressed how much he love college, people wouldn’t let that hear the end of it. We base our opinion the the male on one song. His album might not have actually been as an excellent as many had hoped, but his others have actually been unequivocally and also unfairly dismissed.

Despite his change, his growth, and also his output, listeners still pin the hit solitary on the rapper together a reason to not entertain any an ext of his music. It’s time for human being to open up their minds, and their ears.

Say It through Me, “Asher Roth Is A good Rapper”

I’ll to speak it again – Asher Roth is dope. He’s retract from the mainstream, left his university campus and also distanced himself from lot of the layouts we heard on his debut. Asher Roth is one emcee. He’s not a popular music artist, yet rather a rapper through a knack for being together witty together he is deep, and also his latest release, “RetroHash,” is a testimony to the fact.

“RetroHash”‘s lead solitary “Tangerine Girl” is clear a feel-good, summer hit, and also it may even solidify people’s notions around him being out of your scope that listenable music. But like so many albums prior to “RetroHash,” the track sounds that much better in context. Trust me.

Remember once Kendrick‘s “Backseat Freestyle” dropped? how weird was it to hear this leader that the new west-coast drop together a track. But when we played “good kid, m.A.A.d. City” for the first time, we realized the context and also “Backseat Freestyle” worked, and it to be dope.

Sure there is no overarching dialogue that “Tangerine Girl” perpetuates together on “Backseat Freestyle,” however it absolutely makes more sense about the wavy, summery jams featured ~ above the sophomore effort. Besides, mixed Babies assisted produce this album simply as expertly together they walk “Pabst & Jazz.”

Roth capitalizes on his effective “Pabst & Jazz” format for a sunny album complete of life, easy-going flows and also a bunch that stand-out tracks. “Parties in ~ The Disco (feat. ZZ Ward),” “Fast Life (feat. Vic Mensa),” “Pot that Gold” and more make this album a summer album through and through.

Even much more importantly, though, “RetroHash” solidifies Asher Roth together your patent rapper. That isn’t a dud, that isn’t a gimmick, he’s his very own man. What has worked for Asher Roth is to neglect trends, overlook what’s meant of him and just do music he’s emotion at the time.

From “Asleep in the Bread Aisle” to “RetroHash,” Asher Roth has been roughly the block. From becoming an overnight, chart-topping star come a forget emcee come a one-of-a-kind, practically reborn artist, Asher Roth has a unique history in hip-hop.

He appeals to numerous different styles, even if it is he’s rapping hardcore v Don Cannon & DJ Drama on his “GreenHouse Effect” mixtape series, or floating through important cosmos with mixed Babies, the adaptability of this when pigeonholed rapper is incredible.

What’s Asher Roth as much as Today?

In 2016, I happened to see Asher Roth at a surprised performance in Philadelphia. See him perform his single, “That’s Cute” live additional drove residence the concept that no matter what you think, Asher Roth always feels house on stage and behind a microphone.

Nowadays, Roth is working on his next album when hosting dance parties and small shows in Philadelphia. It’s only a matter of time prior to he drops an additional project that just solidifies his status in the hip-hop realm.

Few can come earlier as well together Asher Roth did. He started off together a boy spitting rhymes and came earlier as an artist v several, good hip-hop jobs under his belt, every slept-on and also all deserving of great praise.

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It’s around time the Asher Roth gets the attention and praise that deserves. An artist v so much to say (from his career to his life, in general) and also so much creative thinking (in lyrics and beat selection) have to get an ext appreciation that is right now afforded him. I think it’s no a issue of if, however when civilization let walk of his “I Love College” days that they can really marvel in ~ a important spirited and capable emcee.