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You may want to testimonial our Zeke Quest overview for some beneficial tips and also you’ll discover a list of present Zeke pursuits we’re functioning on. Mental there are items in each world to find.

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You an initial meet Zeke in ~ the start of the video game where that welcomes you come Wizard City and also tells you around things human being have forgotten and also need come find.

You will certainly be offered this request as soon as you’re a level 1 wizard, therefore look because that Zeke close to the statue through the huge pond in former of grasp Ambrose’s house. For your an initial quest, Zeke will tell you:

Find The Smiths!

There space 10 smiths to discover in magician City. Not all these locations are obtainable for free players, i m sorry is bummer.

Like magician City, you must complete details tasks in some areas in order come be provided a quest to enter an additional area. So nothing think friend can acquire the quest from Zeke and then set off to find the lost Smiths.

Below room the places of the smiths and also a map for the area they’re in. Look for the X on the map.


1. Golem CourtThe first Smith is behind the Golem Tower next to a tree. You really can’t miss out on him. He’s not exactly hidden. He’ll it is in standing through the route to the left that the cave.

2. The CommonsThe 2nd Smith is in the Fairgrounds exterior Golem Court. Go to the left once you go into the fairgrounds.There’s a tree between the yellow star tent and also the purple sunlight tent. The smith is hiding behind the tree.

3. RavenwoodWhen you get in Ravenwood monitor the route to the left. Walk as far as you can go come the dead end. To your left behind the Myth residence is a tree. Come the best of the tree in the tiny overlook v a bench and also the smith.

4. To buy DistrictWhen you enter the purchase district, revolve to her right. Walk behind that very first tree ~ above the corner and between the 2 buildings. You’ll see another tree behind the wand shop and also the smith will certainly be alongside that tree.

5. Unicorn WayAll the means at the end of Unicorn way you will uncover a structure with a Pegasus standing prior to it. In the prior left edge of the garden to this building stands the smith of Unicorn Way.

6. Olde TowneWhen you go into Olde city head come your ideal where Gloria Krendell is standing. On her best is a tree and also standing in between the tree and her home is the next Smith.

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7. Cyclopes LaneOn your quest to talk to Nolan Stormgate walk behind his stage and across the river to the tiny island looking item of land by the wall. Beside the tree is the Smith.

8. Triton AvenueOnce girlfriend speak through Duncan Grimwater, cross the bridge toward the 4 waterfalls. Once you’re over the bridge turn left and also cross the two small rivers. The smith is hiding behind the rock close to the wall.

9. Firecat AlleyWhen you acquire the search to go to Fireglobe Theater, take time to swing approximately the fire cat statue ~ above the right. You’ll uncover the blacksmith there.

10. Colossus BoulevardWhen you get the quest to walk to Gobblestone Castle, take it time to discover the critical Smith. Look because that him when you run down the ramp resulting in the castle. He’ll it is in standing to the left, in between the snowy pine tree and also the colossus statue.