That's me obtaining up ~ crashing on mine bike in September, 2017. I rode an additional 24 miles through three broken ribs to finish the Seacoast century. Heroic, yes. Stupid, yes.

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I was constantly curious what harbor Freight devices was all around so ns stopped right into its save in Danvers, Mass.

If it’s too great to be true, it more than likely is.

Its 700 shop (its number) sells cut rate tools from China, India and also other peanuts-for-wages countries. The prices are exceptionally low come which its web site will attest.

The tools space gussied v names prefer Chicago Electric to suggest American quality. The power tools I examined bearing together a name were made in China and felt as cheap as their price tags would certainly suggest.

You acquire what you salary for. A $7 pneumatic tires fitting ns bought leaked so much, the is unusable. I shall return it next time i cruise through the store. Likewise tossed right into my cart were a pair of

 cheap leather work-related gloves and also plastic ties, both that which would be made overseas no matter where they to be sold.

Some or maybe most the port Freight tools more than likely work simply fine because that a while. One would certainly hope so through things favor jacks. You’d probably pay 2 to three times as much for American versions.

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Still, harbor Freight make me feeling smart about buying a high finish DeWalt 20v cordless drill recently. The carrying case came emblazoned with a spot dubiously trumpeting “This device is make in the USA with an international materials.”

The slogan win me originally as twin talk till I learned DeWALT has seven manufacturing framework in the U.S. DeWALT doesn’t have to use use the “with worldwide materials” kicker, however it’s refreshingly honest and also realistic. I suspect it’s difficult to do anything today without some “global materials.”

Life because that Harbor Freight probably won’t readjust much under the current president-elect who has actually been beating ~ above companies relocating offshore and also by extension, international made goods. In ~ heart, ns am a complimentary trader. However when it comes quality and also value, American is hard to beat.