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_________ occurs once a thin film of water build up in between the tires and also pavement and makes steering and braking almost impossible.

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➜ This occurs when a great of water builds between the wheels of the vehicle and the road surface, resulting in a lose of traction that prevents the car from responding to regulate inputs.A.) HydroplaningB.) VelocitationC.) Highway hypnosisD.) Skidding
In a hefty rain your tires have the right to lose all call with the road. This is referred to as __________.A.) skiddingB.) floatingC.) skiingD.) hydroplaning
FALSEEXPLANATION: Hydroplaning is as soon as traction is lost as the wheels start to drive on the water and not top top the roadway surface. Hydroplaning is as soon as the auto tires ride on a layer of water above the roadway. Hydroplaning may occur when you drive over water. Once a tire is hydroplaning it is riding top top the surface ar of the water instead of making contact with the roadway surface.
A vehicle with correctly inflated tires having good tread can begin to hydroplane at____________mph as soon as there is as small as 1/12th that an inch of rain ~ above the roadway.
A.) 40B.) 55C.) 65D.) 35
once a tires is ________________it is riding top top the surface ar of the water rather of making call with the roadway surface.A.) inflatingB.) deflatingC.) treadingD.) hydroplaning
If you start to hydroplane, i m sorry of the following should friend do?A.) placed a hefty load ~ above the rear end of your vehicleB.) take your foot off the gasC.) brake more difficult than normal D.) drive faster than normalE.) turn into the skid
2. If your car starts to hydroplane, you desire toA.) accelerateB.) brakeC.) take her foot turn off the gasD.) usage your emergency brake E.) pump the gas pedal
Hydroplaning can occur in as small as:➜ Hydroplaning can happen in as small as exactly how much water➜ How many inches of water can cause hydroplaning➜ As small as __________ the one customs of water can cause hydroplaning.A.) 1 customs of water.B.) 1/2 customs of water.C.) 1/16th of an customs of water.D.) 1/32nd the an customs of water.
steering through huge bodies the water have the right to affectA.) A. Brake performanceB.) B. The internal of the carC.) C. Electrical systemD.) D. Both A and C
when does hydroplaning occur?➜ when does hydroplaning take place i journey safely answerA.) come older vehicles onlyB.) when one or more of your tires loses call with the road surfaceC.) only at nightD.) top top wet dirt roads only
TRUETwo feet of water will bring away many cars - 1,000 pounds that lateral (or side force) to add 3,000 pounds the buoyancy!
If water ~ above the roadway surface is 1/12 of an inch, in ~ what speed have the right to you loose total traction
➜ If water on the roadway surface is 1/12 of one inch, in ~ what speed have the right to you lose full tractionANS: 55 mph A car traveling at an too much speed top top wet or slick roadways can start to _______________ together water creates a obstacle between the road and the tires.A.) crashB.) stopC.) slowD.) hydroplane
2. If friend pass with a human body of stand water, you deserve to dry her brakes off by:A.) driving along as if nothing happenedB.) gently pumping your brakesC.) Slamming her brakesD.) none of the above
In wet conditions, if girlfriend hydroplane, you should
A.) brake or turn suddenly, to acquire out of it.B.) push the gas pedal.C.) tenderness pump the brake pedal if you need to brake.D.) take your hands off the wheel
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